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"To Catch a Predator", All the Characters in a nutshell, 7 July 2008

The "Predator"- A helpless child of the past, who never could interrelate to people, and did not take significant strides through adolescence. Now in the prime of his manhood, he is trying to master adolescence when the world around him tells him he is too late.

The Watchdog Group "Perverted Justice"- Helpless children of the past, who don't understand what a real day of hard work is really like and "want their cake and also eat it." They want to be helpless children, but also police officers. Society does not permit people to do this except possibly places like Bellvue. So Dateline NBC seeing a ratings smash decides to use "Perverted Justice" as their pawns to knock the enemy pawns, the "predators" off the board, to allow the knights (police and state superior courts) maneuverability to checkmate the queens, (the real men who only are interested in kids). They try to scam the viewer into believing that stupid adult children who can't do anything constructive and are feebly trying to break out of their shell are dangerous pedophiles.

The police who arrest the adult children oh "Predators" have already mastered the horny adolescent stage, have survived the military & have structured themselves to take discipline from commanding officers who pay their salary with taxpayer money. The stupid adult children oh "predators" have only understood structure from mommy and the public school system who manipulate mommy into authoritarian parenting such as send warning notices to mommy for her little angel not passing mid-term exams with important questions like, "In Rowling's "Lord of the Flies" was it Ralph or Piggy that was running in the buff trying to escape from the savage boys, and why was Simon so mean to pummel Piggy for not helping him and the other boys gather sustenance?" "In Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" why did the hooker cut Holden Caufield some slack and only take a stipend of his balance for services rendered? and why was Holden paranoid that the male teacher kissing him maybe gay?"

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Simon You "Bloody Awful" Critic, This is The States Where Most People Actually Do Something To Get Something, 5 February 2008

The Truth about American Idol. Most parents of adolescents hate when their kids watch Howard Stern because in their opinion he is an obnoxious, crude, wiseass who earns much more than they do through hard work. True HOWARD STERN GETS a lot of money, but he also EARNS a lot of money. SIMON COWELL just GETS a lot of money.

Just like the empty pot calling the water filled kettle, that has been laying on the stove for sixteen long weeks of singing elimination, black, Cowell has absolutely NO musical talent. Contestants from all over the country, albeit many who are very bad, and some who are pretty good, have to face their fears, perform in front of a panel of judges and shortly after take Cowell's sardonic, bloody, awful tongue.

Cowell doesn't have to face any fear in life, he has to face guilt, the guilt of accumulating an easy fortune of promoting everyone else's talent, while he sits on his behind and forces himself to see and hear reality, the reality of others working hard to please him.

Simon, old chap, this is the States. People come from all over the country to your mobile studios to audition before the lovely Paula, Randy, and you. They do it in liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes your sarcasm is funny. However I have already accumulated my fill of sarcasm from Archie Bunker, Dorothy Spornak, Sophia Petrillo, and Alice Kramden. Unlike the people who portray these characters you have absolutely no talent to back it up. 60 MINUTES proved my point last Summer, and Mario Andretti and his pals can not just drive sports cars better than you, they probably could sing better than you.

Even though the vast majority of people who audition for this overrated FOX mega hit are not at the level of Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken, and in fact are very, very bad, it does not warrant abuse by Cowell just for FOX ratings.

SIMON SAYS that he is from the same homeland as superstars like the Beatles and the Bee Gees. However that does not entitle Simon to say that he is far better than American youth desperately trying to make it in a highly difficult/competitive music industry, when clearly the odds are against them. If you don't agree with me, tell the goofy Ryan Seacrest to invite SIMON to SING SOMETHING SIMPLE like "The National Anthem", either the American or British one, at the next American Idol competition.That way we'll see whether Mister Superstar Critic himself, can walk the walk, just like he can talk the talk.

