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Love it!, 10 September 2008

I am a bit of a purist but I find this drama a breath of fresh air too. Wonderfully funny. Alex Kingston is very good as Mrs Bennett, a much more serious version and Hugh Bonneville is lovely.

I too wonder what Lizzie is up to in the 21st Century, especially as she obvious planned it, telling her father she was going away for a while and then locking the door. Maybe they can do a sequel with her story. I bet she turns Amanda's slobby boyfriend into a gentleman.

Only gripe, they mentioned her strange clothes but not her "strange to them" hairstyle, which she still has.

Also Jane is not as pretty as she should be (being described as the prettiest by her mother), no wonder Bingley prefers Amanda!

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My namesake, 23 July 2008

I loved Remington Steele. It came out at a similar time as Moonlighting and I just the man v woman and romantic theme of both series. But I preferred Remington Steele because Laura was a much more likable character. She was not overly beautiful but really pretty and feisty and I loved the interplay between the two.

Pierce Brosnan was almost too gorgeous for words and perfectly cast.

I can't remember whether they ended up together or not, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

I suppose considering my name, I couldn't not like this series.

Great series!

Fantastic film that just happens to be a musical!, 11 July 2008

This film has been a favourite of mine since a child. It is my favourite film musical. In my opinion is has it all, good acting and great songs and above all an important story to tell. At over 3 hours it is a long film but like all good stories, doesn't seem that long when you are watching. Topol is just magnificent in his role, although a little young at the time of filming (36, I believe) he carried off the part to perfection. I was lucky enough to see him several years ago re-enact the part on stage in Manchester, England (funnily enough he was probably the right age for the part then). He was just as fantastic and I feel extremely privileged to have witnessed him in the flesh. All in all I can't understand why it is never even in the top 5 of all time musicals whenever they are listed. It should be!!

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Best comedy series ever!, 3 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Blackadder and in particular "Blackadder goes Forth" is my all time favourite comedy series. I can watch it over and over again and even quote the lines before the actors do. Favourite line being Baldrick saying "I could go on all night" and Blackadder replying "Not with a bayonet through your neck you couldn't".

All the performances are terrific and each episode is fantastic. I know at the time people were worried about the subject matter. But it was handled with great sensitivity, especially in the last episode.

The previous series had always ended with the death of the entire cast but in a comedic fashion. This was was different. The way each character started to become aware of what was to come and for the first time start to be afraid was just wonderfully done and the closing scene has got to be the best end of any series ever.

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My Arse!!, 3 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can understand that some people on this site do not find this show funny, as the humour is very North of England and working class and if you are not either, the humour might just pass you by. As someone who is working class and comes from near Manchester, I actually know people like the Royles.

The Royle Family is not a traditional sit com as the humour can also be quite subtle but nevertheless it is a real gem. Each member of the family and also the other characters are so well drawn and perfectly cast, especially Liz Smith and Ricky Tomlinson. Their relationship is so typical of a man and his mother-in-law (love and hate and all that!). But as seen in the last episode "The Queen of Sheba" when he cried in the hospital, he obviously really loves her and in his own way, all his family.

All in all "The Royle Family" was a landmark in British television comedy.

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Jury still our on this one, 13 June 2008

This production is definitely more faithful to the book than the Ang Lee film with both productions having their faults and pluses. It is not as well done as some of Andrew Davies's other scripts though such as the 1995 "Pride and Prejudice".

Its main strength, however, is the casting. All the actors are good with excellent performances. I especially liked David Morrissey as Brandon but it is hard to top Alan Rickman's performance in the film (Swoon!) even if he was a bit too old for the part.

On the whole, although I am a bit of a purest and should prefer this new series, I can't help but prefer the film even if it was probably more Emma Thompson's writing than Jane Austen, there was just something magical about it.

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Excellent!, 12 June 2008

Doctor Who was my favourite series by far when I was growing up. My favourite Doctor being Tom Baker, especially when he was with Sarah. So, you can imagine,I was a little concerned about the new show, but I needn't have worried. The excellent writing by Russell T Davies and others is fantastic. They have injected humour and intelligence giving the format new life and energy.

