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I didn't like it...but was fun...admit it., 28 March 2005

Well, just like Dumb and Dumberer, I went into this movie expecting to die a horrible death of boredom. It was quite the opposite. The Mask is one of my all time favourite movies, so I guess something just told me too see this sequel/spin off. OK, so it didn't have Jim Carrey in it. Big Deal! The movie would have sucked with him in it. the story did not require Stanley to return. It was about how the mask itself changes the lives of a family, instead of just one loser. I am not defending this movie, saying it was great or even good. It was just fun. I have to admit I did laugh in some scenes, and the special effects were pretty good also. I think the reason most people are complaining about this movie is because it didn't continue the story from the original. Well has anyone ever heard of a SPIN OFF? A NEW CHAPTER? Do we bag Frasier because the cast from cheers aren't back? Do we hate Joey because the cast of Friends isn't back. Back on topic...Son of the Mask is a Live action cartoon. When the funny scenes hit, they actually work. And while the movie makes no sense, or has no actual believable scenes, it is an interesting creation and FUN TO WATCH!

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Just fun!, 22 March 2005

This is in no way meant to be Academy Award Winning Material. It has been made for the audience to go and have some fun, and fun you will have! So we are taken on a camping trip/treasure hunt with 3 guys, who as children mapped out a way to find loot deep in the woods, along a river. When everything goes wrong for them, the laughs just keep going up and up. So many people have ranked this movie as poor, mindless rubbish. Far from it. It is mindless fun. Justy sit back, turn your brain off and join these guys for some fun and adventure. I enjoyed it, and it appeared everyone in the cinema enjoyed it, I am guessing that those who didn't enjoy it are probably looking for something more than a good nights entertainment. Worth a Look!

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This time it is time to "Meet The Fockers", 16 January 2005

WHOA! When I heard they were making a sequel to Meet The Parents, it was obvious what it would be about, and even called. To tell the truth, I couldn't wait. I loved the first movie. This movie was 10 times better! Once again we enter the life of one Gaylord Focker, still having the odd problem with his girlfriends/fiancée's parents. This time it is time to "Meet The Fockers". Just when the movie starts to feel like the original, Babara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman enter the movie, and improve it in so many ways. The level of humor seems to go up and doesn't slump til the end of the movie. There are many surprises along the way. I don't want to say too much more though. The audience was in stitches, most people I know enjoyed it and it is just plain fun to watch this amazing cast work together. Check it out for a great night at the movies. I do recommend you watch the fist film though. Enjoy!

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Funny!, 12 December 2004

As much as I hate to admit it, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are actually quite talented in a sick twisted, strange, little way. After laughing my butt off during South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut, I couldn't wait to see this movie. I was not disappointed.

This could be by far the funniest film this year. The plot is easy to follow, as it borrows from most action flicks you see these days, but the way in which it is made is incredible. The fact that these are puppets is enough to make you laugh throughout the entire film. The jokes are funny and don't fall flat. As I was watching the opening, I thought it might run out of steam as it went on. My ticket said it went for almost 2 hours, and I wondered how it would sustain the entire time. It flew. The film is a guilty pleasure.

And parents, before you take your kids to see this, then complain it was disgusting, please read the R Rating! Sit back, relax and watch, but not with coke in your mouth. It will get spit everywhere.

A funny ending to a funny trilogy., 9 November 2004

Well, I missed this on the big screen, and only recently saw it on DVD. Having seen the first two films, I was aware of what I was going to get. And I still enjoyed it. The story is simple (Jim's getting married to the band geek, Stifler comes along, Jim has to impress Michelle's parents etc). This third film follows the exact formula of the original two, which is probably why it has become one of the most successful trilogies in years. We start with an opening scene, Fade to Black, big red title, story revealed, gag, scene with nudity, Jim experiments, the film comes in for a smooth landing, obviously with a happy ending (For who? I wont say). While some of the main characters from the original two films are not back, they are not missed. In fact Kevin (Returning from the first 2) didn't even seem in place. A funny ending to a funny trilogy. Check it out for a laugh.

