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Friends, Sex, and Talk, in random order, 1 April 2017

I expected some kind of RomCom. Wrong film. This was a few cuts over the traditional cable adult drama sex film. Actors were good and nice natural looking bodies. If you're looking for an adult movie, this wouldn't fit that description fully. If you're looking for a thought evoking drama this is a little light in that category, yet there's some depth. special in the writing department and limited scenery. A few twists and turns in the story, found some holes in the plot and execution, but the characters are admittedly flawed. I thought it's worth a watch on cable without a purchase.

Table 19 (2017)
Good writing and thought evoking Indie film, 26 March 2017

Duplass Brother highbrow writing is usually with a watch. I was happy with the result not the wedding comedy I had expected, but a nice slice of life film. Quite a few recognizable actors seemed to pull of the roles in style. The film seemed a little rushed and mysterious at the beginning and the questions were answered by the end of the film, in a non- standard method. With a big budget the romp scenes could've been bigger and funnier, but this was original.

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Above average teen drama film, 26 March 2017

Overall a good film. A few laughs, some likable and unlike able characters, good storytelling, but nothing great.

For higher expectation films of this variety I would recommend Juno, Smart People, or Rocket Science. Still this is entertaining and worth seeing.

Woody Harrelson Gave a Maverick performance without him the film would have seemed disjointed. Those teen years are awkward, overly dramatic, and they seem exaggerated and one sided.

There were some good messages in the film.

A lot of potential, 26 March 2017

There were some funny antics that just didn't hold up as a RomCom this was one for the selective Politically Correct generation. If you can sit through some dry spots you may have some good laughs. The outtakes or alternative scenes at the end were great. I hope they explore some of that material. It was refreshing to see Chris Elliot as the girlfriends father, he seems to be in more indie roles like this, that was s good casting choice. Other actors gave some good performances, but the overall script was uneven.

"Love" (2016)
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Love perhaps, 17 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season One. The show started off a little slow and it grew on me, but the transitions weren't smooth. I will admit the show borders on a sitcom comedy, but they seem to get it all in there, the gritty realism that you don't get on a polished big network show. The mix in characters ages helps me, i can relate to the younger characters on the show and I'm younger than the older characters, i can relate to those people as well, seeing the full spectrum. The contrast between characters was incredible, for every extrovert there's an introvert, for every peace-maker there's a trouble-maker, for every warm person there's a cold heart-ed person. Nice writing, and its so simple mostly natural in the approach. On the season finale You're kind of left on the cliff not sure how the people and couples are going from there.

Season 2


Some characters and relationships seemed to grow or shrink, stretching the boundaries of each other. The central characters Gus and Mickie seem to be the picture of co-dependency. They are redeeming characters, I'm just not sure they're able to work through there issues separately or independently. I had to scan back to a Season 1 Party episode to get more insight to the Mickie and Dustin relationship. They're both at fault for the confrontation, clearly Dustin is taking on a Alpha wacko role, but Mickie would have been best to say let's talk sometime, not today, but if you come over unwelcomed, stalk, or harass me I will call the police. Which is kind of where they are as he used her roomies phone. Dustin wormed his way back to Mickie's life, and now is melting down about her decision to discard him again, and have a relationship with Gus. On the flip side Mickie knew Dustin had been through therapy, he seems unbalanced, and he had recently experienced some loss. Mickey should have been a little more friend, a little more honest, and make a sound binding relationship decision.

The mix of people and locations seemed to help season 2. I thought the Atlanta set issues and some LA set issues that Gus has reek of Entourage. I miss that show, I get a little of that movie studio and filming location.

There's all that character thought and some workplace changes for season 3.

I'm all ready for Season 3.

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A thought evoking Paternal Drama, 24 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a lot of good points to the film and many bad parts as well. I will try to keep the *spoilers* towards the bottom of the review.

Let me start by saying the film is original or fresh in its presentation. There's a decent transition of lash flashbacks. There's some good camera work and acting. You get all or most all of the details by the end of the film. The film shouldn't have been advertised as a dramedy, because its more about the drama. This is kind of a film for guys and I'm surprised to see that some women seem to get this film.

I don't want to give away the film, although i feel the description and ads already did.

As for the *spoilers* below: I'm kind of mixed on the primary characters, The Incle and the Nephew. Its apparent that they didn't have enough female family in their lives. They don't seem to deal with their emotions rationally or maturely. And the dead brother though he seemed less stoic and more full of life seemed to have the same issues. I can't imagine the Uncle couldn't experience more growth under the situation, but he was more considerate of the nephew's welfare and protecting his future then most people would be. And the nephew needs to grow up, of course, some of that should come with age, trial and error -- learning from his own mistakes like his Uncle and Father.

I didn't like the open-ended closing of the film, but that's life, no guarantees.

Night Owls (2015/I)
A one night stand (stranded), 21 January 2017

The actors are awake in this sleeper. This is kind of a one night stand gone awry that festers into a situational comedy of sorts and an immature path of reasoning and conversation. This film was like listed like a RomCom Dramedy, but it's more of a morality play. It's something like a 20-something smaller subset of the Breakfast Club, there are no fully functioning and mature adults in the house, done via Indie low budget minimal style. Please add some music it goes a long way in a film. It's thought evoking, with good depth and dialogue. Still I had to check the duration a few times, but there are some great scenes. I don't like the ambiguous ending, but in life that's a reality of a tense scenario. I would have preferred a film like The Night We Never Met or Addicted To Love.

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I know the song and the movie fits the the lyrics, 7 January 2017

While this isn't quite what i had hoped for, i enjoyed it. Did the film provide improv and some humor? Yes. Was the story enjoyable? Slightly. I wasn't sure just what to expect as the film ad looked both comedic and dramatic. I think the cast worked, and there was even a SNL set time, a Ben Stiller drop in or two. I could've done without some of the not so subtle left-wing leanings, whether they have good points on some issues is subjugated to there whinning, that didn't ruin my overall viewing experience.

The troupes personal and group meanderings weren't bad and i enjoyed the improv theater and the comedic exchanges. The characters crisis was understandable for most of the age groups in the film. I would have liked a different ending, something more concise, still it was a good film all in all. I would like to see more from the cast and the production, this was a well done Indie.

"Easy" (2016)
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An eclectic collection of sexual relationships spanning the rainbow, 7 January 2017

Some big (familiar) faces advertised gave me a reason to try the series. I enjoyed the first episode and then i was hit or miss from that point forward. Its like a morality play of sorts, very artistic and very expressive, with a wide assortment of differing relationships. The dialogue is above average with a certain amount of plot sufficient for a vignette. The down side is that most every episode seems to be a little depressing in some way. If not for the thought evoking experience i would have taken this off my list. A few episodes really shined for me, and for my least favorite episodes, they did gain appeal on my second viewing.

Good job netflix series. I hope there is another season.

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Unmagical Realism, 24 September 2016

This is a mixed bag. I can't recommend a pay-per-view, but it is better than average network RomCom variety and there are some redeeming social values. I was expecting something funny and original. There was some humor and originality, but it didn't progress. There was this made-for-TV religious movie feeling throughout most of the film. The creepy small-town seemed to be the plight of the main character, but you quickly see that shallow waters run very deep in the major players of the film. If there were a few script modifications, this could have been a good film, the actors could have pulled it off. There were a few Recognizable actors and the camera work was good.

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