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A Masterpiece Close to a Legendary Trilogy(Spoilers), 21 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises completes the masterful trilogy by Christopher Nolan. It's not just a trilogy that it completes, it's the STORY. We follow Bruce's journey from Batman Begins all the way to one of the greatest endings in modern day cinema. This is Bruce's story and you fall and rise along with Bruce. Right off the bat, it picks up right where Dark Knight left off and takes you through the struggles and consequences of being the Batman. Performances by the cast is top notch. Hardy delivers the goods with the man behind the mask Bane. Hathaway shuts up critics and shows that she IS Selina Kyle. Michael Caine is better than ever and of course Christian Bale tops them all playing Bruce Wayne. It's rare that you'll see another trilogy like this for a while. What LOTR did ten years ago The Batman trilogy does now. 10/10

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Mindless, Action Packed, and Better than the First, 26 March 2012


Let me start this right off the bat and tell you it's better than Clash of the Titans(Even though that's not saying much)However, Wrath of the Titans supplies enough action set pieces, that you have a good enough flick that you should check out this weekend. The plot is very simple, it's set 10 years after the events of the first film where Perseus and his son fish for a living. Hades and Zeus' son Ares trick Zeus and capture him. Now, the titans are getting stronger while Zeus is getting weaker. Perseus has to go to hell to save his father. There are some pretty cool monsters in this film, like the demons Makhai and the scene with Kronos is AMAZING. If you're looking for a good time this weekend and go into this movie with an open mind. Then you will definitely have a good time watching Wrath of the Titans. 8/10