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Surprisingly superb, 12 August 2007

I watched this low budget Australian movie just because of Emily Blunt but in the end it turned out to be a great film. Blunt, Neill and Sarandon all play their roles excellently and it's a shame that this movie is not available for wider audience. Unpredictable plot without cheap Hollywood tricks and scenes makes this film a hidden gem. All actors do they work really well and you can't just shut down in the end, because it's so surprising. This thriller is really thrilling and doesn't use any of clichés which are so common for this genre. Instead of it Irresistible uses original approaches and is full of beautiful images and realistic behavior of main characters. It's certainly worth-seeing.

Paprika (2006)
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Waste of time, 3 August 2007

When I was reading reviews about Paprika with such high ratings i thought i would be watching something valuable, even anime art movie. But it was a huge disappointment, it doesn't deserve 81 at Metacritic. First thirty minutes are its biggest weakness. Fulled with scientific talk and really boring. After then the action starts and that's what the film is really about. Story is weak and there's no philosophy or something deeper like many reviewers say. The animation is nicely done but it can't save the whole mindless movie. If it was a video game, it would certainly be funny and worthy of your time. But as a film it's just a slide-show of colorful pictures without any plot. The ending is lame too. So in this case don't believe critics because Paprika is just a waste of time and even Final Fantasy VII Advent Children looks in comparison like a philosophical art movie.

Gideon's Daughter (2005) (TV)
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Excellent and deeply touching, 2 August 2007

How can be this simply story so touching? I kept asking this question for hours. Is it a parent-child relationship that everyone of us knows (at least from one of its sides) or is it something more? Or is it that lazy tempo that makes this movie so real? And I can't forget the totally beautiful song performed by Emily Blunt (Natasha). Bill Nighy's (Gideon) acting is perfect, too. Every scene in this film fits in it accurately and although the ending is filled with pathos, you'll have to like it. Because you want to believe that life goes that way. You have to see it and the best option is to watch it with your parents. It says things people should tell, but they don't.

Wind Chill (2007)
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Not so horror, but really worth-seeing, 31 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although Wind Chill has a classic theme of a haunted place, you have to like it. It perfectly describes situation of two main character, who are left alone on a snowy highway with no chance to get a help till dawn. It did not show brutal scenes which many modern horrors (mainly old time horrors remakes) are based on. It is built about not knowing what the real source of fear is. And it does this job great. You could even imagine this movie without the ghost and retrospective scenes and it would still be good. The strong points are in fact performances of two main actors. Especially Emily Blunt is so charming, that you can easily fall in love with her character. In the end you don't really know why you liked this film so much but you'll keep memory of this creepy for a long time. It's not so horror (fans of Saw will be certainly disappointed) but it's worth-seeing twice or even more times. And it has what many horrors lack nowadays: perfect acting when you don't have to laugh every time a hero tries to look frightened.