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Wickedly delightful, 25 December 2007

This movie is far beyond the ken of the average viewer as it is a dialog driven vehicle full of clever nuances and duplicitous intention. Lena Olin is undoubtedly one of the most talented and charismatic, not to mention sensually pulsating actresses to light up the silver screen. Whether she is playing the utterly delightful Sabina (Unbearable lightness...) or the chillingly vicious Mona (Romeo is bleeding), she is a master of the arts. Willem Defoe, while not one of my favorite leading men was surprisingly good in this out of character role, one that he pulled off quite well. Miranda Richardson, as always, was picture perfect in her part, and all of the other cast members were very good. An excellent movie for couples, this wickedly delightful love story is much more thoughtful than the average period piece sexual romp and that might disappoint some. But sex, settings, and Willem Defoe's muscles notwithstanding, the relationships, the characters and the quick witted dialog earn it a 10 from me.

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Funny, but not gut-busting, 23 December 2007

Balls of Fury is a fun movie filled with the kind of stereotypes that are sure to offend the thin-skinned while amusing others who can appreciate unsophisticated comedy without sifting it through a PC filter or expecting Oscar winning performances. For what its worth the actors were well chosen and did a good job with the material they had to work with. Two actors stand out in particular: Brett Del Buono, who played the young Randy Daytona was very engaging and with little dialog and short screen time managed to use body language and facial expressions to define what turned out to be the fairly complex older Randy as played very well by Dan Fogler. As usual, Christopher Walken was marvelous, playing the mostly malicious yet charmingly capricious arch-villain Feng as only Christopher Walken can do. Having never seen George Lopez perform before, I don't know how funny he is as a comedian but I enjoyed his performance as a funny straight man in this movie. In fact, regardless of what others might say about the movie itself, all of the actors and actresses (is that PC?) were excellent in their parts. Aisha Tyler, as always, was luscious to look at as Mahogany, Feng's matter of fact ominous eye candy, and Maggie Q as Maggie Wong, the love interest, was "Sexcellent," whether she was kissing, carping or kung fu fighting. I give this movie a "9" and predict that unless it succumbs to the numbing effects of some follow-the-pack early reviewers, it will grow on audiences as more and more viewers learn to relax and enjoy it without preconceptions and knee-jerk analytics. It's just a movie. It's not uplifting, enlightening or in the best of taste. It's kind of silly, and like any good spoof it's predictable in format but not in detail, with some scenes over the top and others underplayed. All in all, its just entertainment and I enjoyed it.

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Mostly excellent movie, 13 December 2007

This is not a run of the mill fast paced pseudo-skin flick where mindless erotics and clever repartee move the characters from one scene to another. So if you're into snappy dialog and quick step action this is not likely to be the movie for you. The relationship between the two main characters is thought provoking and the script is intelligently written. The no-fault sensuality of female lead, Regina, while being uninhibited and earthy is, at the same time, uplifting and ultimately moral. And the complexity of the male lead, Luca, is in itself enough to raise this movie above the ordinary venue of similar efforts. However, this being a low to moderate budget film, the production values are not the best that money could buy, and the characters are not as fully developed as one would wish—leaving you wanting for more. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this mostly excellent movie, especially for mature minded couples who enjoy thinking while being entertained.