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Movies I seen this year that came out this year ,last year or older for the first time.Some I would recommend and some I would not.
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Celebrities that seem/seemed cool.
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Worst parody films.
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My Favorite actors of all time.
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The top females actresses that I think are attractive.Not in order!
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Same as title
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Movies I liked from 2010 and 2011.......and more coming soon
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My favorites
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Movies that are a must see and just want to see.
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Not in order.And the films that made them my favorite.
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In my opinion!!!
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Some movies I want to see this year or movies from last year.pending.....
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a list of 9 people
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People that I would've like to meet or met when they was alive.If people who are my favorite singers or who act or just famous.
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Movies I like watch that are Christmas movies.