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Don't think too hard on this one!, 25 June 2003

If you're looking for mindless fun, this is the film for you! I went to see a sneak preview last night and really enjoyed the film. The stunts were WAY over the top, some of the dialog was a little campy, but that's Charlie's Angles! The movie really seemed to be making fun of the CA image, and that made it even funnier. I must also add, Bernie Mack did a great job as Bosley. I give CA a 4* out of 5.

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The most smartest film I've ever seen!, 28 March 2003

I just love mockumentaries! This one is certainly a classic. If you have not seen this film go out and rent it. Kirsten Dunst is great, Ellen Barkin is so funny and the rest of the cast is unforgettable, whatever there names are. I just about pee'd my pants during the Jesus dancing part!

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A courageous and beautiful film, 2 August 2002

This film went beyond anything I had ever expected it to be. The acting was incredible, the scenes were moving and the characters memorable and beautiful. I was so happy to see Patrick Swayze back and looking good and of course Forest Whitaker was fabulous. His relationship with the young Mihn was touching. Please, go rent this movie; you won't regret it.


Zig Zag (2002)
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Beautiful performaces by all, 5 June 2002

Not a big fan of Jon Leguizamo, but I would have to say this is the best I've seen him! Sam Jones plays Zig Zag, a sweet 15-year-old autistic boy, dragged down by his abusive, drug using, loser of a father, played by Wesley Snipes. Hard times hit for Zig Zag and he chooses to steal money from his place of employment to appease his father, not good. In steps the "Big Brother" Dean Singer, Jon L, to save the day, and he tries his hardest.

The story is great, the characters are great and I am now a big fan of Jon L!

8 * out 10!

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This is a beautiful film. Very much like Pearl Harbor, but better!, 27 February 2002

Any one who enjoys foreign films will love this one, and any one who doesn't will be happy to know that half of the film is in English. The fight scenes were awesome and the story was touching. I highly recommend this film.