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"Quads!" (2001)
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Sleazy, Trashy, Foul Mouthed, 13 September 2007

John Callahan's art is absolutely hysterical and Quads! is proof of this theory. I think for the most part that this was a very underrated Canadian show but i mean every Canadian show is underrated lol. I think most original animated series' that hit Teletoon are pretty good Bromwell High or Sons Of Butcher for example but many of the recent Teletoon shows like Tom Goes To The Mayor and 12 Oz Mouse make you wish shows like these were back on TV. Quads! has great realism in the voice acting, none of the voices sound over exaggerated or unbelievable and each voice is a perfect reflection of John Callahans artwork. The show centers around Reilly O'Reilly a man who is run over and because of this becomes a quadriplegic however the millionaire who runs him over avoids a lawsuit by buying him a mansion ironically next door to him which of course displeases his trashy, snobby, self centered wife. Reilly moves in his best friends all of which are in the minority be it disabled folk, African Americans, or homosexuals and pokes fun at the quirks and stereotypes. The show has a lot of what i refer to as "d*ouche bag humour" which means all of the characters are sleazy, disgusting, slobs, whom you love simply because they are so bad and unappealing. The show is almost all sexual humour but it does this surprisingly in a way that is enjoyable much like The 40 Year Old Virgin made sex humour likable and seem innocent. It's a shame it only lasted 2 seasons but most Canadian shows are lucky if they go past 13 episodes so i suppose Quads! was well liked by most Teletoon viewers. The series is available on DVD and is worth buying simply because it's one of those hilarious shows most won't remember but will always have a core audience. Good luck to John Callahan and all his future endeavors.

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Another Winner For MacFarlane, 21 August 2007

The Winner is an enjoyable show presented to us by Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane.The show has a very original concept the love of geeky 32 year old Glen Abbott moves back in next door with her twelve year old son who is a mirror image of what Glen was as a kid.Glen and 12 year old Josh become friends and help each other out in life, Josh uses Glen's childhood knowledge to score girls his age while Glen uses Josh's knowledge to form a relationship with Josh's mom.Yes it is far fetched and wacky but it's told in a way that works and makes it all seem possible.Most of the nay sayers of this show will claim it sucks simply because it has canned laughter then go on a rant about shows with canned laughter and how "bad today's shows are" or b*tch about Arrested Development being canceled.In many of the other reviews you'll see very little information on the show they may say "it's predictable" or "it's unoriginal" then rant about everything they find wrong with todays TV shows and hardly analyze The Winner at all.The Winner primarily focuses on awkward situations and embarrassing moments to draw laughter from you much like the American Pie movies.The character is a loser , virgin, nice guy, who's too geeky for his own good he's basically a big kid with little to no knowledge of the adult world (examples being showing up for a job interview without a resume, going to a penthouse for sex lessons, and using his $250 paycheck as a pick up line.Alison is the sweet, trusting girl next door who has great comedic timing she's sort of the "normal" character.Josh is a geeky houndog who wants girls but isn't very good with what to say basically a child version of the Glen character.Glen's parents with whom he lives with are the typical squabbling old coots the father a real hard@$$, the mother a nurturer.The show isn't perfect as a lot of the situations are very unbelievable and the fact that Alison would be so trusting of Glen around Josh (especially in todays paranoid society)is very unrealistic.The show is fun and without any of the random humour or pop culture references you see on Family Guy, or any of the political humour you see on American Dad! this is just a harmless show that gives you more laughs than the average sitcom like According To Jim or Til' Death.The series airs on Sunday nights @ 8:30.See for yourself.

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Overrated Sitcom That Is Funny But Goes Nowhere, 21 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chuck Lorre is in my opinion a pretty funny writer i was so so with Dharma and Greg, hated Roseanne, and once again i'm so so with Two and A Half Men. It seems though that Lorre is one of those guys that get better and better as they go so i'm looking very forward to The Big Bang Theory this fall on CBS. Now on to the sitcom everyone is hailing as the only worthwhile sitcom on TV for one that is a terrible terrible lie. Two and a Half Men is funny i enjoy it's sexual, crude, but intelligent humour but the show is extremely over rated. The characters do not develop or change or learn lessons and all the show plot wise goes absolutely nowhere every episode is funny but character wise uninteresting. Why Charlie Sheen is viewed as the star is beyond me and why he's up for an emmy is beyond the world because any true fan of the show should be well aware that Jon Cryer is the star. He's definitely the person who generates the best jokes and delivers his lines best he's also the only character who is eccentric or different while the others are very laid back and casual. Charlie Sheen basically just says his lines and he's lucky that they're very good lines or else the show wouldn't be funny. The show is quite entertaining and because of it's go nowhere characters can go on for a long time. Two and a Half Men is really just a bunch of good writers speaking through actors there really isn't anything that makes the characters three dimensional other than Jon Cryer and the boys's mom. From the beginning the show has pretty much only furthered the Alan and his ex wife plot line and not very far at all. I do enjoy the show and find it funny it has it's few classic episodes bu it's never had a "bad" episode at least so far and probably because the series is so ho hum that you're expectations aren't big going into it. I think it's one of the most over rated sitcoms in terms of it's constant emmy nominations but it is a huge and hilarious stepping stone for Chuck Lorre who get's better and better as he goes. Overall it's a good show to watch when not much else is on but you won't miss anything if you don't watch it for weeks.

