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Atlantis Legend, 16 March 2003

The Star Angelina Jolie is In Search Of two halfs of a Triangle one the past and one the present. This Motion Picture is really well made for the budget they had to work with. I only hope that the upcoming Tomb Raider 2 has better Visual Effects!

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The Talk Show of the 21st Century, 15 March 2003

Bill Maher is one of the greatest minds since Albert Einstein, Maybe Bill Maher will become the 21st Centuries Man of the Century

And his new HBO Show still makes the case for him having one of the greatest intellects since Sir Francis Bacon AKA William Shakespeare

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The Return of Glopal Imperilism, 15 March 2003

The State of the World in 1492 Spanish Christians had just won victories over the Moorish Muslim in that Country. Then Spain's Queen Isabella played by the beautiful Siqurenny Weaver, Allows Christopher Columbus to sail to India. But Columbus really just discovered North and South America and he Named the Islands he found the West Indies because he had made the mistake that he was in India.

It was a later exployer named named Amerigo Vespuci that gave the name America to the New World, Amerigo Vespuci was an Italian Map Maker, He was the first European to Discovery South America and the Amazon River. This movie should be shown in any History Class based on the role Columbus played in the history of Human Civilazation

One Day in a High Tech Skyscarper, 15 March 2003

In this movie you find yourself in a office building, crawling with those little green men from the original film. This movie is more done for laughs then to scare you this time around. I believe if you loved the original because it scared you don't look here this sequel is more laughs then scares.

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Looney Tunes Gone Middle School, 15 March 2003

Their tiny their tuny and WE, ARE ALL a little looney, so goes the theme song to this early 90's after school program,

I loved Babes and Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck and Hampton Pig This series was created with the help of Steven Speilberg.

Chapter 25 in the Indiana Jones Saga, 14 February 2003

I felt that this film is one of the last great movies that will ever be made. I feel now that Holly Weird is to concerned about making Comic Book movies like Spiderman and DareDevil and The Incredible Hulk, Please lets get back to real movie making like The Green Mile or even better yet The Shawshank Redemption.

Great Adult Movie From the 1980's, 26 December 2002

This and the Legend of the Golden Bone Are the best 80's Adult Films that were made Jack, and that the bottom line because that is my opinion I could be Wrong? And maybe I am wrong then this would still just be my opinion would it not Jack.

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The Last Great Adventure Movie, 25 November 2002

This was the Last Great Adventure Movie, just try to compare this to The Mummy Returns and you see how the lost of great adventures have gone down hill ever since this movie. I love the way George Lucas writes movies Period.

Evolution (2001)
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The Fun Stops Here, 25 November 2002

This movie is a total waste of writer Director Ivan Reitman Talant First off you have the nerd from the X-Files in this movie and I Guess that the Red Head from The X-Files was unavailble so the got Julianne Moore From Boogie Nights instead.

Don't Waste your money even renting this!!!

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Mel Brooks Classic, 25 November 2002

There is no movie in the History of Comedy that can even hope to compare to this Mel Brooks classic. I love how when Mel Brooks stars in his movies how they seem to transplant you to the time period at play I mean who else can make the Spanish Inqustion into a Musical!!!

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