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The best crime/thriller I've seen in years., 18 June 2005

This series had me hooked from start. Its really dark and beautifully filmed. Usually I don't like Swedish crime series that much. (Like Beck) I often find them silly, and the acting too theatrical. This series is different. The acting is excellent. I saw the first episode by mistake, when i was flipping among the channels. I just couldn't stop watching it, because i had no idea what it was about, and the way they introduced the different characters, i was never sure whether they were good or bad or whatever. It had the feel of a slow paced horror movie or something like that. I especially liked the creepy family living in the cottage nearby the grave. Really wonderfully weird characters.

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Highly recommended, 4 January 2004

I really recommend this series! It was a long time since a series really made me make certain i was home for every viewing for 12 episodes. It's very good, and had me hooked at once from start. The acting is excellent, and the story that unfolds really unpredicting!

Hope it will be released on dvd

Pile of garbage., 24 September 2002

This movie is a pile of garbage. Dont get me wrong i like splatter, but hey, I would be nice with some kind of plot. And dialog. The guy who wrote the script should start doing something else. Why the hell does talentless people waste their and my time by producing something as s***ty as this ? The dialog is boring, and free from logic. And the characters ? The last half-hour in the building you get introduced to a lot of characters who just isn't needed. The effects and the camera were ok, all actors sucked bad. I'll give this 3/10