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Blue Crush (2002)
Pleasing, 20 March 2003

Here are the reasons I gave this movie a 7 out of 10.

1. Pure girl power. What can I say, I love to see it.

2. Great camera work. The way they filmed the waves and the process of surfing was just great.

3. The girls were beautiful and looked great in those bikinis, but they didn't sexualize, superficialize (if that's a word), or objectify them. Appreciated.

4. There was more bonus material on this DVD than I have ever seen!

5. It is true though that the story had weaknesses, or maybe it just lacked umph. The dialogue wasn't masterful, but did we really expect that?

Respect a movie for what it is. Although this movie wasn't astounding, it deserves some respect. I wasn't moved, but I was pleased.

Truly funny- I liked it, 19 February 2003

I see this movie getting awful reviews and I am surprised. I mean, it was no work of art, but to me it was just like most other romantic comedies - except funnier. I laughed so loud at this movie!! Both Kate and Matthew were gorgeous and I thought their acting was good, considering that they played characters that acted within their acting. Granted, I had just broken up with a guy, but it was a long-term relationship and (trust me) had no parallels to the movie's wacky events. Still, if you have ever been in a relationship, you WILL laugh at this movie. Guys... even if your girlfriend has dragged you there. If you don't see it in the theater, at least rent it.

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Best Movie of the Year, 19 February 2003

I really loved this movie. It was the first DVD I bought when I got a player. The story is rich and full of meaning, the actors are wonderful and the music is awesome. As another reviewer mentioned, I am trying to pass the word about this movie to everyone I can. PLEASE just don't compare it to My Big Fat Greek Wedding! That movie was cute and maybe more people could relate to it, but that is because it lacked any real substance. I didn't hate it, but it doesn't begin to touch Monsoon Wedding's issues: family, trust, abuse, love, grief, joy, tradition and oh so much more. When you are done seeing this movie, you want to see it again. And my first time I did just that. I watched it one evening and got up and watched it again the next day. Now, I consider this a really substantial movie, but I have to be petty for just one moment and say... hot Indian guys! I mean HOT! All right,I digress. This is the best movie I have seen in a LONG time.

Good, but not all I hoped, 24 October 2002

I really did like this movie. I was able to finagle my way into a sneak preview for an audience of teachers.

When I first saw the trailer, I had two thoughts. One was that any movie with Kevin Kline is a good thing. (Life as a House was amazing.) My second thought was that the concept seemed reminiscent of Dead Poet's Society, which also is a good thing.

The movie itself was slightly less than I hoped for. Mr. Kline still gave a solid performance, yet it lacked the quality or maybe punch of his Life as a House role. Don't get me wrong, he is still wonderful and one of the best actors out there. It's just that a couple times, I thought I caught him indicating... an acting term where the actor does what is the too-obvious action or reaction. EX. If you are tired, you yawn and rub your eyes. For instance, one time his character was thinking and reacting to something given to him and he wrinkled his brow and moved his eyes around in an obvious and exaggerated thinking posture. Picky, I know. I am just mentioning it.

As for the Dead Poet's Society thought, maybe I was just unfair to think it in the first place. Can anything really compare? A private boys school and the wonderful teacher who effects their lives. The boys in this movie were a few years younger and maybe that is why their character development didn't touch those of our beloved Dead Poets. Our main boy was under the pressure of his father in a similar way and the way he deals with the stress is similar, but different and maybe somewhat more clichéd. Still, our step to the future with the boys in the Emperor's Club was interesting. The best part of which was the exchange with Martin Blythe. Of course, it was wonderful to see Sedgwick get nailed (and I won't so more out of respect for those who have not seen the movie).

In regards to the theme- I am still thinking about it and I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. You don't want to hit the audience over the head with your point, but do you want it so obscure that they are still trying to figure it out 24 hours later? Yes, yes, I get the general point- it was said in the beginning of the movie when Kline first started his class and had Martin read about the general on the plaque above the door. It was demonstrated at the first Julius Caesar contest. Why take us to the second one in the future and show us the same thing? In the end, who was right? Sedgwick or Hundert? Whose morals carried them farther? Or is that for each audience member to decide?

In summary, when I left the movie, I knew I had seen a good film, but I was unsatisfied. Whether it be because I had set my expectations too high or because the movie really did lack something, that is for other viewers to decide.

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disappointed in my man, 30 September 2002

I love movies and I am not ashamed to say I love Antonio Banderas. He is my Brad Pitt, my George Clooney, my Harisson Ford... I have rented many a B movie for 50 cents from a dusty shelf just to see my man. But I can honestly say that I left this movie feeling that I had wasted my $7.50. I saw the 13th Warrior on opening weekend. It seemed to have everything I love in a movie- history, legend, violence and Antonio Banderas. I drug my boyfriend with me promising that it wasn't just about me salivating over my favorite movie star (at least on the sexy scale). I was so utterly embarrassed in the end. Let me summarize my above banter. This movie was horrible. I think the last movie I saw in the theater that I thought was horrible was Mom and Dad saved the World or something. That was 10 years ago. That's the only other movie in the history of my world that I hated. So yeah, in conclusion... I rated the movie a 2 only because of Tony.

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different, 10 May 2002

I enjoyed this movie simply because it is relieving to see something different on the screen. This includes the storyline of a woman searching for love - with a great big twist. I am a heterosexual unbothered by homosexual plots. In fact, I wish they could become more mainstream so that ignorance would be thwarted.

Spider-Man (2002)
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entertaining but corny, 6 May 2002

I am reading these other reviews and so many people are calling this movie amazing. I have to say that it was entertaining. I do not feel like I wasted my money, and I cheered on Spidey/Peter with the rest of the audience. But the Green Goblin was REALLY corny. Willem Defoe is a great actor, but what could he do with those terribly scenes talking to the mask etc.? The best part of the movie was Peter's self-discovery of his new abilities. The basic good vs. evil part of the plot flopped in my book. I haven't been to a movie in a long time where I actually rolled my eyes and laughed at how stupid some things were, especially dialogue. Laughing at a "serious" line is not a good thing. I will go see the obviously-on-its-way sequel, but probably not on the first weekend. Does this replace the classic Superman? I don't think so. Does this rate against other great movies like Crouching Tiger (like another reviewer suggested)? You HAVE to be kidding! I was, however, intrigued by the preview for The Hulk directed by Ang Lee. Interesting...