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"Miranda" (2009)
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Excellent comedy, 4 August 2010

To tell you the truth, there are not many female comedians that can make me laugh. This is not a sexist opinion, it is just not my type of humor. But I can gladly make an exception for this Miranda Hart-show. Okay, sometimes it is a bit over the top, on a few occasions it is slightly tedious and worn out, but in general this is a very funny and intelligently written situation comedy. I love it when Miranda talks or gestures to the audience, I love the absurd thoughts that go through her head and I love all the characters that surround her, especially Patricia Hodge as Miranda's mother. Of course Hart is a brilliant actress (see also: Not going out) and her self-mockery leaves me in stitches. Although I must confess that I do not look out for a second series, except when there would be an acceptable twist in the concept. There's always the danger that it's going to be dragged out and that we will have seen it all before. But this first series still stands after a second view and it should definitely be in my DVD-collection. Miranda rules!

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I could not be bothered, 26 September 2009

Leonard Rossiter WAS Reginald Perrin and nothing or no-one can change that, not even the great Martin Clunes. When I found out that they were showing a remake of the series, I certainly was curious, but after a few episodes I did not feel the need to watch it any further, although I took a glimpse at the final show (which could not change my opinion). The problem is (as it has been stated by others) that it is just not funny enough and that some of the characters are tedious or irrelevant. For instance Perrin's nerdy assistants. They were a waste of time and effort. And also Fay Ripley's character was not very well developed. Reggie Perrin's fantasies were actually the only things that made me laugh out loud. And that's only 5 % on the whole, isn't it? This comedy show had no drive, no punch and hardly any amusement, although the actors tried to make it work. I certainly hope that there won't be a second series. And instead of remaking a classic success, producers and writers should focus on new ideas. "Reggie Perrin" will not be in my DVD-collection.

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Outstanding comedy, 19 September 2007

I cannot believe that, according to Martin Freeman himself, no one has seen this brilliant comedy show and that therefore there won't be a second series. At least that's what I've read in an interview. "The Robinsons" is a cleverly written, very funny and well acted look into the life of a slightly frustrated regular guy in his thirties. How he deals with his job, his love life and his relatives. Doesn't sound impressive, does it? But it actually IS. It's so recognizable and sometimes amazingly to the point, that I thought it was about me... Every character in this family is at the same time lovable and ridiculous and it is impossible to choose a favorite one. Maybe it's for the better that there will be no follow up, so they can't mellow it down. As a 6-part comedy it stands out, so much better than the usual sitcoms I have to sit through.