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In order from best to worst in my opinion.
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These are, in order from best to worst, the movies I've seen in 2013 thus far.
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As an aspiring film-maker myself, I love to see great films. One's that I can take notes from and learn new ideas. Whether it's through the acting, the direction, the writing or the cinematography, all the films in this list have inspired me in someway and I love each and every one of them.

All the films on this list are rated from 9.3/10 - 10/10 and are listed in order. I know I do tend to over-rate movies slightly but that's just me :)

I'm only 16 and only just started watching more serious films. I didn't include any animations because I love a lot of them and couldn't put them in order.

I will update this list when I feel I need to put in another movie which will result in the current no.100 being removed.
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I tend to over-rate movies just a little bit more than others but I really don't care :)