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Want a copy, 9 August 2007

I desperately want a copy of "Why Would I Lie" Used to have one on VHS but the machine ate it. This was a movie the entire family still talks about. I have searched and searched for years. This is the first time I just typed in the title on browser and got some sites to check out. I'm hoping someone can tell me how in the world we can purchase a copy. It just has to exist somewhere. My family truly feels this was the best movie Treat ever made, well he's done some really good movies, but this one remains our favorite. Please let me know if anyway can come up with a way to get our hands on a copy Thank you. I have already tried through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Borders. Even have looked through Netflix. Maybe someone can tell me the maker of the movie. If I remember right it was a made for TV film, but was it Hallmark??? Simply too long ago for me to remember. Would love to have my grandchildren see it a start a whole nother generation saying "why would I lie about a thing like that?" Just part of the normal conversation in our house. Hopefully whoever produced this one will continue to come up with more great family films