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Surf Party (1964)
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What respectable surfer doesn't like a Surfing Movie????, 28 July 2014

C'mon admit it, how could you not like a surfing movie where the sharks don't eat anyone or the waves don't sink your boat or drown the captain. I mean, give 'em a break. A surfing movie has surfing hotties and kissing and humping so what more do you want??? And especially since it has so many cool bands such as the Routers playing "Crack Up" and some great actors of the 60's.

Okay, all right, it didn't cost twenty million to produce (only about $30,000) and look at the quality photography. But you try to make a movie for $30 thousand and see what you come up with. And that Michael Gordon was one handsome musician and the song wasn't that bad. So please, before you hang them by the testies simply because it wasn't perfect, who is? If you can admit you're not perfect, then give them a break and "like' this movie so more of these luscious surf movies can be made on micro-budget.

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A perfect Fairy Tale with Perfect Ending, 3 June 2012

What is wrong with you people???? I just read the review from the guy that said it had been done before. Duh, can you think of any movie that's NEVER been done before? What a stupid statement to make about such a cute, romantic movie. And for the record, I would love to have this buffalo head show me a movie like this one. Clever, clever story, great writing, great acting, excellent photography, just an all around sweet movie. The girls were especially great and I referred it to ten of my friends who all gave it a thumbs up. So, please, don't listen to that Wlly Nilly and go see this movie. It was my idea of a perfect date movie and my wife loved and my friends loved it. What's not to love. A perfect little romantic comedy.

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What a great cast for an excellent movie, 5 May 2012

With a cast like this, how can you go wrong??? Getting involved with all of these relationships was enough to make me like this film but with Keaton and Kline doing what they do best, this was an enjoyable and delightful experience. With four Academy Award winners taking on the leads, not only do you get a great performance, but who doesn't like cute little dog that sends all of the characters out on a hunt to find the lost pet. Okay, it doesn't have any gun shots, muggings or superpowers flying though the air, but it sill have me entertained for an hour and a half. We all get a chance to see horror films, thriller stories and action movies, but you don't get a chance to see a film like this very often. A must-see for anyone who has a heart.

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Terrible movie, 26 February 2010

I saw the original and thought it was great. It was done on a low budget but it came out at the right time and it was successful. It was a well made movie and I really liked it. Apparently, so did many other people. When you make a good movie, why not let it be a good film for people to remember. They should have named it Trash for Cash. Cuz, that's what it was. Why try to make another one just because you want to cash in on the name value. Well, this one has no name value and in fact, this one has no value at all. It was like everyone had a different idea of how to make this movie and they all put in their two cents. What they got was a ten cents worth of nothing. Save your money. Want to suffer for two hours, get a root canal.

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Not at all what I expected. What a terrific film this turned out to be., 14 September 2009

I came in the theater with no expectations and I have to admit that when I walked out, I was totally blown away by this movie; it was a sensational film!

I'm a film maker so I can appreciate a film from many different viewpoints such as editing, photography, directing, etc, and this was a dream team that all came together to make the most unusual and wonderful rom-com that I have ever seen. The D.P. was incredible, the directing was ingenious, the editing was superb. I just don't have enough superlatives for this film. This was truly movie-making at its best.

And we haven't even talked about the actors. They were all excellent, but especially Zoey. Wow, she just stood out. This was her shining moment. If she doesn't get some kind of award for her acting, I would be very surprised. If you haven't seen this movie, go out and see it and if you don't think this is creativity at its best, email me and I'll buy you dinner.

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Great story line, very good actors, but poorly executed and edited, 30 August 2009

Not having high expectation for a film that literally had no p & A so that people would even know that it's in theaters, I was pleasantly surprised by the story. I wanted this film to be good because I know that the writer/director worked for about nine years to get this film made.

It was a great idea. However, it was very poorly executed. About a third of the way into the film, I got settled in, ready to enjoy this film. Suddenly, the story line stopped as they cut to another Andy scene, and then started again. Stopped again, and then started.

