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An eccentric, quirky story of discovering life and love..., 10 October 2004

Bored and desperate for love and attention, young Harold dwells in his own misery and tries to bring everyone around him down along with him. Obsessed with death, his morbid personality is a reflection of his dissociation with the world around him. His rich mother simultaneously ignores him and smothers him, leaving Harold starved for affection and longing to join his deceased father, yet lacking the conviction to actually end his miserable existence.

Enter Maude, a totally over-the-top senior citizen who is loopy, lovable, and overflowing with life. Played magnificently by the late, great Ruth Gordon, Maude is a true eccentric with an insatiable lust for life, and Harold is immediately drawn to her. They form a unique bond and develop a relationship which changes Harold profoundly.

This movie stands the test of time. While the cars and clothes may be dated, the characters express feeling and emotion which does not change over time. And while all this sounds very deep and dramatic, this is actually one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. You really have to see this one for yourself, and I'm happy to hear that new generations of film lovers are continuing to enjoy this "cult" favorite.

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This movie should be on everyone's "must-see" list, 23 July 2004

A touching yet humorous tale, THE FISHER KING brings together amongst the best performances given by Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, as well as Terry Gilliam's finest directorial effort. Solid supporting performances by Amanda Plummer and Mercedes Ruehl round out a great film that ranks among my personal favorites.

Bridges portrays an arrogant radio shock-jock, who's big mouth and flippant comments send a disturbed listener on a murderous rampage, thus ending his career. Enter Ruehl as his new enabler girlfriend, waiting patiently for him to drag himself up from the dregs, hoping to catch a ride to the top. Just when Bridges seems to have hit rock bottom, he encounters Williams, a crazed vagrant who thinks he is a knight in shining armor.

What ensues is a tale of remorse, redemption and rebirth which is made all the more magical by Gilliam's magnificent vision. Most notable is a scene which takes place in Grand Central Station where the hustle and bustle of the busy commuters dissolves into a spectacular waltz as Williams follows Plummer, the woman of his dreams. Gilliam's style makes Williams delusions come alive as the character makes the slow journey from trauma-induced insanity to stark, yet hopeful, reality.

Every character in this film undergoes a metamorphosis, each learning from the others along the transformation. It is a beautiful film to watch, and an achievement to all involved that subject matter of such depth can come across with such humor and with such beauty.

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Who could have thought a cooking show could be so entertaining, 4 June 2004

Mixing humor, common sense, science and food is a winning recipe for Alton Brown's "Good Eats" series. I'm always amused by his quirky way of approaching food topics, and I walk away from every episode a little bit smarter - never a bad thing! The shows are set up more like a cross between a sitcom and an episode of Sesame Street, if you can imagine that, which is appealing to anyone who thinks the average cooking show is a little bit "stale". A great show for beginner cooks, since everything is explained thoroughly and logically, so you don't just learn what ingredients go into a dish; you also learn why the ingredients work together and what they contribute to the recipe. This show is definitely one of my favorites; I highly recommend it to everyone.

Perhaps the funniest, quirkiest show in TV history, 20 May 2004

Aired on Nickelodeon as a "children's" series, this show was a shining star in the history of Nickelodeon's original programming. Spun off of mini-episodes which lasted only a few minutes and aired between other shows, this off-beat neighborhood of nut cases became a cult classic among adults for its burnt humor and brilliant casting. The guest stars on this show read like a veritable who's who and include the likes of Steve Buscemi, Hunter S. Thompson, Bebe Neuworth, Ann Magnuson, Adam West, Marshall Crenshaw, Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop ... the list is amazing! One might wonder what would draw so many talented names to such a small, unknown show, but all you have to do is watch five minutes of this little gem to see that this was no ordinary kid's show. I highly recommend it for anyone with a penchant for weird, quirky humor. I only wish the reruns were shown more, or the shows were available for home viewing - I've yet to see them released as a collection.

A light, entertaining movie - sweet and endearing., 14 February 2003

I saw this movie once it came to DVD - and I must admit that all the hype had built it up so much, that I feared I would be dissapointed. I am happy to say that I wasn't really disappointed because it was a very sweet movie. It had some very funny moments, and I really enjoyed the performances. Nia Vardalos deserves her moment in the sun, and it's nice to see a movie like this be so successful. Keep in mind that this is not on the same par as movies like SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE or WHEN HARRY MET SALLY; but it sure beats most of whats out there today!

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Never has something so corny been so entertaining!, 12 February 2003

The jokes are obvious, the gags are corny, and the characters are walking characatures - but I couldn't stop from laughing at his highly entertaining movie. No matter how many times I see it, I still get a kick out of this one, and I recommend it highly for all lovers of mindless entertainment. It contains many quotable moments, and some of the best sight-gags I've seen to this day. If you've had a bad week and you need a chuckle, rent this one on your way home Friday night to give your weekend a good start.

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Rivoting and powerful, this film is a must-see., 12 February 2003

Like watching a train wreck or an interstate pile-up, you are drawn to the characters while often being disgusted by them; hating them one minute and sympathizing with them the next. This film gets your adrenaline pumping as it both entertains and repulses; endears and offends; and leaves you breathless and wanting more. The performances are electric - this is DeNiro at his best (if you loved him in Taxi Driver, you've got to see him in this)- and Cathy Moriarity gives a truly dynamic break-out performance. The entire cast is amazing, and Scorsese gives this film the look it deserves - as gritty and rough as its characters. Kudos, Marty - this is why we love you!

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One of ulimate concert films of all time., 12 February 2003

You don't have to be a die-hard fan of The Band to appreciate this concert film. Martin Scorsese turns this farewell performance into a lasting tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time, and to many of their contemporaries as well. The guest performer list for this show reads like a veritable who's who of Rock and Roll history, with performances by Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, to name but a few. Even if you weren't born yet, or were too young to remember these artists in their heyday, this film will educate you as to what all the fuss was about. And believe me, the fuss was well deserved.

A movie like this one comes along once in a lifetime., 12 February 2003

It's hard to know what to say about Taxi Driver that hasn't already been said. This is probably one of the most highly acclaimed movies of all time, yet most people either love it or hate it. Thankfully, most people love, and my only explanation for those who hate it is that they just don't get it, and probably never will. Forget the violence - many critics of Taxi Driver simply point to the film as being too violent - and just watch it, soak it in, and really let it get under your skin. The violence is part of the story, and the story is one that, though it may make you uncomfortable, it does get to you and leave your mind reeling. Now, That's entertainment!

A classic must-see movie, 14 March 2002

I remember reading an article once that "Dead of Night" was one of the inspirations for Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" - and if you've ever seen this movie, it's easy to believe this is true. Told as a series of short vignettes, it involves a group of people relating scary stories, which in turn are acted out for our benefit. My father had seen this movie as a young boy, and it made such an impression on him, that he woke me up very late one Saturday Night when I was about fourteen when he discovered it on the late night movie. He had told me about it many times, as we were both huge fans of "The Twilight Zone" and similar types of creepy tales, and when I saw it that first time (having missed the very beginning), I was hooked. It's one of those movies that fascinates you and creeps you out at the same time. When I got my first VCR back in the 80's, it was one of the first movies I began hunting for. When I finally found it, I bought two copies, and promptly gave one to Dad. I've since turned many people on to this classic, including my thirteen year-old daughter, who thought it was one of the best "old movies" that she's ever seen, as well as "totally creepy."

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