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Even Though Prison Break May Win an Emmy, It is Not Always Realistic. So Be Smart. Ignore Some of The Gaudy Awards and Interpret What You Are Watching., 4 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The truth about the New FOX show, Prison Break- This show is becoming more far-fetched with every passing season. Yes, the nature of the environments of maximum-security prisons are true to life and so is governmental bureaucracy . However all of the conspiracies, failed plots to break out of prison, constant action, kidnappings, government brutality, and a gorgeous woman doctor examining dangerous male prisoners in the infirmary, makes this show fall off the deep end, and now after the condemned man has been exonerated, the nightmare begins again with his younger brother in a more dangerous foreign prison.

This is in reality how you survive the most awful hellish prisons and gain early release.

DO NOT worry about the size, shape, and tone of your fellow inmates abs, delts, pecks, and lats, DO NOT worry whether Bubba and his pals who idolize him can bench 580 LBS or 180 LBS, and if Bubba can curl a barbell using circular steel plates that outweigh all of you combined. DO worry about getting prison employment as quick as you can, and work your ass off making as many license plates, folding as much laundry, and pressing as many hinges as you can during your shift even if they're only paying convicts a ten cent a day stipend for doing their slave work.

If you follow this advise you will understand reality that your snobby acquaintance Chris in the courtyard who mocked you that he's in Bubba's click and you're nothing, will eventually be Bubba's very special friend one romantic night. You will also realize that in reality Chris is "Tweener", Bubba is "T-Bag" with physical strength and emotional controls, and you're like the star of "Prison Break", Michael Scofield.

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Even If You're Living Just Above The Poverty Level, You Can Still Enjoy Good Times, 22 August 2006

When people think of downtown Chicago they think of Walter Payton, Ditka and "Da Bears", Ryne Sandberg, The White Sox breaking the curse in 2005 or the immortal Michael Jordan and his six championships (and Finals MVP's) with the Chicago Bulls. Rarely in this generation do people think of the struggling side of Chicago, the ghettos, the drug infested streets and life in the urban housing projects during the 1970's.

One of television's most formidable shows ever and a groundbreaking sitcom was "Good Times", which I remember vaguely as a small child on CBS, and I enjoy regularly now on TV Land.

"Good Times" was another Norman Lear classic, the producer that gave us "The Jeffersons", the best African American sitcom of all time and "All in the Family" the greatest show of all time. "Good Times" brought out the hardships of the ghetto and the urban housing projects, and did so with charm, well written and thoughtful plots, and some wonderful acting especially by the matriarch and patriarch of this struggling ghetto family played by Esther Rolle and John Amos. The children in the supporting cast were also pretty good especially the ever popular Janet Jackson in her early years and Ralph Carter as Florida and James Evans youngest son whose character at a young age realizes that life is unfair, and he has to learn to stand on his own two feet.

The eldest of the children J.J. played by Jimmy Walker is somewhat out of place on this show and is there mainly for comic relief. His emotional age is about 11 or 12 even though he looks like a guy in his early twenties. J.J. gets annoying, and it is a credit to the often nasty James Evans (Amos) that he never tells J.J. to get his own life, get a job and get out of the house. J.J. is an aspiring painter but unlike his younger brother is never serious about getting a college degree, or more important to the family getting a job to help support a household that is just above welfare status.

Two classic episodes of Good Times was the one where the Janet Jackson character is running a fever of 104, and Florida Evans is desperately seeking good medical help for her can't afford anything but a clinic doctor who is very professional yet doesn't want to give a family from the projects any more attention than she legally has to. The other episode is the one where James Evans can't afford the rent a paltry low $104 a month. The Evans are about to get the largest of family setbacks, being thrown out of the projects with no where to go. Florida Evans goes downtown to the board of social services to try to get either a loan or a grant to help her family. But the government doesn't consider her family poor because they have over $4,200 in assets for a family of five which is unfairly but unfortunately legally over the poverty line. James and the kids want to hustle for the money, but Florida is a person of great moral character and doesn't want to do anything dishonest no matter how dire their predicament is. In the end the family does find a solution to keep their heads above water.

"Good Times" a classic show from the 1970's is about keeping you're head above water in a cruel world. James and Florida Evans both work hard in menial jobs to try to bring their children up right and avoid the social stigma of welfare. I was too young to understand the message of the sitcom as a toddler in the 70s in its first airing on CBS, but I really enjoy the reruns on TV Land in 2006. "Good Times" is one of the classic sitcoms from back in the day.

