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Not a good movie, 6 December 2002

This movie has absolutely nothing to recommend it. It has no discernible theme whatsoever, no character development, and not even a slightly intriguing story. There is nothing awful about the movie, it simply has no good points. My recommendation: don't waste your time with this.

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A parody with an identity crisis, 6 December 2002

I don't understand why all the comments about this movie are so positive. What starts out as a somewhat decent parody on Star Trek gradually degenerates as the makers forgot they were making a parody and start taking themselves seriously. The result is a very lame SF-movie with a laughably simple plot (big bad aliens want to kill cute aliens and the heroes must save them - wow!) and no interesting character development or thematic premise.

The only good thing about the movie is Alan Rickman, who once again acts superbly.

Fun to watch, but not a good movie, 3 June 2002

Fun to watch, but not a good movie - that really says it all. There's good action. There are beautiful special effects. There are quotable conversations. Watch this movie in the cinema, and you'll certainly have a good time.

But there is no emotional involvement. There are no deep questions. There are no interesting themes. It's not a movie to remember.

And Lucas went too far in bending to the wishes of the masses. The scene were Yoda fight with a light saber - yuck! How out-of-character! But people seem to like it...

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Unbelievable that part 3 is the lowest on the IMDB ranking, since it is the best by far. This is the best movie I've ever seen., 24 February 2002

The Godfather is a great movie. Truly great. I've given it 10/10, and I don't generally do that. The Godfather 2 is a very good movie. Yet The Godfather 3 goes beyond both its predecessors, and is easily the best of the three. It might well be the best movie I've ever seen.

It combines all the strengths of the past godfathers (great acting, great scenes, thrilling story, etcetera), but it adds something to it. What is new is subtlety and true tragedy. This last part has the main character really think about what he has done in his life - ethics finally catch up with him. This makes for interesting psychological and ethical questions not seen in the previous two movies. There is another storyline going through all this - the difficulty to get out of a criminal position once you are in it is demonstrated beautifully by the difficulties the Corleones have with becoming legal.

I won't spoilt the end of the movie by telling what happens, but this is another great point. No 'victorious' ending like part 1, no bleak ending like part 2, but the purest tragedy. Truly beautiful. I commend this movie to anyone, though you should watch the previous two movies first.

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An interesting movie, beautifully filmed - if somewhat vague., 24 February 2002

Is this a movie about vampires? Well - in a sense it is, but actually it has very little to do with standard vampire tales. If you like a horror movie, The Addiction will not fulfill your needs. The 'horror' there is is quite surreal and grotesque, such as the disturbing 'party-scene', and neither frightening nor humorous.

So what is the movie about? A lot of things. About being addicted, obviously, but many other themes - such as guilt, redemption, free will, the problem of evil, and others - are present too. There is no closely reasoned message here - at least, I couldn't find it - but more a kaleidoscope of problems and questions. If nothing else, it makes you think.

The acting is pretty good, and the black-and-white photography is superb. If the plot is somewhat vague, the atmosphere is always great.

The only real weak point of the movie - in my opinion - is the rather clear Christian message at the end. I had expected something more original, after a movie littered with Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and many other philosophers - and some disturbing other comments too.

"We are not evil because we do evil - we do evil because we are evil."

I've given this movie 8 out of 10. Don't watch it if you dislike movies with a vague plot and a cryptic message.

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Go find the original - this remake is a grand waste of time., 24 February 2002

I was appalled - simply appalled - by this remake of the classic 1960 movie "The Haunting". Let it suffice to say that this remake has no atmosphere, has stripped the original of all subtlety and has been fitted with a pathetic all-too-Christian Hollywood ending. Don't watch it - go get the original.