We were all rooting for our protagonist to get her girl but every time we were hooked on wanting Campbell to find his girl, it diverted our attention back to the other story. It went right back to Andy doing and/or saying the same thing he said in a previous scene. By the time we were half way through the film; I looked around and could tell that the audience was getting restless. We talked with a group of viewers after the show and they all had the same comment. What this film needed most was a great editor!! And for all the money that they put into getting this film in the theaters, they could have taken that money, gone a distributor and made a deal to use that money for the p & a. At least that's what I would have done. Nice try, but no cigar.

The Visitor (2007/I)
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A movie without an I ending?, 26 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*** Warning!! Contains spoiler!! I went into this movie with high expectations based upon reviews that we had read. For the first two-thirds of the movie I was not disappointed. It was a very good film, good editing, good direction and good acting what more could you want? How about an ending? Seeing this film was like reading a very good book, until you realize that the last twenty pages are blank!! How did this story end? What happened to the girlfriend? Did the mother find her son? Did Walter spend the rest of his days playing a conga in a subway stop? I mean, c'mon, give us something. It's too bad that the writer didn't have enough imagination to come up with some kind of ending that would satisfy those of us wanting a resolution to this dilemma.

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A Waste of Time, 13 October 2006

To read the lengthy review of this instantly forgettable movie, one would think "Southland "Tales" is the greatest movie never seen. Believe me, it's not even close. Far from it, this film probably spends most of its life on the shelf at your local video store, removed sporadically for viewing by some soon-to-be-disappointed film nut, checking it out for to discover what all the hoopla isn't about only to discover that this is no "Donnie Darko".

The blame for this dismal failure falls on writer-director, Richard Kelly, whose flawed myriad of confusing back stories completely undermines some mildly interesting stuff that he had going on before tanking it. Kelly's ill-conceived story renders "Southland Tales" as nothing more than a disappointing and lengthy "wannabe" of "Donnie Darko" except this is a story that lost me somewhere in the middle. But, unlike "Donnie Darko, "Southland Tales" fails dismally because in the end, one feeling completely cheated, if not, in my case, disgusted.

You can't fault the investors who shelled out hard cash for this project cuz they probably thought Kelly would come through with another gem like "Darko". The fault is Kelly's alone. He really botched this one.

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Doesn't Even Rate a 1 Star Rating!! Worst movie ever/!!, 18 September 2006

I just endured the unenviable task of sitting through this piece of human waste. I would rather have had each and every hair on my arm pulled out! Well, take that analogy a step further with this irredeemable gutter trash and try to imagine the pain of getting your teeth extracted without Novocaine. Do that, and you'll have a general idea of what Eli Roth's "Cabin Fever" is all about.

I never believed any one film was capable of creating this sheer agonizing excuse for a horror film. This was absolutely the "worst film ever made."

This is yet another sad excuse for someone to make money off a crap motion picture that had absolutely no valid reason to meet with any form of theatrical release. Eli Roth and Lauren Moews have created the single most annoying and convoluted of a movie I think I have ever seen in my entire life. Roth fumbled the ball big time on an idea that could very well have redefined the horror genre.

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Simply a wonderful film! Absolutely stunning Cinemaptography!, 16 September 2006

I loved this movie. It's just that simple. I've seen it several times and the charm never wears off. Yes, it ultimately is a 'feel good movie', but is that so wrong? It keeps you mesmerized until the very last scene. This film is destined to be a classic.

As I read some of the other comments about this movie on IMDb, I realize that cynicism can easily get in the way of just enjoying a movie for what it is. This is a magnificent film! Edward Norton and Paul Giametti are terrific and so is the rest of the cast. The cinematography was stunning. The script was superb. The direction was outstanding. I really can't say anything bad about this film. I thoroughly recommend this movie! I could give it no less than a 10.

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