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Just entertainment. Watch it not for artistic qualities, but to laugh yourself silly!, 5 October 2004

Most teen comedies have the same formula. A funny opening, roll titles, story begins, mid section (funny moment) build up to main point of film, happy ending. Roll credits. Harold & Kumar is different. Firstly, it seems to be a teen comedy for people older than those who enjoy films like American Pie, Road Trip and dare i say it, the terrible Scary Movie franchise. Secondly, it has an interesting soundtrack to prove this point. Almost punkless.

This film introduces us to two characters. Harold (American Pie's MILF boy, John Cho) who is an overworked accountant. Kumar (Van Wilder's Ken Pal) is a bloke simply trying to get into medical school courtesy of his father. Basically, these guys get stoned and hungry. They decide to go to White Castle for burgers. What seems like an easy task turns into a night they will never forget. Obstacles include A bunch of racist hoodlums, a racoon, a leopard, a freaky looking weirdo ad a funny cameo by Doogie Houser.

The two leads are very funny, and use the idea of the story in the best ways possible. All in all, this is a fun film you will enjoy watching. No, it doesn't have any artistic qualities, and no, it would even make it into consideration for any awards (save maybe the MTV MOVIE AWARDS). If you go to see a film like this though, you don't expect it. Just sit back, shut off your brain and enjoy!

Take Away (2003)
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Just don't take it too seriously!, 30 August 2004

I enjoyed this film. I thought it was good fun to watch, and just easy entertainment for a Friday night at the movies/DVD. The premise is easy to follow. Two Fish and Chip shop owners who hate eachother, find that they have to work out their differences to stop the construction of a Burgie's Burger's (An Hilarious spoof of Mcdonald's) right next door to their shops. The simple story includes hilarious jokes, a pretty enjoyable ending (most people complained about it, but I thought it was funny and unexpected), A bit of romance, Revenge, a traitor and much more. I have read bad reviews for this film, and I must say I found something in common. They were basically saying that it was unoriginal, stupid and had a predictable ending. Ok, well let me just say that most films these days are unoriginal, the comedy wasn't genius and I couldn't see that ending comming. So for once, just sit back, turn off your brain and settle down with some good old Australian Laughs! I recommend it mate!

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Should be seen by Almost everyone!, 17 August 2004

When I went to see this on the big screen, I had no idea what I was in for. A thriller? Time Travel film? Romance storyline? A Bit of comedy here and there? It was all in one. A Fantastic film, very well written and very well acted. It has taken me a while to start enjoying films with Ashton Kutcher. Have never seen Dude WMC?, but liked Just Married and That 70's show. This film however gives him a whole new area of acting to explore. He is very good in this sort of role and could pull it off again in any other dark thriller. Amy Smart is also great in her role. I can't really remember Road Trip, but have seen her more recently in the hilarious Rat Race. She also manages to pull off the whole dark feel of the movie. The plot managed to keep me interested for the whole time, and in fact the 2 hours flew. The whole concept of the film is original and amazing. A great film that should be seen by almost everyone!

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Quite Odd Really. (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS), 16 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in to this film. I sort of knew what it was about (Trailers, reviews), and decided to try and make sense of all the mixed reviews I had seen lying around. Well, I thought the film was bizaar. It was a very dark, comedy thriller. Well acted by it's main leads (Kidman, Broderick, Middler, Lovitz, Close and of course, Walken), the film takes us into the strange town of Stepford, where something strange is going on. Some how, the men have found a way to transform their hard working, big business wives into house wives. These are The Stepford Wives.

A lot of people don't like it. They hate it for all the wrong reasons. The plot is not thick enough, the acting isn't Award Winning, The story is silly. The editing is bad. This is nothing but whinging. Yes, some of those are true, but in the end, that is what can make for a good movie.

from the beginning, you can see where the film leads. There doesn't seem to be any particular twist, however the film does start and finish in a way that there is no room for a sequel (PLEASE DON'T MAKE ONE!).

Worth a look. Just turn off your brain, sit back and go with it.

Leave your brain on!, 1 July 2004

Unfortunatley, I missed this film in Cinemas (Will be seeing the Directors cut though!), but rented it one saturday night to see what all the hype was about. I loved it! The story was bizarre, the acting was perfect, excellent directing/writing. The plot is not simple, and the film will make you think, even when the credits start rolling. I wouldn't recommend this film for a Saturday Night's entertainment, but rather watch it sometime when your brain is working. I look forward to many more Richard Kelly films coming in the next few years. Check it out if you want to see a really good, dark movie.

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