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The best way to tell a fairy tale, 15 January 2008

This is perhaps the best show any human can ever ask for his/her childhood. I was not born when this first aired, nor was it aired in my country. Alas. I truly wish that I'd seen it when I was young. It's a classic series that is a must for any child.

It is basically an anime (yes, it is made in japan) based on the brothers Grimm's fairy tales. Cinderella, Bearskin, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, you name it! For a kid's show, it's very serious, but have some jokes in it as well. No child should be without this fairy tales and this is one among the best ways to tell them.

If you missed it as a child (like me), you have to make sure that one day when you have children of your own, look up this series and show it to your children. You will not regret it, trust me!

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If you have the original KH2, you have to have this game, 13 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you've played Kingdom hearts 2, you know what this is about. This is what Square Enix called an "international" version of the game. It's basically the same game as before, except from a few changes. There are a few new keyblades, you can fight the Organization XIII mushrooms for prices and you can fight any member of Organization XIII anytime you like.

The biggest thing is perhaps the new boss fight between the mysterious keyblade wielding knight. Also, there's a new secret ending that shows big spoilers for the upcoming game Birth by sleep. I won't spoil anything on that one.

Will this game ever be released outside of japan? Will it ever be in English? Will Square Enix finally realize that they'll only loose not releasing it? Probably not, but we can always hope for the best. I strongly recommend you to import this, though. It's absolutely worth it!

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The best from Nickelodeon so far, 1 August 2007

Well, I'm impressed. At first I thought it was just another crappy Nickelodeon show again, but I gave it a show, and I don't regret it even the slightest. I was expecting nothing, since Rocket power was a HUGE disappointment. Man, was I surprised or what? The voice acting is great! The only voice I don't really like is Brad's. He actually sound better in the Swedish dub! Janice Kawaye was a great pick for XJ-9 "Jenny" Wakeman. She is a first class dubber, indeed.

The story isn't that original (not to mention any spoilers). It is well drawn and I really love the animations for all Jenny's transformations. They are vary original. Very smooth animated. Overall, this is absolutely the best show on Nickelodeon at the current. I can't believe they actually canceled it! If you haven't seen it yet; do it! Thank you, Rob Renzsetti for a great classic cartoon! 10/10