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A short list of Indian films that are neither musicals nor exceed three hours in runtime.
This list was made in hardly 10 minutes for some friends. There are obviously more movies like these.
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My Favorite Films of all times (sorted) - 2013
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This is a budding category in Indian Cinema. These films usually exploit big stars, special effects, laws of physics, genres like action, comedy, romance and have a low aesthetic quality. Such films are extremely popular amongst a significant population, predominantly, in tier-two cities in India.
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Here is a list of my favorite actors who have stunning screen presence and delivered one or more time in their films with some spectacular performances.
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The National Award for Best Feature film is one of the National Film Awards presented annually by the Directorate of Film Festivals, India, and was constituted in the year 1954. This is one of the Golden Lotus Awards (Swarna Kamal) given among National Film Awards. It is announced for films produced in a year across the country, in all Indian languages. It is the most prestigious award in the Indian Cinema.
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Under construction
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Deuce Top 20 and Tarantino's Top 20 Grindhouse in the order of personal preference
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All Wes Anderson movies arranged in the descending order of awesomeness
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Here is a list of my all time favorites who are some absolutely gorgeous women (in my opinion) and have given one or more spectacular performances in their films. The order I have arranged them in is just the order of personal preference.
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According to Roger Ebert, 1920-1929 was Buster Keaton's extraordinary period. This list includes all those movies arranged in the order of personal preference.
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The list of Best Picture Oscar winners arranged in the order of personal preference.
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