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It Won't Be Truly "Amazing" Until CBS Releases The '78 Spider-Man on DVD, 4 May 2006

Though, short lived "The Amazing Spider-Man" was one of the best made for TV versions of a famed comic book hero. Only "Wonder Woman" (Lynda Carter) (the best of the genre and "The Incredible Hulk" (Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno) were better.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" outclasses the 1966-1968 "Batman", because the high camp elements of the latter often ruin the adventure. "Spider-Man" outclasses all three television interpretations of "Superman"- "Lois and Clark", "Smallville", and of course the George Reeves "Superman" which brings up the rear.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" was an action drama, during the late 1970's, the pre-CGI era, when stunts had to be performed by stunt men, not in the database of a computer. "Spider-Man" had its own very talented stuntman to perform the death defying daredevil acrobatics. His name was Fred Waugh, who donned the spidy suit for the action sequences. Nicholas Hammond, better known as one of Julie Andrew's children on the all-time movie classic "The Sound of Music" was Spider-Man during the dialogue scenes. Hammond's Spider-Man also had his own secret identity as Peter Parker, similar to Christopher Reeve- Superman/ Clark Kent, Adam West-Batman/Bruce Wayne, and of course Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince.

It's unfortunate that the series only had thirteen episodes. Because when the first episode hit the airwaves in November of 1977, the entire country was watching it on CBS that Wednesday night. In all fairness, CBS should release this pilot episode as well as "The Deadly Dust", the "Captive Tower" etc. on DVD shortly. "Spider-Man" was short lived, but did have a cult following, and in my opinion was a heck of a lot better than the movie interpretation of the famed comic book hero starring Toby McGuire.

CBS might be hesitant to release these episodes for two reasons. (A) There might not be a broad market for them based on the lack of longevity of the series and a generation of children and young people who weren't born when the series originally aired in the 1970's. (B) One of the early "Spider-Man" episodes dealt with a terrorist with designs on the World Trade Center, which was attacked twice many years after this show went off the air, in 1993, and of course the devastating attack against this country on 9/11/01 in which the towers were destroyed and many innocent lives were lost.

However I don't think that it would be in bad taste to release this "Spider-Man" episode even if the show was adventure, derived from a comic book, and camp in nature. The live action "Amazing Spider-Man" doesn't have a large following but it has a cult following. If and when CBS releases it out on DVD this cult following could be explained along with the episode in which Spiderman saved the towers in 1978, but how in September of 2001 real life proved to be different from the movies. I like to follow the news, but I also like Science Fiction/Fantasy. Therefore I am eagerly awaiting the release of "The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD".

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After a Quarter of a Century's Past, 'Raiders' is Still American Cinema's Best Action Film, 28 March 2006

Seeing "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" for its first release on the big screen was one of my greatest movie theater experiences as a small child.

The first of the three Indiana Jones movies was one of the best action films ever made, and certainly the best of the Indiana Jones sci-fi genre.

This film has everything. For villains there are knife wheeling Arabs, scheming Frenchmen, and of course Nazis. For dangers there were tarantulas, booby traps, imploding caves, runaway boulders, and poisonous snakes.

The setting is 1936. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), an archaeologist/college professor has just returned from a failed mission in the South American jungles. The head of the archeology department, has given Indy a new project. Find the sacred Ark of the Covenant, containing the original Ten Commandments carried by Moses, and beat the Nazis to it.

In order to find the ark's location, Indy must first travel to Nepal to recover a crystallized medallion once owned by Abner Ravenwood. Abner's daughter, Marion, (Karen Allen) now owns the piece and will give it to him for a price. The price may be greater than the reward. Nazis are everywhere and so are… Asps! Snakes! Hundreds of them are a major roadblock in securing the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Truly amazing action sequences are joined together with spectacular special effects and a great soundtrack as Indy tries, desperately, to keep the Ark from falling into the hands of the Nazis. Don't forget this movie was made in 1981, the Pre- CGI era in American cinema.

