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Cheap Thrills, 29 August 2003

After New Nightmare I had hoped for more from the latest sequel. Wes Craven's hand was definitely needed in this movie which to me seemed to draw more from Scream than the Nightmare or 13th series. (Pretty, vacant female lead, motherless due to uncertain circumstance). The lead actress and a majority of the female cast seemed to have been picked more for their silicone implants rather than any acting talents. Little or any thought was given toward what male actors to pick - not that it mattered there was no character of any depth to play. The draw of any good, or even decent, movie is SYMPATHY or EMPATHY towards your hero or heroine, in order to gain this you need good writers!! We waited a long time for this movie, I would have waited another 20 years if they could have had one hint of the psychological thriller that nightmare once was. The first of many flaws was freddy's grand intro. discussing his florid past. If I wanted to see a recap of the series worst moments I would have rented those dismal movies, they don't bother to show them on cable even late night - I don't see them selling too many commercials. The introduction only served the viewer to root for either an immortal killer with motives of vengeance (with a focus on the teenagers engaging in sexual activity), or a "witty" clownish ex child molester with a warped sense of humor. Thereafter the film just grows worse. Boring killers (God they even had to use pinball sound effects for Jason's beating by Freddy because the shots were so dull) and even more boring victims... The only reason Freddy stills hold his place in the horror hall of fame is his pull with the unconscious, insanity, and reason. What is more scary than what you cannot control? The New Nightmare movie started to develop a demonic persona that Freddy may have gained, this movie only explores this aspect through makeup. The use of the mental institution in this movie only added to it's lameness. The main location in the institution, this computer control location? Where the heck does this come from? Tribute to star wars? I was waiting for one of the dumb-ass kids to find an intercom and report that everything was fine on cell block 4 (or what ever cell block Hans was on) and of course shoot the console afterwards. And does anyone else wonder why propane or combustible tanks are stored on the bank of Crystal lake? And why Freddy had to restore Jason for his powers to return when he supposedly was able to kill the heroine's mother? Why hypnocil-caused comatose patients were kept alive in their dreamless comas? Why I spent 5$ on this in the theaters (student price)when I could have been just as disgusted at home 6 months later? Well enjoy the cheap thrills. This ain't no Hitchcock, it's not even Corman.

It will twist you heart., 20 July 2002

Shocking, discomforting, and even embarrassed are feelings this movie may invoke. A movie that recalls a past eras attitudes towards sex that does not stray as far as we may like from todays attitudes. Diane Keaton's most moving role ever. This movie is so powerful due Keaton's performance and the screenwriters. Realism is one of the most-used adjectives for this film, that is where embarrassed feelings came for me watching this film. I have cringed with this character over her thoughts and actions - at times seemingly with her. I also felt freedom and acceptance where it was/is not perhaps morally right. This movie paints a Complete Finished picture. It may not be what people agree or quite disagree with, but by itself it remains Perfect (if you ask me).