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Yeah....its good but why all the overdubbing, 10 August 2004

I just watched my Name is Nobody I think its a good western the one GIANT problem I have with the film is the dubbing the voices for some of the most well known character actors in the genre Leo Gordon R.G

Armstrong and Geoffrey Lewis and the dubbed voices given to these great actors Are in a word AWFUL!!! now I realize this an Italian Western but Thats Clint Eastwoods voice as well as Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef in the Good the Bad and the Ugly so they can use the actors real voice hmmm weird And if I'm not mistakin they list R.K Armstrong not R.G in the opening title's And IMGb lists all these actors as uncredited not in the titles I saw today on T.C.M.

Konga (1961)
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Man that MICHAEL GOUGH !!!, 24 July 2004

When I was a kid Famous Monsters of Filmland touted KONGA as the new King Kong so I layed down my 35 cent sat in the air conditioned comfort of the local theater where you got two movie's and normally a couple cartoons thrown in for good measure. Got thru the first film it could of been Attack of the giant leeches since A.I.P like to re release films to go as a second to save money it was good but I'd seen it a couple years before at the same theatre. Well Konga sure wasn't any King Kong by any stretch of the imagination Hell the only Jungle we get too see is fleeting and is in the very beginning but I think we all knew as kids who loved giant monsters, small monsters, robots,etc. and we always wanted to believe the studios and their posters that this time they would really spend some money on the effects and they would be great!!!and the creature would be fantastic and......... Well you know. No what I liked about the movie was Michael Goughs over the top performance as the Mad Scientist like the mad man of letters in Horrors of the Black Museum or the uptight landlord that yearns for a young female tenet in the Boys from Brazil. Hes always wonderful and makes these performance's his own. And if people only remember him from Batman thats.....somewhat a pity. Id have liked Konga for Gough's performance alone but the lurid plot, the not tooo bad effects didn't hurt ( I knew they wasn't going to be any animation) while its no great film its fun and sometimes thats enough...........

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with that budget six good movies could have been made, 13 July 2004

What do you say about a comedy that isn't at all funny a spoof thats to heavy handed and loud that its just irritating Boy I wish I could get a job where with out any talent I could waste millions of dollars make a incoherent piece of tripe (that did not do that well ) and be told sure you can make the last installment of this overdone franchise.Is any body else really sick of these MTV directors with there million of blazing editing cuts to create these false epics.How many good movies from struggling directors will never be seen because Hollywood is still looking for that big score picture. doesn't matter if good or not just loud and flashy. OH those lovable bean counters.

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WOOF what a dog, 15 February 2003

In the 1950s where everything was growing due to radioactivity Dinosaurs,a Praying Mantis.People, This monster movie had a little bit different slant an alien bird that you could not kill with earthly weapons because it was made of ANTI_MATTER pretty lofty huh? I guess I really don`t have to go on about how bad the effects are, every giant monster freak like myself has seen this movie and knows the story of how the effects crew were shipped to Mexico to save money , guess most of the budget went for the plane tickets . I saw this movie when i was a kid with a double bill with the Creeping Unknown. The setup was great with Jeff Morrow spouting all sorts of science jargon and THEN the pay off the most stupid looking puppet with the wires in plain view, the theater did not stop laughing until the end . You know everybody runs down Ed Wood for Plan Nine being the worse film of all time,but Wood had no money and the Giant Claw was produced by a major movie company (Columbia) and had well know actors. Go figure