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The best I've seen from Luc Besson, 23 July 2017

It's the first time I've seen Besson amazing visual ability matched up with a decent story. It's the first time the story had real sense of humor, not just a few lame jokes here and there. And to top it all his pseudo philosophical babbling, was almost kept in check. So we got his signature strong woman character, with a nice male partner. We got a very convincing villain, played superbly by Clive Owen. And some very decent performances from the supporting cast. I really couldn't ask for more.

And to tell you the truth I was expecting only the visuals, and almost waiting for the story to stop making sense. It does call for some literary suspension of judgment - but all true science fiction and comics do. The plot line is a bit convoluted but nothing you couldn't follow if you pay attention. And for Luc Besson who usually regards the story as an unnecessary burden, this is a real achievement. The only one that came close to this one in his past was Leon.

I'm always happy for this sort of a surprise, may this be the sign of things to come.

Not just funny, charming and clever too, 21 July 2017

I didn't see any of the earlier films of Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel, and the two cooperate well over 20 years.Though the two moved into directing their movies more recently. So All I can say about this film will be based on what I saw in it, as is. It's obviously very funny, you won't find many that will disagree with it being charming too. It's sense of humor is goofy and very physical, and the two work very well together, just watch their dance scene and you can see how well they move with one another. No wonder that dancing seems to be an integral part of many of their movies. What I wish to point here is that this hilarious physical humor is clever too. Not only because making it all work demands very careful and clever writing. This sort of physical humor has to be very precise, and it must also seem to flow naturally, which calls for the highest level of coordination. But this movie also communicates with the past of its own stars. Just like the dance of Fiona and Dom refers too their previous movies, so for instance is Pierre Richard, as Norman during his own dance routine with the superb Emmanuelle Riva, loses one black shoe - the reference to his biggest role doesn't need any more details.

On top of all that, it's also important to mention that this is an ensemble of actors all working together in perfect coordination, and this is too something to behold.

In the shadow of Clotilde Courau, 20 July 2017

There's one reason to see this film - an amazing performance of Clotilde Courau. The rest of the film is paled in comparison. The story itself has nothing special to offer. Philippe Garrel's direction is very professional but offers very little character. His special requirement of single take for every scene seems to have inspired the extraordinary performance of Clotilde Courau, so he does deserve credit for it, but nothing else stands out here. And I did find his use of narration, point less and annoying. All other aspects of the film are professional too but falling out flat.

On the other hand, it's worth seeing if only for the superlative performance of Clotilde Courau, which I already mentioned.

One last point, has to do with the name of the movie. In French it's called L'ombre des Femmes, which translates simply as The Shadow of Women. It's a very small difference from In the Shadow of Women, but it's an unnacessary difference that shouldn't have been there.

Ga'agua (2017)
Too convoluted for its own good, 20 July 2017

Savi Gabizon presents us with a unique take on parenthood, on love, on mourning and on a few other very mundane issues. He gets superb performance from Shai Avivi, and Assi Levy, isn't falling long behind him. (and even that is simply due to a shorter amount of screen time). In fact every aspect of this film is of the highest quality, but it seems to me that Gabizon simply fell in love with his own unique twists and turns and even after he made all his points and told us all he had to tell, the movie drags on for 10 extra minutes or so. And than eventually ends exactly where we knew it'll end.

So instead of fresh and unique view on all the issues I counted at the beginning, we're left with a "soap opera" and not in a good way. It was so close to being a perfect 10, and ended being an 8/10 - simple waste.

So it does refer to Bonuel's masterpiece, but it doesn't really say anything worth while, 20 July 2017

This film, does raise an interesting question, about identity, relationships and trust. It does refer to Luis Bonuel's Movie That Descret Object of Desire. But at the bottom line it doesn't say anything new. Anything worth seeing the movie for. In fact after raising the question, Sang-Soo Hong, the film's director seems to have run out of steam and the ending is simply patched up and forced. As if he couldn't really solve the riddle he laid in his movie, so he settled for the first lame idea he could come up with.

It's well acted and professionally directed, but the ending is leaving the whole experience with a bad after taste of a half baked cake.

A Straight forward biography we should all see and learn from, 18 July 2017

No trick photography, no special gimmicks. Nothing out of the ordinary is needed when the life story we're presented with is so unique. The Hedy Lamarr story is way more than a biography of an old timer who used to be a Hollywood star. It's more than the story of "the most beautiful woman in the world" whose talents well exceeded her beauty.

It's a story of our failings as a society when faced with whatever defied the conventions we live by. And the tragedy of those that wouldn't fit under the labels we like to stick on whoever crosses our path. To put it in a single sentence it's a story most of us know nothing about but all of us should. If you do get the chance just go see it.

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A compelling story ruined by over pretentious directing, 17 July 2017

The Cary Grant/Archibald Leach story is a treasure trove almost impossible to fail at. In fact it's such a compelling story that despite the failings of the director one does stay through to the end watching this tale. And personally I don't have a problem with missing bits of the story like other reviewers do or with the somber tone of the story. The somber tone, is an integral part of Cary's life, and as long as the director tells the story I think he does have the right to omit parts that don't fit into the story he wishes to tell.

On the other hand I did find his pretentiousness very annoying. Having such a wonderful source material the director Mark Kidel had to show how he entered Cary Grant's mind and deciphered his innermost secrets. So he keeps on showing us scenes from Grant's therapeutic sessions with LSD pretending he knows what Grant saw there. It's groundless, pretentious and completely unnecessary for the story itself. But it's being repeated over and over again, and I found it to be detrimental to the movie

1945 (2017)
A western without heroes, 17 July 2017

It's a brilliant story of guilt and buried secrets coming to the fore. Using the aesthetics of a western with direct borrowing from High Noon and from Sergio Leone, especially the waiting for the train scene in Once Upon a Time in the West. But in this case its used to point the complete absence of any real hero from the story. The most heroic act performed by any character in this movie is going away.

This story is a story about all consuming guilt, about petty jealousies and how sin is its own punishment. But above all it's a story of how the war doesn't end when it ends. And it's done with a very competent hand and deep understanding of cinematic media. A very good ensemble of actors, amazing cinematography, great story and superlative directing.

Holy Air (2017)
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About the traffic jam of middle eastern life, 16 July 2017

This is the 2nd feature film Shady Srour directs and stars in. I didn't see his first, but the 2nd does show a very confident film maker, who understands his subject matter very well and knows how to make the camera tell a story. The actors also do their share. in a very Israeli story, told from the Arab point of view. It does spread a bit too widely for its own good, but all together it's worth a viewing, if only for the good use of cinematic language. It's not getting the credit it should get in modern film making.

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Same old story, same old characters, same old fun, 7 July 2017

If you're looking for something brand new and original, this is not the place for you. But personally, I don't rate originality so very high. What you'll find here, is just as my title said: some new variations on the same old story with the same old plot twists and the same old characters. Obviously, the villains have been replaced by new villains, which look like the same old villains. But it's like a great symphony, you can hear it over and over again without being bored, as long as the performance is good.

Well the performance is superb. Once again it's slapstick of the highest quality, with just enough wit to tickle our brain. Once again it's a story about the triumph of family and family love over anything trying to separate its members. Yes it's sugarcoated, but the constant appeal to our laughing bone makes the whole thing edible, and as I already said, fun to eat, (and watch).

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