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"Donahue" (2002)
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Class & Fairness, 21 April 2003

The King of Talk was back...unfortunately, not for long. Phil's show focused on current events and featured interviews with celebrities and newsmakers. Unlike other cable news hosts, Phil didn't yell at and insult his guests. He conducted himself with class and always gave all of his guests a fair turn. In the end, Phil's nice-guy style proved unpopular in an age of increasing nastiness all over television.

As a side note, in Phil's summer-winter run, the show went from having no studio audience to having a very large one, and had two different theme songs.

A Wonderful, Underrated Show, 28 August 2002

"Body Language" was a great show, filled with lots of fun and big money ($10,000 wasn't bad in the mid-80s). The excellent Tom Kennedy was at his usual best, just as he was on "Name That Tune" and "Password Plus." The game also showcased the popular stars like Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White, Jamie Farr, Vicki Lawrence, and even Lucille Ball. All in all, a wonderful show that never got the credit it deserved.

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A Wonderful Show, 3 August 2002

"Super Password" was the perfect successor to "Password Plus." The show combined the world's best word game with great celebrities and the Late-Great Bert Convy. "Super Password" was the kind of show what made you laugh, and made you think. Bert interaction with the stars, contestants, and crew made the show a joy to watch.

A definite classic!

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GSN dumped Password Plus, Super Password, and Tattletales for this?!, 3 August 2002

The people in charge of Game Show Network must be almost as dumb as those in charge at CBS when "Match Game '79" was canceled. What were they thinking? This show is horrible! First, the hostess...who told this girl that she was capable of hosting a game show? She comes across as a cold, uncomfortable emcee. Her "funny" comments seemed forced and rehearsed. Plus, who could ever trust a Republican with the name KENNEDY?!

Now, for the show itself...worse than Kennedy! The questions are bad, and the answers are questionable. The concept is original, but still uninteresting. Any contestant who knows anything about competition would vote "Foe" all the way. There is no chance whatsoever for your "friend" to win a dime.

Save your time and watch a decent show. This isn't worth 30 minutes.