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Sexy Beast (2000)
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only a few scenes, 14 February 2003

In brief, I was very disappointed by this film. Remembering that Ben Kingley was nominated for his role, I picked it up at the library. In general, the plot, the characters, the action was just plain boring. I was not entertained. HOWEVER, just before I would reach for the EJECT button, a certain camera movement or voice over would get my attention. For example near the end, the main character gets out of a car, and it was an awesome shot. Unfortunately the style moments, were just that... a moment.

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80's screwball, 24 January 2003

I saw Nuns on the Run for the first time this past week. It reminded me of a simplier time, where there were fart jokes, and shower scenes, and men in drag jokes. The movie was on the edge without falling into a pit of being vulgar. Was it the greatest movie ever? , perhaps not, but it was goofy and entertaining.

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It is boogie nights meets best in show, 9 July 2002

This movie was very funny! It was full of witty and memorable lines. It was crude and rude but never was I offended. The only criticism would be they showed only one time a On the Set Scene. It got very slow in the middle when they had trouble with the bank for an hour. But by all means, the titles and cuts from the movies are worth watching this great movie. I hope this movie will be a cult classic someday soon.

What is the point?, 11 March 2002

When I watched this movie I kept asking, what is the point? I do not care about any of the characters, it is obvious who killed who, who was sleeping with who, and what the final result would be. It seems like lately, movies have just outstanding casts, and perhaps a great director but the plot and purpose just lack so much. From these words, you probably think I didn't like the movie. It was fine, I enjoyed some moments and liked some characters in the film. Perhaps why I was so disappointed, is that this film is suppose to be one of the top films of the year. And frankly it lacked a lot.