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Its a good anime!, 18 September 2003

Bakuretsu Hunter or in English Sorceror Hunter its a good anime,the story its basic: a group of hunters that are after all bad sorceror's,there are 3 characters that have more importance, one is Carrot that are crazy and a pervert, but a very good fighter, and the sisters Tira and Chocolate that are very powerfull,but both of them like Carrot what it is very funny sometimes,but the best thing in this anime is the enemies, that make this serie up above the average,see it!

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A good Tennis anime, 18 September 2003

When i saw this, it was called "Jennie, Jennie", but the real name is Ace o Nerae. This is the story of a girl that became a great tennist (Hiromi), and how she won the best females tennists in Japan, and there is too a love story with a male tennist, that she like, but there are many problems with this love.

For me, what i liked in this anime is the plays that each tennist has, like after in Captain Tsubasa, each player have their "power play", and she got to find out how to win, because each player has a special quality, and a special handicap,its worth to see, even if is to see one of the first anime (1973).