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Disappointing, pretentious, and boring, 5 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I learned about the existence of this movie after watching Ghost In The Shell. Being a fan of the franchise, I thought other work from Mamoru Oshii would be at least as good. So, I stumbled upon Red Spectacles. Inspired by "1984" it said, so my interest was picking up. And then I watched it and was left disappointed, to say the least.

I'm not going to say why I like Ghost.. because this review will turn into review of the anime. Japanese anime and movies have tendencies to confuse the one watching more often than not, and while this is not always a good thing, there is always something that grips you to try to understand it. This movie is just confusing, and there never is a sign that something is going to happen that will explain things. It's just more confusing junk piling over at every corner, intertwined by pretentious quoting of Shakespeare and toilet humor.

Yes, toilet humor. There are scenes actually when the protagonist is struck by diarrhea. While the first time this happens it is amusing and you can attribute it to the quirkiness of Japanese culture, but by the third time you come to question the the director's fascination with it.

Second thing i don't get is why is considered dystopian, Orwellian, and other words connected with that meaning. At the beginning, it really sets the story in that direction. But by the end, (here come spoilers), you realize it may all be happening in the protagonists head. So why exactly am i watching this? It reminds me of another also pretentious western movie with Tim Robbins now that i think about it...

The only thing that made me give this movie 4/10 is the visual style, witch were this a different movie with actual plot would be great, and the score by Kenji Kawai. Besides that, nothing makes this movie worth your time.

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Enjoyable, 19 November 2009

This movie's main problem is trying to explain so much about Wolverine in so little time. The story spans for few years actually. The thing that really annoyed me was that after 20 minutes of the movie he gets flashbacks of what he did in the begging. Then in an hour he gets flashbacks of that time. He fights and loves in between.

I started to like the movie somewhere in the last half of it. Then, the story actually starts getting more focused, and faster developing.

The good side of the movie is the great job Hugh Jackman did in playing his role. Also, there are the good special-effect, lot's of action, good humor, and the part I liked mostly, the way the story ended.

All in all, it was an enjoyable movie.

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A well done viral-outbreak movie., 19 November 2009

This is one of the better movies in this genre I've seen.

The characters and the story is well done. I liked how it dealt with the survivors interacting amongst them self. How they were guided by their will to survive. How they react to the new environment. And how they turn to animals even without the virus present.

The story develops very well, although it is slow at times. The casting is very good, the main actors performed great. The action is very cool,m and it serves the story.

This is a good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of movies, and even to those that don't. 7/10

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A fine example of Idiot Plot, 19 November 2009

An idiot plot is when all characters have to act as complete idiots for the plot to work.

This is the case in this movie.

The story actually start very well. You'll say even 'This is going to be a good movie!' But, no.

All characters, both civilian and army ones, act as their IQ is 50. The decisions of characters in this movie are the equivalent of putting your hand in boiling oil. On your own accord. And then thinking it was great idea.

Actually. everything characters do in the movie is done to make way for you to see good make-up, special effect, and lot's of explosions. If you want to see story, better watch commercials.

Robert Carlyle is awful here, because he simply has no role.

This movie is very bad. It's so bad it's Horrible. If you watched 28 days latter, and liked it, like me, never watch this. If you like movies, never watch this. If you like fun, never watch this. Just, don't.

Trust me.

The only thing cool was one scene with helicopter. It serves nothing, it's just cool. It's why I gave this movie 2/10.

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Catastrophe!, 15 November 2009

Now, I was never fan of Farscape. The show had great ideas, and lot's of potential, but it got ruined by bad writing, So, it got canceled, for unknown reason. The whole series end in a shocking way.

This movie starts in a way that insults my intelligence. Now, the cliffhangers in Farscape may have been resolved in a stupid way, but this was demented.

Next, the story was utterly dull. They finished all plot-lines, that's cool. But it was all forced, and unbelievable. And the ending, although cool in it's way, lacked the feeling of grandeur the plot in the series tried to build.

Also, for fans of the series, one thing it's going to make you very angry, but I don't wanna spoil anything.

So, if it wasn't for the cool FX, this would have been 1. I would never recommend this to anyone.

"Farscape" (1999)
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A show destroyed by bad writing, 15 November 2009

The premise is good. Test pilot thrown into another part of the galaxy, finishes up together with bunch of misfits. Cool opening, I thought I'm in for a great ride.

But, bad writing happens to this show, and it hits like a train.

