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These films are not meant for everybody. Maybe not even for most of people. These films deal with real life subjects but in such a weird way that they won't live beyind becoming obscure cult films.

Some are actually good films, others are terrible pieces of crap. It depends on who's watching them.

I'll add more films in time.
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These are sci-fi films that are not always as realistic as they could be, maybe even flawed in some details, but attepted to show real life issues using outstanding sci-fi allegories.

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These films and TV series deal with the real-life situation of bad fathers.

Sometimes, a father does not do his job to his children because he was a bad man to begin with. Other times it's because he did not prepared to be a proper parent beforehand. In some cases, he entrusted others to raise his children, abandoning them. There's the ones that are always in front of their children but never really raise them.

This list is about this character-driven plots (or, in some cases, sub-plots).
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These are films that deal with extreme themes, but still have some artistic value. Young filmmakers often take the violent and/or sexual thematics as their foundation, but forget that a good direction does not depend at all on those elements, but still, when they are masterfully used, something good can actually come from them.

Many of this films depict graphic violence and/or sexual content, therefore I wouldn't recomment most people to watch them without the proper criteria.

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Most of this films are unavalible to the public for whatever reason. The reason for many of them is that they were never finished but, refusing to die, still pop up in IMDB. Others are just private films or have legal issues that won't let them touch the silver screen.

Whatever the reason, I laugh at many of them, since they could be the masterpieces of an alternate universe, cult films in a stranger region of our multiverse or just normal movies that otherwise would not have been relevant and forgotten in time.

Please, enjoy.

List created at April, 2012.
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These are movies that don't deserve to exist. They are blasphemous to the filmmaking art.