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With only a few minor cheats (which I'll note!), I've compiled a list of truly great Canadian film that fits the bill, from cast to director to location and back. Anyone who thinks we're not a powerhouse in our own right should see a few of these movies! (I've stopped at 50 so far, and they are - with the exception of my top pick - in no particular order, but I've already thought of several that deserve to be here, so don't be surprised if I come back and add more...and please feel free to leave suggestions for any I've overlooked! As you'll see, I've added a few comment-suggested titles already; thanks for the recs!) ~Last updated October 2012
a list of 62 titles
Whether due to graphic content or effective psychological manipulation, these movies are sure to get under your skin and not allow you to forget about them for a long time to come. Some are outright sick, others bizarre, many disturbing, a few simply heartbreaking; the one thing they have in common is your inability to put them out of your mind once you reach the end credits. Feel free to suggest additions to the list in the vein of any of the above!
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My favourite and most highly/often recommended Canadian films!