Bad characters is first thing that comes to my mind after watching few episodes. Then, their development is either non-existent, or they change suddenly like schizophrenics. The relationship with them seams false and forced. The cliffhangers at the end of the seasons are resolved in almost insane way....

The thing that I enjoyed, is Season 3, the absolute best of this series, and a season that may compete even with seasons from higher quality shows. It's why I gave this show 6/10, and why I think someone should watch it.

Also, there is the great concept of Moya, the living ship, and it's Pilot, then also the intelligent plants....

It's real shame the show proved too much to handle for it's writers. It could have been a classic.

"Lexx" (1997)
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Brilliantly bizarre, 14 November 2009

Lexx has to be the craziest, strangest, and most bizarre shows in TV history.

It's about 4 characters:

Zev/Xev is a love slave. Stan is level 4 security guard. Kai is the last of his kind, a dead assassin. 790, is a robot head.

Mixed together, they make probably the most ineffective team in history of TV. But that's one of the things that gives this series flavor: it is always fun to see how they interact with each other and things around them. And also, their bond grows stronger progressively in the series, even if they don't notice it and refuse to acknowledge it.

Then, there is the all-present sexual frustration. This series is never afraid to deal with sex, In fact, one could say that the story is driven by sex. But, don't make that mistake; this show deals with love, pain, suffering, romance, evil, good, society... And it's one of the most intelligent ones out there!

This is one of the best series ever made. But i must warn you, it's not for everyone. I'm recommending this only to the open-minded people, who are not afraid to deal with sexual themes, or other bizarre stories this show has.

Also, it's not for you if you're seeking pure sci-fi. Lexx turns the whole sci-fi genre upside-down.

"Heroes" (2006/II)
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A show that lost it's way....., 13 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Once upon a time, this show was brilliant, a TV comic filled with action, good characters, good story-line. Overall, a show that could get you seriously addicted.

To bad, this lasted only for a season.

After the 1st season, everything went awry. Characters lost power randomly. Plot-lines (as well as plot-holes) started appearing also, randomly. Characters became annoying. Sylar, probably the strongest character in s1, by end of season 3 is completely ruined. Nathan is forced to be important, and succeeds only in being the Kenny of Heroes.

And did I mention the plot-holes? After such a great first season, I really wonder, how did things get to this point? I'm still watching this show, in hope it improves in quality, but it's going to take a lot to wash away the bitter taste left by the terrible s3.

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Show with great ideas, 13 November 2009

I liked this show, for the first 4 seasons.

I liked it because of the great ideas it presented: Firstly, the Nietcheans. They're genius concept, excellently written human off-shoot race.

Then, the quantum-slipstream drive. It adds a mysterious, even fantasy-like feeling to the series. It's the most original way to travel FTL, ever shown on TV! Next, we have the Vedrans, another mystery in the series. They're the long lost founders of Commonwealth, and only a myth in the time Dylan Hunt is in.

We came to the Commonwealth, which is maybe even better in it's concept than the Federation, in Star Trek.

And then, further on, there are the Avatars that ships have, there is the factor that Earth is not important...

Then, right after the really great concepts and ideas, there comes the great cast, which has equally great characters, great plot-lines, good humor, much action......

So, one would say why did I give it 7? It's the 5th season, it messes up everything, and it turns this show from a genius work of art that came from Gene Roddenberry's mind, to complete and utter junk.

I highly recommend this to every fan of good sci-fi. Just skip the 5th season, or don't take it seriously.

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Excellent TV!, 2 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, I'd like to say that I was never into medical/drama shows on TV. And I still ain't for that matter....

But this, this is something different...

You have a misanthropic genius doctor called House, played by the great Hugh Laurie, who likes medical riddles, but doesn't like patients at all. He is actually Sherlock Holmes that studied medicine instead of becoming PD. Everything is there: drug addiction, genius at solving riddles, musical talent, misanthropy... he even has his Dr. Watson, if you can look at Willson that way.

And this is great thing. This is the actual genius of this series. Making Sherlock Holmes without the crime involved, and, with that, creating a character that I believe will be no smaller legend, if he isn't already that now.

And, it gets even better. The show although called House, and being centered around him, it tells the story about the people that work with him also, and it's pretty amazing at it. I simply love every character in it, even some that have only been in 3-4 episodes. I remember even some of the patients he has treated, and their stories... That's the another power of this show, besides the great character; it really gets you involved! This is 10/10, no doubt about it. It's pure genius, and I want it around as much as it can keep the quality. And, it's one of the rare shows I've seen, that even after 5 seasons, it hasn't fallen short in that area.

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