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Started Off Great but going In a Different Direction, 25 July 2007

watched most of the first season of Ghost Whisperer when it was first aired and thought it was an extremely touching show without being too in your face Christian or in your face supernatural it was a very heartwarming series with little to no reference to exactly what the afterlife is thus keeping us curious as to where these ghosts go. Many people seem to be complaining about the sex appeal but it really is very subtle if you have young children the only way the buff up sex appeal is having Jennifer Love Hewitt wear low cut tops no nip slips, no wet T-shirts, trust me it is a family friendly show.

Jennifer Love Hewitt gives very emotional and passion filled performances often with a lot of intensity to keep the show at a serious tone. The comic relief is few and far between as there is no specific character designed for comic relief only. The show basically explores very intriguing and twist worthy story lines for why these ghosts are dead and you often find yourself trying to wrap up all the clues before Melinda (Hewitt) can. It has a very good mystery feel along with a very tragic feel. The tragedy lies within the powerful writing team who actually manage to make you care about these dead people and understand they're griefs and reasoning for remaining on earth and it often gets you misty.

The acting is great because for the most part there are only three main characters so it's a lot easier to develop each of them therefore making the show a much more character driven drama. The show is full of stories that are both mysterious, eerie, depressing, and heartbreaking and a good show is always carried by good writers and this low brow hit has a stash of great writers who know how to include all these elements to make a great hour long story.

After the first season ended with an amazing M Night Shaymalan twist i was very happy to hear i was picked up for a second season but when i viewed most of the second season this year it felt like the show was going into a more fantasy like series as it dealt with demons, angels, poltergeists, which i believe kills a lot of the reality that the show had in it's first season. They still manage however to drag you in with a touching story and tragic characters so the show is still well made i just personally do not like the subject matter too much as it's becoming rather Supernatural like in it's content.

Ghost Whisperer is an entertaining, emotionally gripping show that delivers one sad and eerie story after another. It's an intelligent show and one of the better if not the best television show out there based upon paranormal beings or events. It blows Supernatural and Medium right out of the water with it's Touched By An Angel like emotion, and it's Twighlight Zone like creepiness.

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Superntural has decent stories and good acting but fails to deliver scares or solid entertainment as a thriller., 25 July 2007

Supernatural perked my interest after i viewed the Keanu Reeves film Constantine which like Supernatural had a lot of paranormal elements to it. The previews had been very scary and very interesting so i was very excited to see the pilot when it aired. Unfortunately my expectations were pretty far from met by the shows quality but i still managed to appreciate certain elements of the show. Supernatural has very interesting and unique story lines that generally follow a good pace with the series itself but a lot of the time the annoying thing about the show is that the attempts to be scary fail damn near every time.

The make up effects i feel are cheesy and noticeable i don't find them realistic or scary which is what the show is intending it to be. I've seen one to many episodes i was unsatisfied with be it the ending, content, twist, or effects but the worst episode of them all is the bug infestation. The odd time Supernatural does hit the nail right on the head as the episode which examined Bloody Mary turned out to be not only terrifying but with a fantastic back and front story to go with it. Supernatural has a lot of potential especially with Jensen Ackles and House Of Wax star Jared Padelecki leading the cast but somehow near every episode is flawed and falls short.

Supernatural is alright for younger teens fascinated with mythology or scary stories because in a lot of ways it's Are You Afraid Of The Dark for teenagers and while most younger teens will enjoy it, older teens will find it predictable and scare-less. Supernatural doesn't exactly fit in nicely with Smallville either which is another problem going from an adrenaline fueled super hero show to a creepy thriller doesn't exactly work. If paired with say the new series Reaper or at it's runtime Buffy The Vampire Slayer it would seem more fitting but CW's schedule says different. Overall Supernatural isn't as good as it appears to be in previews. The stories are at times good, the acting is solid, but the scares aren't there and neither is the entertainment. It is clearly another CW show that is semi rushed and tries to take the form of past hits like Buffy and Angel. It will more than likely be disappointing but is perfect for it's target group of younger teens/preteens.

