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The way Batman was meant to be, 26 August 2008

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This is without a doubt the best Batman movie ever! The best comic book movie ever! (Iron Man was close second) I would go as far as to say this is my new favorite movie of all time! That coming from a gore hound horror movie fanatic. I grew up with Batman. He has always been my favorite hero and the Joker has always been my favorite villain so much that I have the famous scene from Batman the killing joke tattooed on my chest. Comic book fans you know the one I'm talking about. The previous Batman movies were a kick in the crotch slap in the face. Anyone who says Jack Nicholson made a good Joker needs to be beaten severely. Jack made a horrible Joker, he didn't look like the Joker and more importantly didn't act like him either. Take Heath Ledger he read the proper comics to pull of the role. Sure his skin wasn't bleached and his hair was permanent green but the idea, the portrayal of the character was true to form. To be honest I never thought much of Heath Ledger before this films it pains me because he did such a fantastic job. I never thought it was possible to pull off that role with out entering the realm of camp.

Christian Bale was phenomenal as Batman he was the perfect choice for revamping the franchise, the other guys Keaton, Clooney Kilmer good actors but not for this role. Batman needs to be brooding and dark, but at the same time he needs to as Bruce Wayne convince the outside world that everything's hunky dory in richville. Bruce Wayne is the act Batman is the real person. If you read the comics Batman always refers to himself as Batman not Bruce Wayne. This movie proves that with very subtle scenes that you have to watch closely to get. I was impressed with begins but blown away by the Dark Knight. Anyone reading this go see it forget that Tim Burton even exist (the no talent Hack!) and see this movie.

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pretty good gore but.., 24 June 2008

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I just watched Nekromantic and I have to say it's not as disturbing as I thought it would be. Sure it's gross but I was expecting more, I don't fully understand the end scene with the masturbation/suicide. Don't get me wrong I understand the scene just not how he could ejaculate like that? My fiancé was a bit disturbed by the fact that I purchased the DVD. She said jokingly "that is the type of movie a serial killer would own" Just for the record I'm not a serial killer I just haven't seen a decent horror movie in some time that has actually scared me. I grew up on horror films and I have become so desensitized that nothing really scares me anymore. I watch horror films for story and gore, but alas the last movie to scare me was The Entity I can't explain it but when the ghost attacked the guitar music that accompanied it always get me, I digress this movie was good in the shock value sense, and the gore is pretty good but the story was a bit lacking. Sorry I rambled on, but if anyone out there knows of a good scare please let me know.

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bad but not that bad, 2 June 2008

I am a huge Zombie fan not just limited to the Romero classics, don't get me wrong they were and are the greatest zombie movies ever. I like bad zombie movies as well I have in my collection hundreds of zombie movies ranging from absolutely horrible (Dawn of the living dead with Todd Bridges) to truly great zombie films Diary of the Dead I just got it today. I have obscure zombie movies that only a fan of the genre would know. Day of the Dead, this was crap but not without charm, sure it's fast moving zombies and a week story line that does not come close to the original but set all that aside it's not as bad as some of the other crap that's out there. The above mention Dawn of the Living Dead, The Return of the Living Dead - Rave to the Grave, House of the Dead don't get me started on that one, you know I could go on and on so I sum up and say it's not that bad if you don't hold it up to the original.

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complete waste of time!, 30 May 2008

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I was forced to watch this piece of steaming #### while visiting a friend. He and the other guests thought this movie was the funniest movie the have ever seen. I sat through this trite excuse for a film and while my friends were laughing I sat motionless not even a smile at what according to my friends were the funniest moments of the movie. The radio chart topper which was nothing but silence??? What the hell was that? Who thought that would be funny. This film does not even fall under the category of it's so bad it's good. I hope studio executives were fired for approving this film. I urge any reading this to avoid it at all costs!

Beerfest (2006)
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I've seen this movie and I want 2 hours of my life back!!!!!, 5 September 2007

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How any one can watch this uninspired piece of garbage is beyond my comprehension. It has all the elements of a funny movie but missed the mark. The jokes could have been funny but ill timed, the acting was horrible and the entire movie was predictable with no real surprises I've seen better direction in my kids school play. Do not waste any time or money on this painful painful movie. You will want to tear out your eyes and the eyes of those watching with you. This movie was so bad I had to call a suicide hot line to talk me off my roof. As far as the spoilers mentioned above this movies spoils itself the smell of 3 week old milk is more pleasant than this movie.


John Porter

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The Batman, 4 September 2007

I fought this show for a long time. I would have been like all the others complaining about what they did wrong and this looks like jackie chan yada yada yada and hey I loved batman TAS as much if not more than everyone else bashing this series. I'm not going to write a book here but just consider the DC comics "elseworld" series. It take a different look at batman, superman etc. no one complains about that. Try reading dark joker the wild, batman red rain, gotham by gaslight all these show batman and the joker in a different light so why the harsh words here. Can't we just enjoy the show? If you can just get past TAS this cartoon really is not that bad.