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How far could you get away from the source material?, 14 December 2014

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if the director of 50 shades of gray take as many liberties with the source material (book) as director Ridley Scott did with exodus, women everywhere would burn theaters down. This movie had excellent visuals, and the integration of CGI was welcomed and not too too overbearing... But that's where the praise ends.

1) the basis of this movie is supposed to be from Exodus (hence the name) in the bible. Was there not a single bible believing person to oversee the script? Much like how there is a weapons expert, martial arts, military personnel, or scientist for other movies to maintain authenticity, this one had none. Completely blatant liberties taken that make me wonder where they writing fine script from memory from when they were a kid?

2) Casting. As you've heard, there were many people boycotting this film because of the fact that Egypt is in North Africa and not a small village in Greenwich England. The British accents, I mean Australian accent, I mean American... You get the point. The cast was horrendous. It made me feel like I was watching marina, troy, or some other tale. Problem is... Marina was closer to the books than this is to the bible.

3)God. The beauty of the bible for those who don't understand is that God does what he does out of his love for us. Not out of some form of a grudge and spite. In this movie, Ridley Scott made the British accented boy a bit of a huge prick. He seemed to be doing everything out of wrath and to upstage Moses instead of to show he is supreme and free his chosen people.

I struggle to understand how a movie such as this could be so far from the truth when it's produced by an industry full of people that is from this lineage. It would be like a group of NBA players ruining a basketball scene in a movie. Regardless to ho you feel about Mel Gibson, he would have done a much more accurate job of capturing the essence and telling the story.. If this movie was just called Gods and Kings, I would have graded it higher, but when it's supposed to be based on the bible, it has to hold up. They would have NEVER have taken this amount of liberties with Twilight, Hunger Games, or thirty potter... Why whenever it comes to the bible do they feel the need to?

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Much better than the previews suggest, 5 February 2013

I went into the Houston premier of Identity Thief with modest expectations. The movie is more-so about the road trip of the straight and Honest Sandy alongside the Cunning, throat punching Diana. The premise is a recycled one, but is done in a fresh way. While watching, you don't get the "I've seen this before" feeling while watching it. There are plenty of laughs delivered by the hilarious two leading characters. The supporting characters actually are the only disappointments. They seem quite dry with their dialog being rushed and less integral to the humor of the movie. They are more side notes to keep the story rolling, but they do not slow the movie down.

The movie is a good time out and not a waste of money if you paid for tickets. It doesn't break the mold, but it does stand up as a movie you will enjoy and actually leave out of the theater talking about!