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Strange and hypnotic., 14 July 2014

With its art house feel, this film delivers something very unconventional and intensely strange. If you expect action and gory horror, you will certainly be disappointed. But maybe you will end up hypnotised by the eerie world Scarlett Johansson traverses. The gritty, bleak environment feels like a mixture of grim reality and shadowy nightmare. At times it feels like a surreal dream you want to wake up from, but one that is so compulsive, you can't resist continuing.

Scarlett Johansson is captivating and her English accent spot on. There are many sights, sounds, and characters that go together to create the overall nightmarish dreamscape experience. The direction, creative flair and overall design, make this film very different from the norm.

I came away feeling very affected by the intense experience this film delivers. I will watch it again at some point, but only when my mind is ready, because it really took me to a dark, disturbing place.

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Episode 2 proved it's a good show., 20 October 2013

I was looking forward to this new show, because David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade are personalities I really enjoy watching, but Episode 1 was a bit of a let down, because everyone looked nervous and it all seemed a bit wooden and not very funny.

Episode 2 was a revelation, though, as the entertainment went up a few gears and everything was more relaxed, flowed better, and was very funny and enjoyable. For me, the star of the show is Richard Ayoade, as he never fails to amuse. David Mitchell does a good job, and it's always fun to see him expressing his thoughts and arguing with people. Micky Flanagan doesn't appeal to me as much as the other two, but he has an energy and enthusiasm that does create a few laughs.

I like the concept of the show, as it's stimulating but also ripe for comedy. Having a guest celeb read out the quotes is a masterstroke, as you get banter between them and the panel, and it really adds to overall charm and watchability. Overall, it's a show I recommend to everyone who likes comedy panel shows, and I look forward to further episodes and hopefully a second series.

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Quite good, but not funny enough., 13 October 2013

With a crazy premise, you'd think this movie would be full of hilarious moments, but truly funny moments are rare in a movie that severely lacks laughs. The cast is made up of quality actors, but the stand-out funniest character is played by Crispin Glover, who has a very small but inspired part to play. Out of the four central actors, Rob Corddry gets to shine, as his character is ridiculous and has some funny moments. Craig Robinson does his job well, but his character is quite dull. John Cusack doesn't get a chance to shine, as his character is boring and forgettable. Clark Duke is only in it for the script's sake, and his character is extremely dull. A mention must go to Chevy Chase, who has a tiny part, but I enjoyed seeing him.

Apart from the inspired central idea of a Hot Tub that is also a Time Machine, the script isn't very imaginative. I wish the writing had been more creative and wacky. Overall, it's a movie worth watching, but don't expect loads of laughs.

The Purge (2013/I)
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Tedious Rubbish, 20 September 2013

This could have been a good film, because the premise is interesting, but it doesn't deliver in any department. The dialogue is mostly corny or inane, creating a very amateur vibe. The two lead actors who play the husband and wife are okay, but everyone else may as well be amateurs pretending to be robots. The script consists of 80% tedium, with the other 20% delivering a bit of tension and some weak action sequences. The look of the film is overly dark, which combined with the slow pace and lack of thrills... makes for a tiresome experience.

I was relieved when the whole thing was over. The music on the end credits was actually a highlight. Don't waste your time with this extremely lame film.

Iron Sky (2012)
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Darkly Humorous Satire, 10 August 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Instead of simply being a bit of ridiculous fun, it is also very relevant satire, which helps to make it such an enjoyable experience. Whether it's Obama's "YES WE CAN", how shallow women can be, or Apple( makers of the Ipad ), the writers have fun mocking things they take issue with.

The look of the film is of a high standard, with a lot of care obviously put into the design. The cast do a very good job and suit their characters. All the small details help to add depth to the proceedings - and I enjoyed spotting everything.

Overall a well-made, gripping film that is filled with memorable moments. It ends perfectly with a very biting message.

Dredd (2012)
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Incredibly cheap and worthless, 3 August 2013

Looking like a made-for-TV Syfy channel movie, Dredd has terribly poor production values. I had to laugh at how Dredd looked like someone doing cosplay as he walked around an old shopping mall, with the public looking like a bunch of modern-day people paid to stand around.

I understand that the producers opted for a "gritty realism" style that is popular these days, but that is no excuse for making the movie look like it was shot by amateurs with no idea about how to create ambiance. At times, it felt like the sort of thing college students armed with a good video camera would make for YouTube.

This movie has no redeeming features; it's extremely poor in all areas.

1(awful)is my rating.

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No good points, 22 January 2013

This feels like a very low-budget film, but that's not an excuse for it being so dull in all areas. The actors are OK, but the script is extremely lacking in thrills and imagination. It's all very predictable and uneventful.

It makes the likes of the Resident Evil films seem like masterworks in comparison. I really don't see the point in making low-budget movies like this, if the producers can't overcome the budget constraints with creative flair.

This is the sort of cheap film you get on late night TV, which people watch and soon forget. It isn't extremely bad, but it is vapid, and ultimately a waste of time.

Clerks (1994)
Not on my classics list., 8 December 2012

I watched this for the first time the other day, expecting - after noting all the plaudits - it to be something special. I came away thinking it had its moments and felt unusual, but overall, the whole thing didn't impress me for various reasons:

1. The lines often sounded unnatural and not as you'd expect the characters to speak( maybe that's an intentional part of the comedy? ) 2. The acting was a very mixed bag; 3. There were few funny moments; 4. The story was far too limited - with a severe lack of really fun, memorable moments.

I can sort of appreciate why lots of people really like this film, but I think it's over-hyped. I can't understand why anyone would give it more than 7/10. I think Kevin Smith and his crew did a good job, but it's not anything sensational imo. It's a reasonable bit of down to earth, amateurish entertainment - nothing more.

In Time (2011)
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Bad acting. Bad Directing. Bad Script, 24 July 2012

The premise had potential, but every facet of the film is lame. The acting ranges from just about OK, to very cringe-worthy. The scripting and overall direction has a Film Student feel about it, which makes everything come across as amateurish and two-dimensional. There's always the feeling that everything doesn't really make sense and is full of plot holes, but I honestly couldn't be bothered to worry about them, when my mind was occupied with thinking " This is really bad... I can't wait for it to end! "

All this film did was waste my time; there are no positive memories attached to it at all. It fully deserves the pathetic 1/10 I've given it.

Due Date (2010)
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Has its moments, 4 January 2012

This is far from a great comedy, but it has a few funny moments. The two central characters work pretty well, but the relentless attempts to provoke sympathy for Zach Galifianakis' character don't work. Zach's character is ridiculously stupid and annoying, so the way Robert Downey's character warms to him just doesn't feel right.

Most of the comedy feels forced and not well-thought-out; and one scene in particular is based on very juvenile humour. A few scenes do work well, though, and show that the whole film could have been special if the quality had been consistent throughout. The writers clearly couldn't come up with enough good ideas.

Overall, Due Date is a wishy-washy experience, but worth a watch if you aren't expecting comedy gold. 6/10

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