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Mon Oncle (1958)
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Outstanding comedy, 25 September 2007

When I was in college back in the late 50's, I saw Mon Uncle, called My Uncle in English. It starred Max Martel who was a famous mime of the time. He was Italian, but the movie was made in France, although the subtitles were limited, because there was very little speaking. I'd love to find a copy of this movie on video so I could see it again. I don't believe anything has been made like it since. It spoofed modern life.... although probably now we are way beyond the "modern" things pictured in the movie, I'm sure it would still apply. Martel did not speak at all... but gave a terrific performance that I will never forget. I really think that it would be a film that would hold up to modern audiences as well.

"Quark" (1977)
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One of the BEST!, 3 August 2007

I was an adult when this show came out. I changed my whole schedule on Friday evening so I could see the show, and then the network would change their scheduling. My niece, who was in grade school, would act out female characters in the show. It had a great, great following, and I think the network had rocks in their head to discontinue the show. As more and more space themed TV shows came back after the original Star Trek, their decision appears more and more flawed.... Richard Benjamin was great as the captain. It would work even now if they brought it back in new form. Buck Henry was a comedic genius. I am sure something like this would work very well now.... and we need something like this again.