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Not bad at all, 7 February 2010

An interesting quasi documentary / feature film. Julie goes around studying nudism in Europe and then later in Florida. I just liked this film because it was quite unconventional and took a relatively objective look into social nudism.

Not much of a plot, and tends to meander a bit, but since its a pretty rare and authentic addressing of the subject matter I can't help but to forgive its few deficiencies and look at the interesting boldness of it all.

The copy I watched of this was rather oldish VHS style. I wish they would maybe do a remake or a sequel to further explore this interesting facet of society.

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One of Herzog's Best, 22 July 2008

This is a lyrical film more than anything. Herzog refuses to classify his documentaries as "documentaries" which I respect. Truthfully this isn't a straight forward documentary even if it does follow one man's quest to get his air ship to float above Guyana.

Herzog is an observer more than anything and we see that in how his documentary is assembled, he does not force anything and he will leave his camera on people for longer than you would expect so that they will feel compelled to say something else.

A random man will come up and start talking and Herzog will focus on him for several minutes. This film goes alongside Herzog's other films that represent men with near impossible dreams.

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A World that only Herzog could venture into, 22 July 2008

Most of us probably heard the little snippet of news that some guy got eaten by some bears in Alaska. I seem to remember that story, well what I didn't know was that his footage would be found, and then assembled by none other than madman Werner Herzog.

Herzog's blunt honesty in this documentary is quite surprising, he both respects Treadwell and finds him to be foolishly irrational. From a psychological perspective you have to wonder what exactly pushed Treadwell into his madness. He was a failed actor who somehow wanted attention and notoriety and got it by saying he was protecting the bears. Herzog shows that he was mostly doing harm by being around these bears and violating state park laws. Of course we can all understand this man's desire to wander out into the woods, everyone wants to just get out there sometimes.

The subject matter of this documentary is strange, and the character we focus on is not incredibly interesting, but Herzog puts on his best show, with his deep German accented narration and straight forward interviews. This would have been dull had anyone else done it.

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Sort of a Documentary, 22 July 2008

I respect Herzog and like how he goes in strange directions, but with that sometimes he wanders down the wrong path, or maybe wrong isn't the word. He sometimes wanders down a boring path. Somehow Herzog got his hands on some space footage and some antarctic underwater footage and thought he could compose that into a sci fi movie.

This is of course a visually distinctive journey and a must for all die hard Herzog fans, but I felt it was a bit too strange and far out. Brad Dourif plays an alien on earth who says he sucks at what he does or something along those lines, which is kind of funny.

Maybe you have to be in the right atmosphere to enjoy this journey, but if you are only going to see one Herzog film, don't make it this one.

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A Great Adaptation on Little Dieter Needs to Fly, 22 July 2008

Some artistic license was taken in this film, but if you can get past that (which shouldn't be hard to do, most true stories are elaborated) you will find this to be a pretty memorable film. Having seen Little Dieter Needs To Fly the documentary on which this film is based I wasn't surprised or held in suspense very often but I still thought everyone gave a good performance. It felt a little strange seeing Steve Zahn in a serious role, I consider him to be more of a comedic actor and I don't feel that he held up as well performance wise when looked at along with Bale. Scrawny Jeremy Davies somehow loses even more weight to play another POW alongside Bale and he carries on his traditional of playing cowards (he was also the Saving Private Ryan wimp / coward).

The basic plot is Dieter crashes over Vietnam, and is put in a POW camp in Laos. He then plots his escape. It really is a miraculous true story, and well worth hearing. The real Dieter was a fascinating and optimistic person.

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pretty funny, 22 July 2008

A short little film, where Herzog eats his shoe, although in reality he just eats the leather part of his old shoe after boiling it in water. But still the principle of the whole thing is humorous, Herzog promised to do this if a filmmaker would actually just make the film they were always dreaming of making.

Errol Morris accomplishes this and so Herzog submits to it. Les Blank also did this documentary on Herzog "Burden of Dreams" so I think if I recall some footage of that is intertwined into this story.

Herzog should constantly have a camera on him, he strikes me as very interesting, I don't always love his films but he is always worth hearing from.

Scoop (2006)
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take it for what it is, a light comedy, and a good one at that, 21 July 2008

I had some good laughs in this film, it's not to be taken too seriously. Allen and Johansson are paired up after she is confronted by the ghost of a journalist man. I like how the film is allowed to be so ridiculous, ghosts appear, ridiculous things happen but it all flows together reasonably well.

Allen proves that his acting chops and comedic talent are still in tact with his performance. I think I remember reading that Woody made this film because he felt that Johansson and him had some great back and forth banter during the making of Match Point and he was right, they work well together.

It almost felt like a throwback to Allen's early early comedies Bananas and Sleeper, with its disregard for logic and emphasis on just having a good care free time.

If you like Woody's comedy and feel like something that doesn't take itself serious then this would be a good pick.

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a bit disappointing, 21 July 2008

I am a Woody Allen fan, and I expected more. I went into this film hoping to get something along the lines of Match Point, ideally something even better than that. What I got was a pretty cheaply constructed morality tale. The problem is you can feel pretty early on EXACTLY where everything is going, you just know these two brothers are fools. Farrell and McGregor acted both their parts really well, the acting almost elevated the story out of its problems but ultimately the flawed story overwhelmed all else.

This film seemed to be shot with such speed, almost as if the characters did not have time to digest their roles. I was hoping for more from the newcomer Hayley Atwell but her part didn't prove to be that interesting.

Allen keeps rehashing his old ideas and characters, there's Allen comedy and Allen drama, those are his two categories. His films seem to take place in some kind of parallel universe, people don't quite talk the way people talk in his films.

I felt like I was trapped while watching this movie, seeing everything go down in typical Woody fashion. Maybe someone less familiar with his works will have a different perspective and will find it to be refreshing but as for me I found it to be too redundant and a waste of a lot of really exceptional talent.

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Pretty Decent, definitely a chick flick, 21 July 2008

A girl I am friends with recommended this film, and it's definitely in the romantic comedy genre. I thought it was a decent film, Minnie Driver proves to be the most interesting of the bunch. The film doesn't dig too deeply into the characters, it shows them only on a superficial level but for the tone of the film which is light that is appropriate I suppose. It was good to see David Alan Grier in a nice movie. Duchovny is somewhat stiff in his part, and not entirely believable. Minnie Driver does pretty well considering she wasn't given that much to work with.

Its light fluff, but its not bad.

Belushi sort of overplays his part as the oaf of a father, certain parts were excessively cutesy, overly cute.

I give it a fair rating.

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Interesting, but would have preferred a more objective approach, 21 July 2008

Don't get me wrong, I am all about assisting in Darfur, but having said that this documentary was shifting more towards propaganda than objective cinema. And perhaps that is what they wanted, my friend showed me this film and it was shockingly graphic. I personally enjoyed the part where Brian comes back to present this story and it is treated as nothing more than entertainment. It goes to show how things are perceived by the masses.

This film seemed to dig too deeply into Brian the marine officer hero, and not enough into the sociological implications of what this occurring means to our world. I felt the camera was too often on Brian, while I know it is important to show him since he brought the photos back I wasn't interested in seeing him transform into a passionate spokesperson, I would rather focus on what is happening over there.

I am a film goer who likes to think for himself, and this film doesn't allow me that luxury, it barks its orders at me as to what I should think and feel and do. It would be better if they let me digest this on my own. It is a tragedy over there, but I am interested in Darfur, not in the guy who photographed the insanity that is darfur.

But I suppose this film wasn't meant to be looked at as a "film" per se, but rather as an educational video.

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