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Political Correctness Gets It's @$$ Kicked, 25 July 2007

The War At Home is a great family comedy that is blunt and to the point. Political correctness gets a beating in this risqué and hilarious sitcom that doesn't sugarcoat the truth The War At Home is a FOX sitcom that stars Michael Rappaport, Anita Barone, Kaylee DeFer, Kyle Sullivan, Dean Collins, and Rami Malek airing between THe Simpsons and Family Guy. First of all i must say this show received terribly unfair treatment as FOX removed it from sundays and threw it around into brutal time-slots without notification to the viewers and because of it's ridiculous Thursday at 8:30 and Sunday at 7:30 airtime was canceled this year after two hilarious seasons.

The War at Home has a very different comedy style i would describe as irreverent, blunt, and controversial. Unlike most of todays sitcoms that rely on quick witted one liners every 60 seconds The War At Home relies on it's portrayal of a arrogant, ignorant, dim witted, family's very blunt opinion s on life and how their ignorance backfires and blows up in their face.

Michael Rappaport plays a great new father character he doesn't know or want to raise his kids, he doesn't like people outside his family, and has very uneducated and offensive assumptions about people without meaning to. This is a great portrayal of a suburban family who thinks they know something about everything. Anita Barone plays a confused mother who always tries to do the right thing but doesn't always know what the right thing to do is.Kaylee DeFer is a snobby, spoiled, teenager who always wants everything given to her and gets mad at everyone when no is the answer. Kyle Sullivan plays the geeky, mis-understood, middle child who is neglected by his family because he has nothing in common with any of them but confides in his closeted homosexual neighboor who is just as geeky as he is. Dean Collins is the youngest teenager of the family and is concerned with nothing but sex and video games. The show isn't the greatest, it suffers from jokes that drag on a little or at times become irrelevant to the plot. The most innovative thing about the show is the use of the fourth wall in which each character can express their honest opinions on any given situation almost like each person expresses their opinion on reality shows. The War At Home didn't get enough exposure, or a proper solidified time-slot, that in addition to the fact that it was originally aired between two top shows almost made it impossible to keep good ratings when it's slot was moved and thus it was unjustly canceled and is now replaced with an unnecessary twelfth season of King Of The Hill.

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It's Good But It Has An Expiration Date, 25 July 2007

It's got an expiration date but it's still a good low brow comedy that has it's moments of greatness.

I'm a big fan of Julia Louis Dreyfus ever since Seinfeld she's become absolutely legendary and I was glad to see her return to the spotlight of TV sitcoms with The New Adventures Of Old Christine. I watched this after it first aired on CBS and i wasn't impressed but i wasn't disappointed this show while obviously will expire was a pretty nice little filler show between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

The shows humour generally comes from awkward situations and embarrassing moments much like American Pie without the crude humour. Christine sets up your suspense for something embarrassing and will have you covering your face due to the sheer irony of the humiliating situation. What i don't like is that nothing stands out as new or groundbreaking but maybe that's just my high expectations. None of the characters seem to jump out at you or develop too much throughout the show and the plot lines rarely continue or wrap up too quick and easy. This show will definitely not be all that successful i predict it will last for one maybe two more seasons depending on The Big Bang Theory and Rules Of Engagement Christine is almost the perfect filler show, it's not too spectacular or overly funny and it's not too stale and boring it's just a nice little show that keeps you giggling until Two and A Half Men comes on. The characters are funny but don't develop or change very much Christine and her brother are the only characters who catch you off guard and make you crack up but Richard, New Christine, and Ritchie, along with Barb are characters that really don't go anywhere and are only their to cause tension, or to spout off a few quick one liners or insults these characters are definitely just good because of the writing they don't contribute any great qualities and all could easily be replaced.

The show has problems , it's not going too far but enjoy it while it lasts because this is one of those shows that is charming and cute i.e The Winner, Still Standing but didn't really develop or change any of their characters and were finished in their forth season or like The Winner after five episodes. Overall it's a great filler show ad will provide some laughs but don't expect Seinfeld, Friends, or even Just Shoot Me status.

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How I Met An Amazing Sitcom, 25 July 2007

I just caught this a few years ago in the summer when the first season reruns were airing and i thought it was absolutely brilliant. Generally i'm a sucker for sitcoms but this really caught my attention and made me a die hard fan. It makes me very happy that this show has been successful enough to have two fresh , innovative seasons that have maintained good ratings solidifying a good future.

