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A list of a lot of favorite actors and actresses who have unfortunately past away but they still deserve be with us.
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Everyone knows THE CROW was one of the biggest films of the 90's and many people have often suggested that a female lead for a sequel would've been a great idea. Although the leads for the sequels were all male and pretty soon we'll be treated to a pointless remake that will no doubt be a waste of a good 90+ minutes. These are the top 10 actresses I would consider for the lead role in an original story idea. Let me know what you think about the choices.
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I've recently taken up writing fiction and have often thought to myself if I were in the position to write movie scripts which actors and actresses would I like to write a few parts for and a few came to mind. Although four of these people are no longer with us I still would've enjoyed the honor.
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This is a list of foreign films outside of America that have either made waves or was excellent but just not that well known and they are in no particular order
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Recently my friends wanted to have an all night horror movie fest at their house and told me I was in charge of the selection and even though this is a big list we would naturally not be able to watch them all, these are films I would have in mind for a night of horror movies. Feel free to comment and tell me if you like it or not and which titles I should take out and also feel free to recommend what you think would be better. These films are in no real order.
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This is a list featuring movies with almost identical titles, there's a whole bunch of them and oddly enough a lot of them are watchable.
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These are action movies in my collection that I found really enjoyable despite the fact that some of them have not so good acting and silly scripts, they are really fun to watch if you take them as they are.
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This is a list of all the good serial killer movies in no particular order.
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This is a list of movies featuring mainly Cyborgs or killer robots and other forms of technology gone haywire, these are films I can remember from my childhood up until now, these films are in no particular order.
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This list contains various super hero movies in my collection and a few I'm looking forward to get but they're not all based on comic books, you'll find a few unknown titles in between that I've put in the same genre so to speak. These films are not in any particular order.
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My definition of a "Demented Porno" is films that are mostly referred to as exploitation films but these particular films are not of the good variety, they are just a senseless display of sex, gore and torture.

In other words they are Sex Porn, Gore Porn and Torture Porn packed into a single 90 plus minute film and nothing more.

Here are 10 of them.
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Recently we've all had the pleasure of enduring those SyFy channel monster movies which are in fact so bad, you gotta love them for it.

Here's a list of those that stand out.
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A list of some of the most violent and disturbing films made from 1999 to 2010 that have shocked people and kept them on their tows and some of them have even given grown men nightmares.
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When people discuss horror movies they tend to bring up the big names like SAW, HOSTEL or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, other people get tired of hearing these names because they've gotten old but they are not the only good horror films out there, here is my top 20 list of good horror movies that get overlooked.