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The Best Sitcom Ever? Guilty, 21 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Put simply Night Court is and was the best sitcom ever, at least in the eyes of this reviewer.

The show went had a great cast throughout it's run. Harry Anderson as Judge Harry Stone, Richard Moll as the dumb but lovable ox Bull (pun not intended), John Larroquette as the sleazy sex craved Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding and Charles Robinson as Mac were there from the beginning. The show really took form with the additions of Markie Post as Defense Attorney Christine Sullivan and Marsha Warfield as Roz.

Harry was a Judge who loved Mel Torme and magic. He constantly played pranks on people and was constantly joking around. Bull was the giant-sized Baliff who was intimidating and had a mean streak but who was also dumb, funny and caring, hands down the best character on the show. Dan was money and power driven, always aspiring to get money quick no matter if it were legal or not. He also had a strong sexual desire and wanted as much sex as he could get whenever wherever. Christine always was very emotional and did her best to get her clients off the charges while fighting off Dan's advances and struggling with her feelings for Judge Stone. Roz was another Baliff. She was street tough who talked the talk and backed it up.

All the characters fit perfectly with one another and the show was always laugh out loud funny which is why it lasted almost a decade on TV and has been a constant in syndication. The show also had many famous guest stars that were either early in their careers or who were loved for decades by others. Some of those stars include Michael J. Fox, Michael Richards, Mel Torme and Yokov Smirnoff

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A Movie A Yankees Fan Can Love....Up Until the Very End, 10 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not a fan of Drew Barrymore or Jimmy Fallon but this was a sweet romantic movie. While Jimmy isn't a great actor the supporting cast around him helped make the movie enjoyable. My review may be a little biased seeing as I'm a sports nut, not as bad as Ben but still.

Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is a school teacher who loves two things, his job and the Red Sox, that is until he meets Lindsey (Drew Barrymore). Ben takes some of his students to Lindsey's work, where they meet for the first time, and the kids tell Ben that Lindsey was into him so he goes and asks her out. During the movie they go on many dates, many of which are to Boston Red Sox games. Jimmy is a Red Sox season tickets holder who inherited these great seats, by the dugout and just rows from the field, from his Uncle Carl (Lenny Clarke) who started taking him to the games when he was 7.

Lindsey liked the relationship at first since Ben's obsession would keep him at the ballpark while she worked late for a promotion. Well one night, after the greatest comeback in Sox history, Ben goes off on her about him missing the game to be with her which really hurts Lindsey's feelings. She basically says he's selfish and that he doesn't care about her enough. He gets depressed and tries to get her to take him back but she won't have any of it. When she learns that he is going to sell his beloved tickets to one of her best friend's husband, she realizes that he does love her. Unable to get in touch with him, he doesn't own a cell phone, she buys tickets to the game but can't get down to tell him not to sell. She tries to reach her friends husband but he hangs up on her, thinking it was his wife. Lindsey then jumps from the center field wall onto the field and runs to Ben. Ben signs the contract to sell the tickets but she rips it up.

The ending is nothing but the Red Sox comeback and celebration, enough to make any non Red Sox fan sick. The music in this is great and the movie prevails over its flaws.

Not the best Farrelly Bros. movie but far from the worst.


Going Down (2003/I)
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Going Nowhere, 27 August 2005

"American Pie meets Risky Business only better," that is what it says on the box of the DVD. Well if you mean there is a hooker and some clothed oral sex scenes then yeah I see the similarities but NO!!! The movie is low-budget so I look past the lack of star power, Ed Begley Jr., Dennis Haskins, and the beautiful and underrated Christine Lakin. I look past the poor camera job as many of it looks as if it was shot with a home video camera and I look past the pretty much direct-to-video release (it was released in the US to select theaters) and what do I of the worst "teen sex comedies" I have ever seen, but at least the film sticks to its story.