This show definitely is "buddy" humour along with irreverent, cute, charming, and random humour rarely does it get sexual, crude, or over the top. The characters are so three dimensional, relatable, and extremely well written it reminds you of Friends but not to the point that it becomes unoriginal. The show deals with real problems that occur for twenty somethings and mature, responsible ways of dealing with them.

Their is definitely a Rachel/Ross atmosphere for both Lily and Marshall but also with Ted and Robin so yes there is a lot of sad/charming moments that mostly women will love. The best thing is that when an emotional part comes on it's always ended with a funny quote to keep the show upbeat and happy rather than depressing and sad.

The characters are going to be legendary everyone will know Barney as much as they know Kramer, Robert, or Al Bundy when this show completes it's run i predict anywhere from 6-8 seasons. The other characters while not as over the top and original keep a good balance of lovable personalities stereotype free. The show has a nice way of telling stories throughout flashbacks and having flashbacks occur regularly much like Family Guy but with relevance to the plot and furthering the story.

How I Met Your Mother is CBS's best show as of right now in my personal opinion because it's the one that is always catching you off guard with unpredictable moments and always keeping you interested and in love with the characters. Expect this to be a language trend setter like Seinfeld as the characters use nicknames for people, each other, and qualities i.e. The Crazy Eyes or Swarley. This show has a long future ahead of it hopefully it stays as quick witted and consistently funny as it has been these last two years. I look forward to season three of which i guarantee i'll watch each episode and look forward to every other season this brilliant show releases.

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An Acquired Taste That I Don't Like, 25 July 2007

I'll admit i've enjoyed King Of The Hill the odd time but most of the time i find myself losing interest in the middle of the episode. I really don't find it interesting because it's a show that you'd expect over the top humour within due to the various over the top plots but most of the time they are so bland and boring you just don't really care anymore.

I'm very surprised it has lasted as long as it has because it airs the same time as the almighty kings of the animated comedy world The Simpsons and Family Guy but has absolutely dead air time 7:30 on Sundays when nobody watches therefore terrible ratings that and the fact that i find it nowhere near the same level as any of the big animated comedies and i am furious that it outlived Futurama.

The humour is subtle almost too subtle only for fans of things like Napoleon Dynamite. King Of The Hill is bland, dry, stale , and often up it's @$$ with half thought political messages. None of the main characters are memorable or interesting the only characters that make me laugh are Dale, Kahn, and the odd time Bill. Hank is annoying, up his own @$$, and a stick in the mud, Peggy is just whiny and does nothing the entire show, and Bobby just gets irritating to the point that you hope the jocks kick his @$$.

I know people who love subtle humour like that of Arrested Development, Napoleon Dynamite, and Eagle vs Shark and will disagree and i respect the show for entertaining those who enjoy that style of humour but it's 12 years too long it's time to end the kings reign after this season and honestly i think it should hung up in it's sixth season.

King Of The Hill while at times can be fun is too boring too dry too stale humoured. It's just sitting there taking up space, and collecting dust while shows like Futurama, Arrested Development, and The War At Home are canceled prematurely because of it.

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The Simpsons Is Perfection, 25 July 2007

This is perfection my friends 18 years later and i'm still in love with the first king of animated comedy. Even if you are one of the five people who don't like The Simpsons you must respect it for it's originality, success, and the pure iconic way it has cemented itself into life.

I believe this is the perfect mix of comedy it's wacky, over the top, character humour, that often has a dosage of random, political, and satirical humour it has something for everyone. The only thing i can complain about is that it is too obviously republican in it's messages and it picks sides instead of giving a middle alternative opinion. This show however has created a memorable family and over 500 memorable supporting characters everybody knows and loves. I hope in the future they do more episodes centering around supporting characters as they've been doing in later season with Willy, Principal Skinner, Moe Sizlak, Apu, etc. The Simpsons can always hold your attention with a hilarious plot but what makes them so great and so consistently funny is the fact that they have created some of the best, lovable, and most iconic, characters in television history. I personally love their Halloween specials entitled Treehouse Of Horror which is The Simpson's free pass to spoof three horror movies or stories and give hilarious spins on popular stories. In a certain few later seasons they seemed to go downhill i think because they were trying too hard to compete with Family Guy which i consider equal ground to The Simpsons. The one thing The Simpsons has over Family Guy is when they spoof something by making say Dracula Mr.Burns the character has relevance and originality while Family Guy just reenacts a scene and replaces the person with a Family Guy character.

I think now that it's nearing it's nineteenth season it's soon time to end television greatest animated achievement and FOX's #1 show for years. I think given the movies success they have another few years to entertain us before going out on top. Matt Groening is a genius as is every writer and voice actor that brings these original, innovative, and lovable characters to life. The Simpsons will forever be a part of me and a part of TV milestones and achievements.

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