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Totally Mind Blowing, 5 October 2010

This, This is one of the most fantastic Documentary's i have ever seen! Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking is just mind blowing! Stephen Hawking is just such an intelligent man, one of the most intelligent people in the world and his knowledge of this subject is really something special. The way he tells all this just makes me want to know more about all this! It is all told in a way that keeps you glued to the screen and just makes you feel that you cant wait for what he tells next. Stephen Hawking tells this in a way that makes you believe what he tells. The graphics and colours looks so beautiful, and all this takes you onto a journey into the universe. So if you are interested in the universe and all about this then you should watch this!

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Going for the story of the book? Not here, 25 December 2011

Now i have read all the books of Sherlock Holmes, and if you are going to this movie thinking that they have made it from the book, then you are wrong and will be disappointed. This movie has as much with the original book of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty to do as Sherlock Holmes has to do with The Detective Colombo. Yes they are both detectives and they solve crime, but thats about it. Many characters in this movie doesn't exist in the original book, a lot of the main story of the film don't exist in the book and Sherlock Holmes don't act like the Sherlock Holmes in the book would have done. The creator of this movie has not given Sherlock Holmes the credit that he deserves. This movie doses not deserve to be called Sherlock Holmes. If this movie had been called something completely else, i would have given this movie more stars, but since this is called Sherlock Holmes then i cannot give this movie more stars.. because it don't justify to be called Sherlock Holmes.

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Don't Listen to the people here!, 30 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't listen to these people! If you liked Independence day you are gonna like this one! It has a lot of the same vibe and it is a good movie! It might not be shawshank redemption good. But for its genre its pretty good. I liked the CGI and the actors. And Jeff Goldblum is still funny and awesome. Yes it has a few errors and stuff that you after the movie will think: Hey why did they not have this and this? And what about this? But most movies today have that so that's nothing new. Most movies will have that and movie makers cant think of everything. Look at yourself? Do you always think of everything? No probably not. I liked the movie. It was funny and full of great action. And it could end up being a very awesome series! A whole new space series! And that would be awesome! So if you liked the first movie then go ahead and watch this. Not everything has to be perfect for it to be good. And this might not be perfect but its still very enjoyable and i was grabbed through all of the movie. Diddent find it boring at all. So go ahead! Watch this movie! Its not as bad as everyone in here seems to write it is :)

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A Good Movie, 3 August 2013

there's so many people writing that this movie sucks and that it's humor is not funny and so on. But why? This movie is not intended for people who want an intellectual movie where the jokes are sophistical. This is a movie with jokes that are stupid and designed just to be that. This is not supposed to be an intellectual movie that makes you think. Its just a bunch of guys that do stupid stuff that makes you laugh. That's it. And I found it very funny when I just took it for what it is. I don't understand all the negative Reviews. If you want a movie that is simple and gives you easy laughs then watch this. Don't think to much about it just take it for what it is, a good movie to watch a Saturday evening with some friends :)

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Great Movie, 5 July 2009

Dan Aykroyd and John Candy is doing a really great job in this movie. Its not one of the best movies in the world, but its definitely one you have to have watched at least one time in your life. Sorry for this movie that it has become one of the movies you find at your local store for almost nothing or at the movie rental place almost for free, i think this movie deserves a little more than it gets, its definitely one of the best John Candy movies. This movie has a many good things in it and is worth watching. And its alright for you to watch it with your family because children will love this to. I think its good for now days children to watch a movie like this and see what real comedy is like.