In one action sequence a stunt double for Harrison Ford climbs under a moving truck transporting the Ark on a major Cairo highway headed for a large vessel in the Red Sea. But it is actor Harrison Ford's job to climb into the vehicle while on his belly, and holding onto nothing but a short rope.

When the Ark is finally opened late in the movie, real drama enfolds. Special effects are used as we finally see the wrath of God.

Of course this movie is science fiction and pure fantasy. The Nazis are depicted as evil in a satirical cartoon like way, not pure evil like the Third Reich that devastated most of Europe in the 1930's and early 1940's. But that is what movies are supposed to be all about. "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" was Steven Spielberg's best fantasy action movie, and his best film ever until "Schindler's List" came along in 1993, and "Saving Private Ryan" in 1998.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" was filled with drama, adventure, and satirical humor. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was a cinematic breakthrough an original, and a great action film.

After The Success of 'Titanic', DiCaprio Could Never Wear An Iron Mask, 28 March 2006

"The Man In The Iron Mask" is based on the Dumas novel about the Three Musketeers, is a remake of the 1977 classic with Richard Chamberlain in the lead role. Leonardo DiCaprio, who months earlier struck it big with the Oscar winning mega-hit "Titanic", plays the duel role of King Louis XIV, and his imprisoned twin brother Philippe in the 1998 version of "The Man In The Iron Mask".

Set in 18th century France right after the French Revolution, "Man in the Iron Mask" is about the search for democracy, hidden deep underneath the bed of tyranny. France is poor, hungry, and fed up with the tyrannical, King Louis XIV who is an egocentric, high-strung, womanizer, that will shed blood (not his own of course) to get what he wants.

His high officers, Porthos, Athos, and Arimus, played by John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons and Gerard Depardieu, have nearly reached their limit with him. When Athos' (Malkovich) son dies fighting one of Louis' foolish wars, the musketeers plot to overthrow King Louis, and establish a democratic government.

Porthos, Athos, and Arimus, are looking for some leverage in their attempt a bloodless coup, and find their ticket when they discover that Louis has a twin. They journey beneath the bowels of the earth, to find Louis' twin brother Philippe, who has been locked a dungeon and forced to wear an iron mask. Leonardo DiCaprio is gaunt, pale, dirty, and malnourished as the oppressed Philippe. The musketeers rescue Philippe- Porthos, Athos, and Arimus and then plot to kidnap the obnoxious Louis XIV and switch one Leonardo DiCaprio for the other Leonardo DiCaprio.

"The Man In The Iron Mask" is a decent film, but there are several flaws, the major flaw being the huge difference in accents of the actors who are all supposed to be 18th century Frenchmen. You have Leonardo DiCaprio with an American accent from California. Then there is Jeremy Irons with a British accent and Gabriel Byrne with an Irish one. Gerard Depardieu is the only native Frenchman. Leonardo DiCaprio is at times outstanding, and at other times lost, in his duel role. The intriguing plot leads to an exciting finish but the ending is predictable, and not one that makes a hero out of the heroes. The ending makes you feel sorry for the obnoxious, self-righteous King Louis.

The Man in the Iron Mask is basically good swashbuckling fun for viewers of all ages, but this is certainly not DiCaprio's best film, especially not immediately following "Titanic"

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Carrey, Forever The Great Comic Actor, Isn't Able to Make this Film Spectacular- Just Noisy!, 24 March 2006

"Batman Forever" is the third of a series of Batman movies. It follows "Batman", and "Batman Returns", both movies with Michael Keaton in the lead role. In "Batman Forever", Val Kilmer takes over the lead role as the Caped Crusader, and Chris O' Donnell is introduced as Robin, the boy wonder.

Two Face, (Tommy Lee Jones) teams with the Riddler (Jim Carrey) to wreck havoc upon Gotham City. Dr. Chase Meridian, played by Nichole Kidman is Batman/Bruce Wayne's love interest.

Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor. But somehow I don't feel he is right for the role of the diabolical and pure evil- Two Face in "Batman Forever". He is better suited for more serious dramatic roles, like U.S. Marshall Samuel Gerard in "The Fugitive". I don't like him at all in "Batman Forever" and I think that he ruins the movie. Nichole Kidman has the same type of role that Kim Basinger has in the original "Batman". She is not bad, but very ordinary. Her part in the film may be a necessary one, but anyone here could fill Kidman's shoes.

Not many actors however could fit the shoes of Jim Carrey, who is outstanding as the Riddler. He is skillful, clever, funny, charismatic, and somewhat evil in a goofy sense, which is what "Batman" is supposed to be all about. No one could play the role better than Jim Carrey, whose performance beats out all of the 60's TV villains including Frank Gorshin who played the Riddler on the high camp- "Batman" 60's adventure show.

I also think that Chris O' Donnell is perfect for the role of Robin, the boy wonder. He is more believable as a comic book hero than the Robin in the 60's television "Batman", who plays less like the role of a superhero and more like a damsel in distress. Chris O' Donnell's character Robin also doesn't tease or tantalize us with all of his ridiculous puns, five minutes before he gets captured by the Riddler's goons.

"Batman Forever" is, however written in the same style as the '60s TV show is written; high camp, satirical, and deliberately overacted. This is a better movie than the sequel, "Batman Returns", which is too painful and gloomy to be appreciated by young Batman fans. Very good special effects and stunt work bring this fantasy to life. "Batman Forever" is a big budget film with a very creative set design, great art direction, and original costumes. That's the good aspects of this film. Now let's look at the bad.

The movie, like the first two "Batman" films in 1989 and 1992 has too many adult themes, like Dick Grayson's painful loss of his parents. There is also too much violence for a "Batman" picture and the plot is not dramatic enough. By dramatic, I don't mean that it has to be taken seriously. But it should be more engrossing, and edge of your seat action, not as predictable. The action sequences are high in number but not in quality.

The action sequences are loud, difficult to follow and distracting from the plot. This would be a two-star movie if not for the great acting performance by Jim Carrey and lavish special effects. However, acting and special effects are very important, and often all a movie like "Batman Forever" needs to succeed at the box office. Somehow high quality, in depth screenplays, the ones in the original two Superman movies don't seem to matter anymore in big budget Hollywood.

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The X-Factor, How Intolerance Can Lead To A Foolish Demise, 24 March 2006

With fear comes prejudice. With prejudice comes bigotry. With bigotry comes hatred. With hatred comes violence. With violence comes incarceration. With incarceration comes more violence, which could sometimes lead to tolerance. This is how a vicious cycle comes full circle with a young man named Derek Vinyard.

"American History X" is a movie about a young white male, with far above average intelligence whose father is murdered by a black gunman, is subsequently taught to hate. Instead of having the capacity to understand a bad coincidence for what it is, and let justice take its course, he turns the shooting into a racial incident. His inability to see the truth, digs a hole for himself that he may not be able to get out of.

The movie is put together with a series of flashbacks, alternating black & white scenes (the past) with color scenes (the present). Edward Furlong plays 16- year-old high school student, Daniel Vinyard, who has just been punished by his principal, for handing in an essay praising Adolf Hitler. His sentence: He must write a five-page essay covering the arrest, conviction, and incarceration of his older brother Derek, a Nazi skinhead.

Derek Vinyard, (Edward Norton), has just been released from prison on parole, for the shooting death of two blacks who were on his property, attempting grand theft. Even though he had the right to protect his family, he took vigilantism to an extreme. He was charged with second-degree murder.

Derek wants to turn his life around, close out his relationship with the neo-Nazi skinheads, and keep his brother Daniel as far away from them as possible. The problem is, that in the long time Derek spent in jail, Daniel had become much involved with the skinheads, their lifestyle, and their language. With his bald head and dark clothing, Daniel now even looks like a little skinhead.

Now the question is will Derek be able to convince Daniel to stay clear of the skinheads? And if he does, is Daniel too far involved to be saved? "American History X" is a good movie, but the ending is disturbing and sends a wrong message that is inconsistent with a story that begins pitifully, but progresses hopefully. The movie has too many flashbacks, and put together with the scenes in color make the film choppy in texture. Also the Edward Norton character never has the swastika on his chest surgically removed, which makes you wonder whether he has really changed. All In all, "American History X" is powerful movie, but not really a great one.