Two buddies, Jack and Travis, throw a party for Jack on his 18th birthday party while Jack's parents are out of town. Well this must have been one hell of a party as the house was trashed and two party-goers are "dead," too bad we don't get to see any of this outrageous party. The boys wake up from to a phone call from Jack's mom informing him to be at the airport to pick her and his father up because they have decided to end their trip early. So the boys have 3 hours to get the house clean and the bodies out of the house. That's when the girls, sex starved Jamie (super sexy Christine Lakin aka Al from Step By Step) and Laurie (Hope Riley),who's in to whips, show up and they are ready to party, they thought the party was today. Well the boys try and hide the bodies without the girls knowing that they are there so as to not freak them out. They hide the two bodies in the bathroom and let the girls in, that's when one of the bodies starts walking around the house, not dead just badly wasted from the night before.

What later ensues is the arrival of Jamie's ex-boyfriend (and eventually his jock buddies) who wants her to take him back, what an idiot how do you screw things up with such a hot girl, a hooker sent by Jack's uncle Frank (Haskins aka Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell), the boyfriend of one of a "dead" guy, this character is classic as he gets drunk and just starts going crazy, and a cop, who's gun is taken by said gay guy. There also is a stoner loose in the house. Once they get rid of everyone, it's time for Jack to pick up his parents but he isn't at the airport so his mom calls and says they will take a taxi home. Jack, Travis and the girls now have to get the house cleaned up and they do just before the parents arrive. Does this mean Jack pulled off the "ultimate" party...well you'll have to watch to find out.

Two of the best parts in the whole movie is the sex scene with Jamie, where Christine pulls off a better pleasure sequence then Meg Ryan did in When Harry Met Sally, yes it's that good, well until the last few moments where it just goes overboard and becomes less real. The other part again is the gay character who just becomes so funny when drunk, he gives about 10 good laughs in a film that pushes 15 total.

Also of note Hope Riley does a great job on the song "I'll Kiss Yours, If You'll Kiss Mine," which is really catchy.

Overall 6/'s worth a rental.

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A Wild Ride In General Lee, 15 August 2005

Now this movie has been getting killed by critics when it's really not that bad of a film. Let me say first off, butt-double or not Jessica Simpson looks damn sexy as Daisy Duke and while at times her lack of acting skills may show her beauty makes up for it and she probably could have been used a little more.

Now while I'm not a fan of Director Jay Chandrasekhar, or the original TV Show, I think he did a good job bringing Dukes to the big screen, well at least it's better than around 90% of the TV Show to Feature Film movies that have been made. There were some obvious goofs in the movie but that can always make a movie fun too.

Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville did great as Bo and Luke Duke respectively. Bo and Luke are more than just cousins they're best friends that always get into mischief. Jessica Simpson plays their sexy cousin Daisy who is one hot tough lady. Willie Nelson is Unlce Jesse, who makes moonshine on his farm which is distributed by Bo and Luke to the people in Hazzard. Burt Reynolds plays Boss Hog, a corrupt politician, redundant isn't it, and owner of the local grub stop named after him. Keep an eye on Nikki Griffin, she played Katie whom Bo was in love with but Luke fooled around with, she did great and is yet another beauty in the movie.

The main plot of the movie revolves around Boss Hog (Burt Reynolds) and his crooked police chief who plan to take the land from the citizens of Hazzard, which includes the Dukes, to tear it up to mine for coal. In doing so Boss Hog has "evidence" planted on the property of the Dukes and others and then seizes their land, including General Lee due to the distribution of moonshine. Well that doesn't sit well with the Dukes and once they find out what Boss Hog is up to they plan on taking him down.

One of the problems facing Boss Hog is he can't mine for coal without town approval and knowing that the people in the town won't approve of it he plans on taking the plan to the court during the town's 70th annual car race, which he brought back town hero and pro race car driver, Billy Pickett, to help ensure everyone would stay at the race. Also in the race the second best driver to ever participate, Bo Duke, oh what a race it would turn out to be.

