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Frailty (2001)
You have to see it for yourself..., 24 April 2002

I read a lot of the comments listed here and found many completely contrary to my own thoughts - so I felt I'd better add to the mayhem. Some have negatively implied (or said straight out) that FRAILTY suffers an identity crisis, but I found this to be the STRONGEST part of the movie. It is very much different from anything I have ever seen before - and although predictable at times - is very refreshing throughout. It concentrates on the 3 family members more than the horrible acts performed. It does not 'glorify' death and killing like so many horrible serial killer movies. It tells the story of a family - a family that makes you shake your head many times during the film.

There are moments when you laugh at the scene/actor(s)/dialogue. Some have said these moments were 'unintentional' and therefore detracted from the quality of the movie. I'd have to disagree here as we are watching this story unfold as an 'observer'. Most of what is said is SUPPOSED to seem ridiculous to us, as unbelieving viewers - much like the way we all laughed at that lady that announced aliens would land during the past Winter Olympics. "She's nuts!" we all thought.

FRAILTY is not THE SIXTH SENSE, it is not one of the top 10 suspense/horror movies of all time, but it IS very good and very fresh. Like any movie, some will despise the very things that others love the most about it. The only way to know for sure, is to see it for yourself.


Driven (2001)
If you're deaf you might not mind..., 13 March 2002

Worst soundtrack ever. At moments where the music should have been *moving* you, exciting you, getting you into the driving - it instead bored you to death. Ballads were played several times when there should have been something so much harder/faster. I usually don't notice the music in movies that much because they just *flow* with the scenes and are a part of the over all mood. Several times in this movie my wife and I turned to each other to exclaim, "What a terrible song - I can't believe they are playing this right now."