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Batman, and Catwoman Are Up To Par, but the Pitiful Penguin Ruins The Sequel, 22 March 2006

Batman Returns is the 1992 sequel to the original 1989 Batman movie. Most of the original cast returns, and Batman faces two new- but familiar foes. The Penguin played by Danny DeVito, and the Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer emerge to wreck havoc upon Gotham City and cause Batman even more problems.

The movie is not the blockbuster that the first film was, and is too grotesque and gloomy to be appreciated by young children. This is a cold, dark film, filled with pity and shame.

The movie opens with the wealthy parents of a deformed baby, putting him into a baby carriage, and dropping him into the Gotham River on a cold winter evening. They don't care if their baby lives or dies or gets devoured by wild animals. The baby floats downstream into the city's sewers, where he is rescued and raised by penguins. Thirty-three years late,r the baby emerges out of the sewers fully grown, with an arched back, a deformed nose, and claws. Going by the name Oswald Cobblepot, the pitiful creature has only one goal in life, to discover who his parents were, and find out why they dumped him like garbage.

Cobblepot, later in the movie, becomes vengeful at the citizens of Gotham City for living the fulfilled lives that he had been cheated out of. As Cobblepot emerges from the sewers, newspaper stories circulate about the mysterious penguin-man threatening Gotham City. Oswald is outraged at the fear and scorn he receives, and refuses to allow anyone to call him Penguin. But later, feelings of hate, greed, and vengeance overcome him, and Penguin is the only name he wants to be known by. The Penguin unlike the Joker in the original Batman movie is a pitiful, depressing creature. I felt so sorry for him I was ready to cry. How could his birth parents be so cruel to him? This kind of dark story may have worked for "The Elephant Man", or maybe even "The Sixth Sense", but not for "Batman". "Batman" is supposed to be based on a comic book character, played out for action, adventure, and even laughs. This is not supposed to be a serious dramatic tragedy, like Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist", or even "Great Expectations." Like in the original "Batman" film, Batman is portrayed as a loner, an oddball who happens to be on the right side of the law. Even though he is summoned by Commissioner Gordon (Pat Hingle) via the Batsignal to handle a recent crime wave, he is still feared by many people in Gotham City because of his scientific genius and mystique. Keaton is not as wooden and comical as Adam West (the original Batman) was, but is completely overshadowed by the pitiful Penguin, and the fetishistic Catwoman.

Michelle Pfeiffer who plays Max Shreck's (Christopher Walken) secretary curiously stumbles upon her bosses scheme to control Gotham City. She then is thrown to her death by the evil tycoon, so that there won't be any witnesses to his illegal activity. Pfeiffer however, is licked back to life by alley cats, and later becomes Catwoman. Catwoman sews up her own fetish costume and mask, and vows vengeance on Shreck and the rest of Gotham City ESPECIALLY THE MEN.

Catwoman being a "cat" has nine lives, one of which she loses courtesy of Shreck, one courtesy of Batman, and one courtesy of Penguin after she tells him that he is too ugly to deserve her affections. The Penguin attached her to his flying umbrella, and she flies off to her third death, in a scene of outstanding special effects and creativity by director Tim Burton. Now this is one fantasy sequence that is classic comic book Batman. Later in the movie, in the Penguin's hideout, she loses her fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh lives when Shreck pulls his gun on her and also Batman. Will she also lose her eighth and ninth? I enjoyed Tim Burton's special effects, his dark, brooding Gotham City set and skyline. There were some good acting performances especially by Michelle Pfeiffer, but "Batman Returns" spends too much time dwelling on the shame and hurt of Oswald being dumped and abandoned by his birth parents. This type of screenplay is certainly not meant for the young audience that superhero films are supposed to appeal to appeal to. Maybe if "Batman Returns" had some comic relief, and comical characters to deliver it, it would have been better. But the character who we empathize with most with is the Penguin who is not sinister or goofy but pitiful. This is not what comic book Batman is supposed to be about.

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