Police chases, gun shots, accidents, and a trip to Atlanta can't and will not keep the Dukes and General Lee from stopping Boss Hogs big plans for the town of Hazzard. Dukes of Hazzard is a good movie that is well acted, has plenty of T&A, and sticks to the plot. It is steps above the TV show in this reviewers opinion.


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One Funny "Fluffy" Fellow, 16 April 2005

Gabriel does a great job in his first comedy special that he has all to himself. Gabe made me laugh non-stop with all of his jokes and stories and they never get old. I have watched this special at least 10 times and it just remains funny. He has no problem poking fun at himself being "fluffy", talking about his buddy Felipe and how they get into trouble together with the law or hotel security, or anything else that happens in his life, like riding rollercoasters at Disney.

I first saw Gabe on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and became a fan instantly. When I found out about this special I just had to watch. Now I go check him out at the local comedy clubs when he is in town. He does some of the same jokes that he does here but also brings a lot of great new material. He also is a great down to earth guy who loves his fans, talks to them after the show, messes with them during it and signs autographs whenever he can. If you ever get the chance to catch one of his shows do so cause it will be worth it. Plus you can purchase his CD and DVD.

Now I'm off to get some Choooocccllllaaattteee CCCCaaaakkkeee.

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An Underwater Adventure, 4 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off the movie is not as good as the TV Show but this is the best movie Nickelodean has ever put out. This is a great family film that kids and adults alike can watch and enjoy.

SpongeBob and his Starfish pal Patrick set out on a journey to retrieve King Neptume's (the king of the sea) crown, after King Neptume has frozen SpongeBob's boss Mr. Krabs all thanks to a diabolical scheme by the evil Plankton who is on a quest to get the recipe to the Krusty Krabs infamous Krabby Patty. After trying Plans A-Y Plankton is told by his computer wife (don't ask) that the alphabet ends with Z and he realizes that he has not tried Plan Z (I won't ruin it but it is brilliant).

Plan Z turns out to be Plankton's best one yet but in the end Spongebob comes and saves the day and Mr. Krabs for that matter, though the way he does it really hurts the movie as a whole in my opinion.

Corny jokes, bad puns and everything else you'd expect from the Sponge and his under water buddies are all in this movie. Don't expect this film to be up there with Pixar or Dreamworks cartoons or even the hand drawn animation of Disney or Warner Brothers. This is a solid effort and very entertaining. 8 Krabby Patties out of 10.

Ray (2004/I)
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Ray Charles: Only Human, 1 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This may be one of the 5 best movies I have ever seen in my 22 years on this Earth. I am a huge fan of Ray Charles but knew very little of his life other than his music.

This movie shows the life of Ray Charles as it was. Ray watched his brother die, then became blind from disease as he got older, found success at a price, was addicted to drugs, disrespectful to his friends, and an adulterer, but as this movie shows Ray was only human.

Knowing little of Ray's personal life, I was upset to learn of his drug addiction and his cheating ways As the success came for Ray so did the trouble. He became a heroin addict and was very hostile to his friends and co-workers who stood by his side throughout his career. Despite being loved by his adoring wife Ray still had a wandering eye, or hands as the case may be, while on the road, and even had a child with one of the Rayvettes. But any respect I lost for the man was regained when I heard that he had overcome his addiction to heroin and was sober of it until the day he passed away.

Jamie Foxx, whom I am not a fan of, gives an Oscar winning caliber performance, getting down the mannerisms and voice of Ray Charles that makes you think it really is Ray. I even enjoyed the cinematography which I rarely care about when watching a movie.

So great acting (by the whole cast not just Foxx), directing and cinematography make this one of the best movies ever. 10/10 A must see.

