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These are all of what I've collected over the years (and still have). Not all are great, some are pretty cheesy. A few that I got were ones I remembered as a kid and they stuck with me, regardless of how good or bad! I'm not afraid of trying out new and unheard of stories (to me at least) so once in a while I naturally hit a stinker, but then again there are jewels to be found also. Of course newer movies are added occasionally so the newer ones will of course be at the end. I'm focusing more on Indie films lately and 80's flicks.
And if ya feel you have to leave a nasty comment like a few others have done, please feel free to not. Thanks.
(12/14/2016) .... If you see doubles of movies here there is nothing I can do about them. I have tried to edit them out but they just won't go away. Go figure.