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I love this show, 19 December 2003

King Leonardo brings back so many good memories of my childhood - this would have had to have been my all time favourite cartoon. I would love to be able to watch again, but it is never on the Cartoon Network channel and unfortunately I don't see a DVD arriving any time soon, but I would love to re-live the memories once again. My husband would know then about the show that I used to love.

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I hate this show!!!!!!, 5 July 2003

My nephew likes to watch the Disney Channel when he is over at my place and for some unknown reason he really likes this show. I don't mind most kids shows (I put up with Masters of the Universe when my brother was little), but this is really bad. It is basically a stupid show and I wish it would stop.

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Very rarely is this show funny, 6 May 2003

SNL has never been available on free to air TV in Australia, so when I first got pay TV I was quite excited about seeing the show I had heard so much about. I didn't think much of the first show I saw (about 8 years ago), but I decided to give it a chance and watch a few more shows. What a waste of time that was, I can't believe SNL is still on air, it is soooooo unfunny. Most sketches are overly long and drawn out without attracting any laughs. I don't have a problem with the individuals on the show, they have generally gone on to do bigger and better things, but on a whole SNL is sadly lacking comedy.

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Boring, 22 April 2003

One of the most boring movies I have ever seen, next to Indecent Proposal. Too hard to watch the film completely. Gus Van Sant is probably the most overrated director, he has yet to do something good. Remember he chose to re-make Psycho - big mistake.

Risk (2000)
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An inside look at insurance, 19 March 2003

This film is not the greatest ever made, but it is watchable. I liked the fact that it gave me a bit of an inside look the insurance industry and how it operates. The performances by the three lead actors were satisfactory, nothing brilliant though. Just a note - Guy Pearce was not in the film, it was Tom Long!

Mad Cows (1999)
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Why bother?, 9 December 2002

I have read just about all of Kathy Lette's books, they are fabulous. This movie however, was just a total waste of time, I couldn't possibly say anything good about it. All I can say is, I am pleased that I didn't bother seeing it at the cinema.

Stepmom (1998)
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A little unrealistic, 10 November 2002

I really did like this film, I do occasionally get sucked into things like this especially if the cast is good eg: Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias. The one problem I did have with this film (apart from Anna being the child from hell at times) was the fact that the children were looked after by Isabel so often. If the father had to be away on business for the weekend why on earth did the children still have to go and stay with Isabel? Isabel had to do a photo shoot in Central Park, which by the way was her job, while father of children, Luke was away, however she still got dumped with the kids. I found this aspect totally unbelievable. Having come from a family where access visits are normal, I know this would never have happened. If she was looking after them while Luke was there I could understand it, though it didn't happen like that. I did also think that Ed Harris was miss-cast, he was rather wooden and not really good looking enough to have landed someone like Isabel.On the whole I felt there was too much criticism directed at Isabel which was uncalled for, but due to the performance of Julia Roberts it was quite enjoyable to watch and yes it was a bit of a tear jerker, not to the extent of previous movies mentioned though.

The Guru (2002)
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Where was the comedy?, 10 November 2002

I went to see this movie yesterday as a special advance screening, and to be honest I wish that I had waited for it to arrive on Pay-TV. I thought it was supposed to be a comedy, but it just wasn't funny. I can't quite pinpoint exactly what was wrong with it, but I think the script was sadly lacking funny lines. I have given it a generous five out of ten.

Body Heat (1981)
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A very good remake, 28 October 2002

I first saw Double Indemnity while studying cinema in 1990, and I absolutely loved it. While discussing the film with my teacher, he suggested that I may want to look at Body Heat. He said that it was a re-make of the 1944 classic, but that it was quite good. I am not a big fan of re-makes eg: A Perfect Murder, however Body Heat I have to say is excellent.

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Why Dermot Mulroney?, 28 October 2002

I really enjoyed this film, especially since one of my favourites, Rupert Everett was in it. Cameron Diaz was excellent and almost stole the show from Julia Roberts. My one problem with it was the casting of Dermot Mulroney as Michael. He was completely lifeless through the whole film, you just couldn't understand what either woman would like about him. The film would have been a little more believable had the character of Michael been played by a better actor.

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