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A Little Slice of Heaven, 21 January 2005

Chris Hughes (Brandon Davis), a high school nobody looking for an identity other than loser, paperboy, and high school newspaper writer, becomes the owner of Heaven magazine, an adult magazine along the lines of Playboy, at the age of 18. Chris lusts after the high school hottie Brittany Van Horn (Marne Patterson) whom he has no chance with until he inherits Heaven magazine when his parents pass away.

Chris lets money and power get to his head and begins treating his friends back home like dirt. Over his few days back in high school after becoming the owner of Heaven he loses his friends and the one girl who actually gave a damn about him, Kate Reeves (the beautiful and funny Christine Lakin)who is the editor of the school newspaper.

Chris also slacks on his responsibilities to Heaven magazine and nearly loses his friends money and magazine to his Unlce Duncan and family lawyer Mike Hunt. Thanks to the quick thinking of his friends, Kate and Elissa (Ali Landry) Heaven's latest cover girl. Chirs is able to keep control of the company.

Great performance by the beautiful Christine Lakin who shows she can deliver comedy, as she did in Step-By-Step. 8/10

Garfield (2004)
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Should Have Stuck With the Cartoon Version, 20 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Spoilers Within*

So Hollywood decided to make a live action version of the fat cat, Garfield, what a mistake. Breckin Meyer plays the depressing, can't get a date John, Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Garfield's sexy veterinarian, Liz, Bill Murray provides the voice of a CGI Garfield, and Odie is played by a live dog.

This is not the Garfield that we grew up reading in the comics, watching in the holiday TV specials, or even on the Saturday morning cartoon show. While kids will probably really enjoy this movie adults will yearn for the animated version Garfield. This movie provides a couple of laughs but it is nothing special. Even worse than Bill Murray as Garfield, he just didn't cut it, is the fact that they change the history of Garfield. Breckin, who I believe could pull off the role of John, doesn't play the role right. John is suppose to be this sad sack of a man who can't get a date and when he does he screws it up, is depressed and depressing, and just a lovable loser. Not so in this. John seems to happy in this movie and gets a date with Garfield's vet, whom he has had a crush on since high school, after she asks him out. She also gives him Odie because she doesn't think its right for him to be kept in a cage at the vet all day. They make it seem like this is suppose to happen before the comic strip but it just made me sit there and go 'give me a break.'

The best part in the whole story is that Garfield, who hates Odie early on, learns to love and miss the pooch after he has gone missing, aaawwww. I wish though that they had Odie as his dumb lovable self, but they don't. Even Nermal isn't done right. Nermal is suppose to be this small cute, adorable cat with a high pitched voice who Garfield keeps sending or trying to send to Abu Dabi, not here though.

Scooby Doo was done correctly in Hollywood's attempt at a live action version, Garfield, was not. Maybe it would have been better had they done the movie more like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, with half live action and half animation, but it definitely would have been better had they stuck to the Garfield we all grew up watching and enjoying.


And the DVD needed Bonus Features.

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My First Slice of Pie, 17 October 2004

Well Amercian Pie will probably be remembered as the best teen movie of the 90's. This movie introduced the world to Jason Biggs (Jim), Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia, the foreign exchange student), Sean William Scott (Stifler), and Eugene Levy (Jim's Dad).

Eugene Levy is the dad that every son wished he had. Eugene steals every scene he is in and is just so lovable. Jim(Biggs) is like just about every teenage boy, he just wants to get laid, but some of the things he does are unlike every teenage boy, I won't spoil it for those of you that haven't seen it but it's extreme. Stiffler is the instigator of everything and as guys know there's one Stifler in every group of friends. Nadia is the hot foreign exchange student who Jim wants and she is willing to let Jim have her..but is Jim up to the task? At one point they are in a situation, that every teenage boy has imagined himself being in, in Jim's room.

This movie is hilarious and goes to extremes for laughs. John Cho also makes himself known in this film as one of the MILF guys. American Pie is one of the greatest teen comedies ever made.

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