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This is a 3 hankie tear-jerker.
29 April 2004
I think this is the saddest film ever made. The story follows the growth of an immigrant family from just Mom & Dad to a house full of children. Then tragedy strikes and we see the family start to shrink. First by death by disease the parents, then by having the oldest give away his brothers and sisters. This film has what most modern Hollywood films lack - characters that you care dearly about. You will care enough about this family by the end, as if it were your own. I was 10 when this film was released, and had just lost my Mom. The film really hits home - as Buddha said: every family has a tragedy.

I hope it is released in VHS or DVD sometime in the future.
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Biker Dreams (1998)
Part Romance, Part Roadtrip & All Adventure
21 March 2004
The road beckons to South Dakota, and the people speak for themselves, from the hip. Funny thing is, even when ideologies conflict, nearly everyone cites the people they have met through motorcycling as one of its great attractions. Meet Martin and his girlfriend Alex as they set out for their first long motorcycle trip together. Interspersed with their own personal exploration of the whole biker phenomenon are candid moments with a sampling of the many, many others with whom they might be rubbing shoulders, including `Liddo' Jim, a tattooed, bearded one-percenter. Some of Liddo's fascinating story aims straight for our sensibilities. And, yet, he speaks with a sincerity that has been tempered by both his trials and achievements. As one woman says, `Downtown Sturgis is the epitome of Biker Heaven. There's always a prettier woman, an uglier woman, a bigger guy, a skinnier guy-more patches, different paint jobs.' Her observations run more than skin-deep. Note: this video contains adult content.
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