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Positive, 4 August 2007

Another "must have" film. Henry Brandon is a favorite! I was so surprised when I learned years ago that he was from Germany because he sounds & looks so typically American! And wasn't he great in "The Searchers" as Chief Scar??!! Another of my favorites, I have it & watch it over & again. Now if I could add this one to my collection, it would make my day! This is a great wildlife story & film for all ages. The scenery is so absolutely beautiful & the plight of the endangered snow leopards is told with such great emotion it will spark the interest in endangered species in anyone, especially children. If I could I would give a copy to all of my grands & great grands!

Staircase (1969)
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Positive, 4 August 2007

I have searched for this film for years. I am updating my comment of 2003.

My opinion of this film has not changed, I still love it & want to purchase a copy.

I want to say that with the added years & the experience of learning about human beings, this film is a masterpiece of reality done so well by two of the greatest & most highly regarded actors of our time.

I cannot comprehend any negative views about this story or the portrayal of it. This is LIFE!

I am not gay, nor am I judgmental. I am an 72 year old greatgrandmother of 16 with an open mind!