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Cut (2010/I)
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Cut it completely even the trailer, 13 March 2010

Awful.... are you kidding. I am ashamed that I have to give this piece of sick crap 1 out of 10 it doesn't even deserve 1 out of 1000. Please don't even think about seeing its trailer . I can say one thing that the person who directed this movie must be traveling by locals.

The movie is about some people please excuse me for calling them that are asked to run haywire running inside a shanty house as some clowns (perhaps the director and producers) are there to kill them, it is also about trying to close and open doors. Height is when one of the friend first check if the door is closed and then in the next moment opens it to allow the clown faced creature if you can call it to enter .This is just one example of how bad the script is unfortunately for the viewer the movie is also directed by the same person.

The good thing about the movie is that you don't have to worry to understand the dialogues or for that matter what is going on in the movie.

I must congratulate the actor for having the courage to work in this movie I feel sorry for them. But wait if you are thick skinned like me then the torture is not yet over for you the last 15 mins is going to rip you off , trust me IMDb censor those words which I want to use here to let you know about the climax of the movie.

Last but not the least I request the industry to cut people associated with this movie else ....

June Cabin (2007)
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Mule Cabin, 7 November 2007

I don't know where to start I am wanted for words to my feelings about something as silly , baseless,tasteless, pointless and above all useless piece of crap. As my friend said earlier that he was at wit end to find out what is happening, hold it even the director I should rather say "mis director" if any has no idea what a artistic movie he made.

Through out you will have the feeling that the director wants to shoot or show a dining scene but ends up in "loo".

Any one who visited a circus or a zoo for monkey play will find this a direct lift not just plot but even the actors and their leader director are look a close cousin.

But this movie delivers proudly in at least one area it helps you to remove dependence on sleeping pill. But nothing comes free in this world so *** BEWARE of the Hangover and over***

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Movie for the people in Asylum and by the people in asylum., 8 October 2007

This movie sucks it is one of the best example of producing a movie without a good script and screenplay.

I waited for the sequence so long because horror movies based on Asylum or hospital are my favourites. The movies fails in all areas , I can give it some points on gore which is again below average but only plus. The movie has no creepiness . no reasoning , no thrill , there is no continuity in scene , illogical dialogues, unnecessary character,useless background score.

The actors have done their jobs well but a weak script (I am not sure if there was/ is any) failed them. They don't have much to do except being killed.

THe direction looks as if it is done by an in house patient of the asylum.

God once this haunting ends after two hours you will be happy to escape than the characters of the movie. You will have one thought

"Aw fool "

Please stop these guys to make sequel to this.

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Rating - NFH(Not for Human) Even God is dreadful of this Ghost Rider, 24 September 2007

This movie puts even awful to shame.How scary ??? Today I am fearful of watching a movie.

Being a horror and thriller fame I watched almost every one but nothing surpass this out of world Oh sorry out of mind rotten and decaying piece of utter disgusting nonsense motley of similar people (Sorry for becoming emotional).

What adds to this crappy ride is Cage choice is he alright ??

I think he along with the crew want their names in history of the movies production. AND Kudos they did it as their name will be written in BOLD and BLACK letters for giving us such a all time worst movie. I prefer being nuked rather than the agony of around one and half hour decay.

Holy God!!!!

Transmorphers (2007) (V)
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CRIFI Genre AWFUuuuuuuu.............L, 27 August 2007


No dear are you kidding C will be an insult to alphabets , anything beyond Z will do some justice at least ,

Oh GOD Why me ?????? this piece of utter trash acting ??

even Mickey Mouse is a better .Beware this is right from hell . Why these people allowed to make such craps they need to be transported or else they will trans morph SCIFI to CRYFI.

(Emphasis added thru out)

Is there any sort of trauma facility operated for the people who are transformed into .... and wish to ..... do ......

God Help those who watched the movie and please stop these junks to make a sequel.

Dark Fields (2006) (V)
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Dumb, waste, Awlful. pathetic, senseless,insane,useless - a horror for the audience., 6 August 2007

What a hell. Nothing can be worst than watching this movie.I never knew that these creatures from hell who made this movie roams the earth. I think they are thrown out of hell by God after seeing this movie. A donkey can make a better movie.

Awlfully made. pathetic, senseless,insane,useless - a horror for the audience.

Some correction is required

Beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing about this movie is it forced me to register with IMDb , this is my first review comment in life