I loved Christopher Eccleston, especially when he was being serious although found his manic smile a bit irritating, but I loved his northern accent. David Tennant on the other hand was simply born to play the Doctor (he was a great fan of the show as a child and it shows). He plays the part with a perfect balance of humour, seriousness and that touch of eccentricity which is essential for the Doctor (why couldn't he keep his Scottish accent though!). I hope he continues for years to come, he rocks!. My favourite episode so far was in the 3rd series, called "BLINK". Those stone angels were truly scary and nearly had be back behind the sofa. It was also great to see Elisabeth Sladen back in "School Reunion". She's looks fantastic for her age!

Also would like to comment about Catherine Tate. Like other Doctor Who fans I was unsure about her at the start, but she is getting better and better. Just watched her carry the entire episode in Season 4, "Turn left" fantastically and her acting was all the better when compared to the return of Billie Piper as Rose in the same episode. It made me wonder why people make such a fuss of Piper, Tate's acting is far superior! Just seen final two episoded of series 4, best yet!

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Perfection, 9 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have recently seen this production on DVD. It is the first time I have seen it since it was originally broadcast in 1983 and it was just as good as I remembered. At first as was worried it would seem old fashioned and I suppose it is a little dated and very wordy as the BBC serials were back then. (I miss those wonderful costume dramas that seemed to be always on Sunday afternoons back then) But that aside it is as near perfect as it could have been. I am a bit of a "Jane Eyre" purist as it is my favourite book and have never seen another production that is a faithful to the book as this one. I have recently re-read the book as well and some of the dialogue is just spot on. Reading the scene near the end where Rochester questions Jane about what St John was like I noticed their words were exactly reproduced on screen by Dalton and Clarke and done perfectly.

All the other productions that have been done all seem lacking in some way, some even leave out the "Rivers" family and their connection to Jane altogether. I also think this is the only production to include the "Gypsy" scene done correctly.

The casting is perfect, Zelah Clarke is like Jane is described in the book "small plain and dark" and I disagree that she looked too old. Timothy Dalton may be a little too handsome but he is absolutely perfect as Rochester, portraying every aspect of his character just right and acting his socks off! I agree with other comment that he even appears quite scary at time, like in the scene when he turns around slowly at the church when the wedding is interrupted, his expression is fantastically frightening. But then in another favourite scene his joy is wonderful to see when Jane runs down the stairs and into his arms the morning after they declare their love for one another. A love that is wonderfully portrayed and totally believable. Oh to be loved by a man like that! There were a couple of scenes that were strangely missing however, like when Jane climbs in to bed with the dying Helen and also when Rochester takes Jane shopping for her wedding things (I thought that one was in it but maybe my memory is playing tricks).

Finally if you never see another production of Jane Eyre - you simply most see this one it is simply perfection!

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Simply awesome!, 4 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I agree with most of the comments on this site that this is the best telling of the story of Jesus.

It is beautifully filmed and filled with excellent actors (too many to name), who all play their parts perfectly. What I find incredible is that it is filled with famous actors, some playing quite small parts, but when you are watching it, you don't seem to notice our famous they are and just enjoy the story, perhaps it is because they don't scene steal, just act.

The story is told accurately except for one small point in that Mary Magdalene is portrayed as a prostitute (again!) when there is nothing in the bible that suggests this was true. Still this is a small point and Anne Bancroft is wonderful, especially in the crowd scene when she is shouting for Jesus to be saved.

I also love the scene after the crucifixion, when the curtain is torn and Zerah (Ian Holm) says "Now it begins", very prophetic.

In answer to James Mando's comments Robert Powell is still acting in the UK. I think he found it difficult at first because of the enormity of the role but if you "google" him you can find out what roles he has done since.

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Lovely lost drama, 3 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of my favourite books and I remember watching this series and loving it immensely. Sadly I have never seen it repeated or been able to get on DVD, but it made such an impact I have never forgotten it.

The lead characters were perfect for the roles, especially the lovely Bryan Brown and although the scenes in Australia were not entirely in keeping with the book at least they were there, unlike the film version with Virginia McKenna which missed that part out altogether.

I agree that Gordon Jackson's character of Strachan is entirely different from the book but he is still excellent. For your information "MOLEY75" "Strawn" is the gaelic pronunciation of "Strachan".

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