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extreme(ly bad) movie: thoughts from an international viewer, 15 March 2009

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i live in Ireland and had been looking forward seeing this for up to a year. i thought it was a so called "movie" movie but it wasn't so i kept looking into it and thought it would be funny and entertaining

and then when watching it recently i was excited and then watching it i was shocked by its stupidity

boring jokes, unfunny views and Andy Milonokas. it was crap

i loved (most of) the cast and thought they would make it, not even funny per se but entertaining.

the only good bits were with Matthew Lillard

i would not recommend this film to anyone with as brain or pulse and it was a waist of 75 minutes and 29 seconds of mi life

1*/10*: unbelievably poor

Uh oh , this slice of pie is past its use by date, 20 March 2008

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I personally am a huge fan PIE series and i was really looking forward to seeing this (as i love Stifler's brother in the 1st two) so the Day it came out i rushed to my local video store and bought it. i invited a few friends to watch it too, so we all sit down at about 9.30 and watched it . Our reaction, appalled. and i was real annoyed. My friend straight away said "that sucked worse than cannonball run 2" .

so in a whats wrong with it in a nutshell 1. Crappy plot 2. Seemed like a rushed effort 3. Annoying main character 4. Boring ending (and unoriginal if i may say) 5. Ultimately stupid.

this film would be nothing without the effort of actress Arielle Kebbel.

so if you enjoy a good slice of pie, beware you could get food poisoning 1/10 (i cant give it any lower)

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I really underestimated this show, 27 January 2008

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I was Watchin the suite life of Zack and Cody with two of my friends and we all said this show would suck as much as daddy day camp. So about three weeks later there was nothing on TV so i put this on (the episode with Dustin's first kiss) and it was actually hilarious

then i started to ape every episode that was on and i love every one there is.

i could not stop laughing this show is great,the best Disney channel show ever

so short and sweet this show is great


Stardust (2007)
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best film of 07, 23 October 2007

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a brilliant example of great film making the book is a great read and this definitely lives up to the expectations.

the casting is great and is completely perfect Robert De Niro had a great role in an unusual take to what he usually is casted as (hint hint).

it was a magnificent take on fairy tales and fantasy alike and a new rise of actors who i never heard of before took to the rising.

i'm harsh when it comes to rating films but this movie would most definitely be my third favorite film (aside from green street and tenacious d in the pick of destiny).

anyway bravo 10/10