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Airplane! (1980)
Slapstick humor at its best, 10 March 2002

The Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker comedy team makes an incredibly funny movie in Airplane! Personally, I had no intention on seeing this movie until a friend of mine insisted I borrow it and watch it. How wrong was I when I found this movie to be a comedic gem. Slapstick humor, bad puns and hilarious one-liners are thrown in constantly, while the movie holds enough of a plot to keep someone interested for more than 15 minutes. Overall the acting is good, with Leslie Nielson delivering one of the best performances of his career. Clearly this movie is worth seeing if you're looking for a quick laugh.

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Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker strikes again!, 9 March 2002

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is very rare that I laugh more than 5 or 6 times at a movie, but this one managed to surpass that by at least threefold. Top Secret! kept the jokes rolling, the puns flying, and the slapstick humor and visual gags coming. While overall there were no big names, except for Val Kilmer in the leading role, all of the cast members pulled through in a big way, making this movie shine. The lack of plot didn't detract from the humor in the least; in fact, it merely strengthened its ability to be that funny. Clearly, Top Secret! is well worth going out to your local movie shop and renting it. Oh, one last note: Sorry kiddies, no flashing in this movie.

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Funny, funny stuff., 9 March 2002

Oh wow. One cannot go on long enough about this movie. I was forced to see this at my school as part of their horrid sex ed program, and I am glad that they imposed this on us. Simply one of the funniest movies ever. All of the acting is either really bad or just really funny. Not only do the actors talk about "sexual education," but they manage to make it hilarious. You must go find this movie and watch it, as this movie has provided years of endless discussion and laughter amongst my friends. If you love this one, find it's pair: "Dear Diary: A Movie about Female Puberty."

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Ah...preteen humor., 9 March 2002

Almost as funny as it's counterpart "Am I Normal? A Film About Male Puberty." This one follows around a young girl during her troubled preteen days. Well, again, I was forced to watch this in sex ed at my school. Again, I'm glad they made us, though this isn't quite as funny as it's counterpart. Maybe it's because there is just less to laugh at when it comes to girls and puberty. Maybe the acting is just getting, dare I say it, better. Maybe they were trying to be funny in the other film. Whatever the reason, it's still worth finding and watching. This poor attempt at educating teenagers about puberty is just so hilarious to watch, you have to go get it now and see it.