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Escape from Iran: the Canadian Caper, the true story of "Argo", 17 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With release of the Ben Affleck film "Argo" and it's fictionalization of the historic events of the six Americans protected and helped to escape by the Canadian Ambassador in Iran during the Hostage Crisis, it would be very nice to see a home video release of this CTV Television Network, Canadian Film Development Corporation, Canamedia Productions & Stanley Rubin Productions TV movie "Escape from Iran: the Canadian Caper" released in May 1981, distributed by CBS for USA viewing. The film was produced by Les Harris at Canamedia.

The new film presents the Canadian central place in the events in a seriously reduced and dismissive role, which has been the subject of ridicule in the Canadian press and apparently from the Canadian ambassador from the time. It further misrepresents the entire action as a CIA originated action with false intrigues, phony activities and an absolutely absurd cowboy fire fight at the Tehran airport that simply NEVER HAPPENED.

The actual departure as depicted in the original film is accurate and, in the best Hitchcockian manner, full of real suspense as they quietly await on board the aircraft anxious to leave Iran. Their uneventful departure is a well done emotional climax.

I should like to see the Canamedia TV movie out in at least DVD or DVD-R format. Distribution could be very easily accomplished via Versions of the film seem to be online at YouTube and for viewing. But further, cable and satellite re-release of the movie would seem to be of interest to viewers at large over the next few months.

I have been in contact with Canamedia for several months requesting DVD or DVD-R release of this film. But despite responses in support of potential release and news stories suggesting Les Harris was working on remastering for distribution, nothing has yet seems to have been accomplished.

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Peter Gunn (114 episodes), 1 August 2010

Peter Gunn DVD sets 1 & 2 contain the first 32 episodes of this series. These are reproduced in good quality video and audio, with easy to use menus and good jacket art clearly listing episode titles.

The series is a joy to watch. As other reviewers have already noted, this series displays a good example of early TV production values in an era without special effects. Stories are acted out by excellent interplay between performers. Sets were limited to just a few stock locations and outdoor scenes were nearly always back lot scenes, night. Special scenes are often just talking heads of the actors, looking down, seen from the "corpse's eye view". All tricks of the trade by excellent directors presenting well written scripts, in a short time, on a shorter budget. And, it all works still as artful production.

It would be nice to see the remaining episodes made available in the same high quality professional manner. The 82 remaining episodes would easily fit onto two (or three) additional multi-disc DVD sets.

Anyone out there at A&E listening?

What a TERRIBLE film !!!, 26 January 2008

If ever a film deserves obscurity this one should be completely eradicated from the first to the last frame, to prevent cruelty to viewers, to film making professionals, and to the actors trapped therein. Watching snails mate IS much more entertaining.

An obvious attempt to "rescue" already shot footage from some aborted movie project, the result is the best demonstrative excuse to outlaw cloning yet devised ...referring to the movie, not the biological process. Even worse, you can tell when the editors intentionally "stretched" the film by repeating the same scenes over and over and over and over and .... sow on. It is shocking to see reference to "script" personnel in the closing credits. I suspect this was an attempt to perpetrate a fraud. In the film there is no evidence of a script, nor coherence or continuity. The only plot possible for this film is the one into which it should be put.

Bury this movie, don't view it.

Why did I view this film? I cannot think of a single good reason other than stupid disbelief ...sort of like a deer frozen motionless in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.

Good Script, Excellent Cast, Well Shot, on Location, 11 December 2006

This story was well produced, well cast, well directed, shot on location (good locations), with a solid script, story, direction and a strong memorability quotient.

The story is a well conceived plot that builds, from the perspective of a young man (Robert Wagner) who starts off just being along for the ride, following a beautiful girl (Jill St John), onto the yacht of her rich father (Peter Lawford), who turns out to be very competitive, extremely mysterious and involved in something that becomes fascinating to Wagner's character to understand.

As curiosity heightens, it becomes obvious what that what kills the cat could also kill a young man. And from there it keeps getting better. Just when you think it will end exactly as you'd thought, it doesn't.

Despite all these years, I have never seen this played on cable or Saturday afternoon matinées, yet I still remember the story. It would be nice if someone, somewhere, would pick up this title before it is completely forgotten by those few of us alive long enough to remember having seen it.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that even Robert Wagner was distressed that this title is not available on video. True or not, this title is worth consideration. It should be found and remastered for DVD.

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Well done intelligent Sci-Fi Anthology, 11 November 2003

I viewed the original Outer Limits in real time, when first broadcast and have since viewed the entire original series again and again in re-runs and complete on DVD. I find the New Outer Limits WELL MORE than just a remake of old retread episodes, as some of the more adolescent commentators have suggested.

With seven (7) years of programs versus just the two (2) years of the original series, the producers and writers have certainly added considerable new original stories and philosophical lines to a much longer running and very well produced (cable) TV series. Plots are intelligent, scientifically accurate projections of the unknown possibilities of the sometimes frightening and imminent future.

While most producers and directors in Hollywood ignorantly view Sci-Fi as indistinguishable from Horror and Fantasy, this series returns to the origins of Science Fiction in the logical, moral and philosophical projections of current new technologies into their possibly fearful near term realizations. This series does this very well and remains unique in its avoidance of the "shoot-em-up" video game monster mentally of much of the current generation. It has brains, history, a message and good entertainment. It is an adult series without unbearable teenage know-it-all fantasies. Hurray!

Now, if we can only get MGM to release the entire New Outer Limits series on DVD instead of just the six poor teaser discs and the 1st season now only available.

E=mc2 (1996)
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An Intelligent Interesting Film, 2 March 2002

The universe's eternal triangle, E=MC², is played out in life by Oxford academics delving into the physics of a unified field theory that stumped Einstein at the end of his years. A robust intellectual film that plays out the political realities of university professionals, and the mental and physical entanglements that can occur between people actually using their minds. A film for adults, which is real and smart and touching, about people with relationships of substance and the mysterious realities of life we cannot always explain. The journey has meaning and is enjoyable. The finale is highly satisfying and an exciting intelligent solution to both the academic and personal dilemmi, which closes the movie at full circle from whence it began. Recommended for your enjoyment and your mind.

Only available as USA/Canada VHS under name the "Wavelength". Wanted on DVD widescreen.