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I was impressed :), 27 August 2008

When i saw a trailer I thought I must see this movie.It seamed like something modern and well produced for a Serbian movie.Comments from some distinguished movie critics didn't well so good and I thought that last night when I was going to the festival to see it that I will be disappointed.But it was quite opposite I was fascinated.It is such a great comedy in first place and after that a great love story for people who understand what love is. This is a comment from the person that watches what kind an effect will make the movie on her.Not directing or acting or some other part in particular but the whole movie in the way all those parts together make the person feel after watching it.From that point of view i thing that this is a great movie :)

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i loved it, 30 August 2007

It is very romantic movie. It makes me cry every time i watch it and I've watched it many many times. For that time it was great in special effects too, but that was not something that I was impressed with. It just has beautiful love story and I recommend all romantic people to watch it. It will take your breath away.Just be patient and watch it all. Basecly I am not fun of war films because people who are filming it interpret they one way of history,but that was not important for me in this movie. So people,you who don't like history movies I recommending it because of the love story.The actors are very beautiful.Good costumes and decoration are truthful for that time.

Sully (2016)
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poorly done, 13 December 2016

I was very disappointed. I had a feeling that actors are amateurs. Dialogues sound unconvincing. There ware scenes that I didn't understand what they wanted to say with them. Something is missing in this movie. It seams like it was made in a hurry,like they didn't invest enough effort and time to make it a great movie. I've watched about this accident in some investigation serial about plane crashes and I was stunned, even I cried. I was expecting that Sully is going to be even better, but it was much worse. I am not recommending it if you don't have a lot of free time. You will be disappointed. Whole movie looks unconvincing to me in spite of renowned actors.