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Wonderful character study - One of the best films of 2015, 14 December 2015

Director Nathan Silver has created a remarkable cinematic achievement with this film. It's a tight intense comedic drama that explores interpersonal relations and examines different characters places within a group dynamic. The entire cast gives wonderful performances that transcends conventional dramatic linearity and instead express deeper aspects of existence. The film functions as a mirror or a window through which the spectator can see deeper truths regarding group harmony versus individual distress and the performative sides to different forms of living ones life.

The cinematography works great in how it explores and disseminates individuals as well as the collective relationships and the performances from the actors, who are phenomenal over all. The use of music works really great as well.

Nathan Silver has created something really special with this form of artistic expression. Especially in how he manages to infuse the tragedy of this particular commune with loads of humour, all while maintaining a mood that's both lucid and surreal at the same time. He's without a doubt one of the most interesting directors working in American cinema today. I sense that he has the possibility to make a veritable masterpiece in his future.

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Radical Poetic Hyper-Cinema, 3 February 2013

OK, so I saw "Spring Breakers" last night at the Gothenburg Film Festival and it's still fresh in my mind. My first reaction was one of absolute elation after witnessing an extraordinary piece of transcendental art. The film feels somehow beyond the postmodern dichotomy of good/bad or high/low - rather - it reads like some sort of hyper-simulacrum that reflects contemporary culture in an extremely complex manner. The themes of the film are similar to what Korine has touched upon before: mundane reality vs. an intense "heightened" or elevated existence beyond good or evil, where reality is replaced by a (or the) dream that goes on forever and ever. But in "Spring Breakers" those themes are presented in more dimensions than in for example "Mister Lonely" or "Trash Humpers".

The liquid colorful cinematography is spectacular throughout, though some scenes especially stand out, for example the robbery and the montage that goes along with Britney Spears "Everytime", spectacular examples of great art. There is a method of repetition that runs through the film (which I'm sure will annoy quite a few people), dialogue is repeated, scenes are repeated, images are repeated, the sound of a gun being loaded (used brilliantly as poetic punctuation) is repeated - every time eschewing the original meaning of said occurrence - thereby adding another level of analytical value and another point to the already complex sentiments. It really speaks volumes of contemporary culture where the "dreams" of the populace is nothing but representation and spectacle in its purest form. With "Spring Breakers" Korine has really managed to reflect, deconstruct and subvert (the way the great fun of it also becomes the grim menace of it, I find genuinely subversive) what some might see as banal popular culture and escapism and turn it into radical poetic hyper-cinema, and I truly found that masterful.

I look forward to the general reaction to the film once it gets a wide release, but I doubt it will be a hit with either mainstream audiences or bourgeoisie film critics. I think it will appeal mainly to fans of art-house exploitation or experimental genre-cinema.

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Nice film, 16 July 2003

This film is nice. I enjoy the mood of it. Vincent Gallo is a nice man and a wonderful artist/director/musican/actor. He is a master when it comes to establishing nice + sad + beautiful moods, he has done it before with previous films/albums/paintings and he did again with this film "The Brown Bunny". This may not be his best work, but still I certainly enjoyed it a great deal. It was a sad & beautiful film, can´t wait until I get a chance to see it again. Vincent Gallo still remains one of the most interesting artists around and such a nice man... oh,yes indeed... nice,nice,nice...