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The Double (2011/I)
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Sorry Richard but you're not convincing anyone, 26 July 2013

I was hoping for much more from this film Richard Greer usually plays his parts well but I think he isn't cut out as a grizzled retired CIA agents, he just lacks conviction. His character was straight out of any old movie with the same role except he was very bland and almost one dimensional.

His only saving grace was that he appears to have a soft side for his side kick Geary which later becomes clear the reason why.

The plot lacks pace especially cutting back and forth with flash backs that don't make sense, and to be honest I didn't think added anything to the telling of the story in fact I felt spoilt it to the point I predicted the ending with the exception of one twist.

The ending is surprising but doesn't really explain Geary's theory about Cassius. There are a lot of holes in the plot and the identity of Cassius is revealed early on, the question then is do you carry on to find out why he does what he does, or turn it off. I opted to carry on watching but only halfheartedly.

Shame I like Richard Greer but not convinced he's cut out play this particular role.

2012 Doomsday (2008) (V)
It's taken three yes 3 attempts to watch this film to the end, 12 June 2013

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Where to start? First off the voice sync is way way off, not helped that some of the actors obviously are speaking their own language with voice overs.

CGI looks to be done by some amateur film club presumably from a Christian support group oh yes the film in case you don't get it from the trailer or box isn't your standard end of the world disaster movie it is in fact a religious/Christian film about the supposed Rapture/second coming type of film so if you're not the slightest bit religious or a total non-believer be prepared for a lot of swearing ironically I was reported to say "OMG" over and over not because Im religious but because I couldn't believe what was happening. As the title says I tried three times on different occasions to watch this film, that's many hours of my life I'll never get back

Nest? Well there's the weird photographer following Sarah, without any real explanation why he is doing this, they then hook up but he is basically your muscle bound idiot not capable of stringing two words together till his death where he manages to talk almost coherently,

The Doomsday consortium head who seems to be first shouting that the Rapture isn't real then in the next breath trying to get to the the temple to see the end of days, meantime trying to persuade his daughter to stay away from said temple. His daughter is a missionary in Peru and collects together a couple of locals to take to the temple, one being a very pregnant girl.

You have an unexplained pregnant girl who speaks no English and of course goes into labour towards the climatic end.

The film fails to explain why people suddenly disappear along the way, point in case is Susan's mother who is sat in the car then suddenly isn't there any more when the car breaks down.

The climatic end well of course is the birth of Jesus No 2 who MUST be birthed at the alter of said temple.

It's at this point that you really wish that if there is a god he just makes the whole thing go away, surely even he couldn't be that spiteful.

The film doesn't make it clear if the rest of the worlds population has been killed or taken, even at the end the last comment is "There's a whole world out there and we have the chance to start afresh" what does this mean exactly?

Poor acting, poor CGI, poor Script just really bad

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Seriously so unimpressed, 8 January 2010

I've voted 5/10 for this film but only because I turned off after 34mins, which I've had to do for a couple of his movies.

The filming was very good which makes a change for some of his recent films, many are filmed dark and poorly lit this could be lack of budget or the eastern European styling. However I thought Id missed the point of this film because some characters were speaking Japanese to English speakers and English to Japanaese - there were no subtitles and I hate them anyway, I only use them when Im watching a film in another language altogether or there is too much background noise, this meant I missed half of what was being said, its a bit like listening to half a phone conversation.

I really wanted to see this film as some of the songs from the crystal cave came from this, however I decided I could live without watching it through, I was slightly concerned about Steven again being portrayed with a young girl as his lover, surely its more believable to have a relationship with an older woman, or would that just not suit his image? Oh hmmmm maybe tomorrows offering will be better, but Im not holding my breath of course

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I thought I was watching a soap, 16 January 2008

The acting was so poor, the effects awful, the sets fake and I thought I was watching a TV soap, it was so bad.

Some of the shots where obviously news item shots which showed how bad it might have been, but apart from that it was dreadful, what a shame a good point could have been made about how dreadful hurricanes can be both in the USA. The film makers could have pushed home the point to people the dangers and the incredible losses people suffer, better still to show how long it takes to get back to some kind of normality, and how slowly Insurance companies and governments move to help the man on the street.

Ah well maybe next time

Hot Fuzz (2007)
I laughed so hard, 30 December 2007

that I had an asthma attack! Its truly the funniest British film I've seen in ages, the casting was genius, and the story plot cleverly worked again.

It's great to see some fantastic effects spent on a comedy film, usually these days you have to rely on facial visuals and verbal jokes. When you read the trivia stuff on here, then look out for them during the film its brilliant, nice to see a gentle poke at the British police and general PCisms.

Sit back with a good wine, some nibbles and your inhaler you wont regret it.

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Great second film, funny and entertaining, 13 November 2007

Loved the first and this was even better, made better because you are on the look out for the one liners and facial expressions. Jonny Depp, is great at Captain Jack Sparrow, though the mincing walk got on my nerves somewhat. Orlando Bloom seemed to bloom into the role, definitely worth watching.

In a way the ending spoilt the excitement of the next movie, you know who is going to be in it... no point in the next film otherwise! Laughed a lot, plot was thin but you don't watch it for plot lines, you watch it for the action and the interaction between the characters. The waterwheel and beach scene is total slapstick, laughed so loud that I scared the dogs.

Keep an eye out for a certain rock n roller, don't blink you might miss him!! All in all a great romp and totally worth watching

Click (2006)
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Not what you expect from Adam Sandler, 28 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Brilliant movie, starts off in the usual way, goofy jokes, slow motion boob action etc.

However the film takes on a deeper and darker sense of involvement, suddenly its about missed opportunities, missed loves and death, and the jokes are less funny. The remote becomes a weapon of destruction in his hands, and the control he thought he had on his life using the remote is no more, as it's memory becomes more developed, suddenly instead of missing the occasional few minutes, he misses whole chunks of his life, before he knows it his son is following in his footsteps on the ladder of success.

Good v evil, will he wake up and smell the coffee? The run up to the ending is unexpected, be prepared to need a tissue.